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Top 22 Websites like Bookzz to get eBooks [Bookzz Alternatives]

websites like bookzz

Books are just something everyone needs for all sort of purposes including studies, research, hobby, etc. Old ways of paper are gone now and everything is available in digital format for you. Websites like Bookzz provide books in digital format that are the same as the original published ones.

You can buy these books from official websites and other providers that give access to books in paid subscriptions. In this article, you can know about the well-known website Bookzz and some websites similar to Bookzz.

What is Bookzz?

Bookzz is a very popular website that had an active usage by the book lovers. The website was popular for its book availability and easy access. Free access to books that you would love to read for free were all available on this website. The website is history now as it got shut down due to different reasons.

You don’t have to feel bad about it as in this article you are getting introduced to multiple similar websites that provide books in digital format.

20 Websites like Bookzz

Here is a list of the websites similar to Bookzz that provide books for free to read and download:

1. is one of the websites similar to Bookzz for reading and downloading books. The website is a large platform with access to a wide range of book from all over the world. A lot of different options are features are there on this website that you may find useful while looking for books. both downloading and reading books is available for you on

2. is another one of the alternatives to Bookzz. This website gives you all the options similar to Bookzz making it a substitute to it. You can easily look for the book you wish to read and for out of randoms look for books by genre so your reading remains 100% interesting till the end.


There are a lot of websites that provide boos to you but the best for you are ones that have read and download both the features. gives you both the features to read and download each and every book available on it. The library of books is also very good and this is just the website as the alternative to Bookzz.

4. Text Book Nova

Text Book Nova is a recommended website for book lovers that are not well introduced to technology. The website has a very simple interface and you will find it very easy to use. Books are easy to search and you will find tons of books from different genres that will take your attention.

5. is a very popular site that has made it to the alternative of Bookzz. A large number of digital book readers have loved the interface and the features of this website. The features have been similar to Bookzz itself. You get a lot of simple and easy to access features for finding books that are perfect for you.

6. is what you need as a substitute for Bookzz as this is a fresh source to get digitalized books. Books on this website are collected from the torrent that is the very source of most of the free files on the internet. Check it out while you are at it looking for websites like Bookzz.

7. is one of the most popular websites out there running for a long time. People that have been using digital books from the internet for a long time surely know about this. It has all the necessary features that you need for downloading and reading books online without wasting time searching for them.

8. Free book spot

For a website to become alternative it surely needs to have features that are similar to Bookzz. Free book spot is widely popular for its features and book library that is available for free to everyone. For those who have a great interest in books, this is a good website to get a new book daily to read or download.


This website here is full of books and features to find and read books. Each and every book available on this website can be read or downloaded for free. The user interface is very good and you can find all your favorite books all at one place. Do try it out and you might like it better as a substitute in websites like Bookzz.


10. Books SC

Books SC have been the choice of a large number of book readers from countries like America and Europe. It is a good source for finding books without wasting time. Reading is different all over the world and you will understand the difference if you try books from other nations. Check out this site for all sort of reading material.

11., as the name suggests, is a website that you would love if you are into techy reading. A large book library for you is available on this website that can be read and downloaded for free. A lot of books can be accessed right on this website just like Bookzz and so it is one perfect alternative to same.


12. Open Library

Open library is the type of website similar to Bookzz that everyone prefers, user-friendly and affordable. You can find a large range of books you can download or read online for free or the other way. Both free and paid books are available with multiple options for you. All the book reviews are given and you can check each of them before you invest your time in any.

13. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is one of the old and reliable websites for digital books that can be read or downloaded. Books are free to access to download or read while the book library is huge. The readers of digital books recommend it for free and easy to access book source.

14. is currently a very popular and reliable book source that is one of the websites like Bookzz you need. You get the simple interface and large collection of books to read and download. The impressive feature of this website is that you can change languages as per your convenience.


From the name of it you can guess it is a website with a huge collection with many books from different genres. You can read and download books from here easily from all the different genres. The options available on this website are similar to Bookzz and you can save you time searching for books.

16. Free e-Books

Digitalized books or e-books have been around for a long time. Free e-books is one website with tons of e-books fro different genres that you can read or download for free. This is another one of the websites like Bookzz due to the time efficient searching options you get making it easy for you to find a perfect book for you.


17. Internet Archive

Internet archive is one place to find files that might be useful for you or you might want to read them. You get to access all the files or books for free and it is easy to look for them.

18. Gutenberg

bookzz alternativesGutenberg is a worldwide popular source for e-books and is surely one of the websites like Bookzz. the website provides all the options necessary for making faster searches from a wide range of books. All the books are available for free and you can also find premium books to read them or download them.


Due to the wide content range in books, is one of the websites like Bookzz and is used by people of different age groups. A large database of ebooks can be searched and downloaded or read here for free.

20. is another one in the list of websites like Bookzz. This website also has all the options you need for making ht e quick book search with the right reading material. A large book collection that can be accessed to find books in digital format for free to read and download.


sites like bookzzIn the list of many websites like Bookzz his one is very much reliable and that can be seen in the edu extension itself. The website contains reading material that is related to academics and scholars and students can use for finding reading material for free.


For reading and downloading books, is one of the popular websites like bookzz in China. It gives you a lot of features and options making it easier to find and read books. You get access to a huge collection of books from a wide range of genres.

Final Words

These were the best websites like Bookzz that you can try for getting books in digital format. Most of the website provide books for free and do try to find out the best suited for you. Thank you for reading and do comment below to tell us which one you are using now for getting books online.

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