Best Working Ways to Earn Google Play Credit

Here are some methods you can use to earn Google Play Credit! They are legit and work regardless of your location.

Google Play credits can play a very important part in buying certain services from Google Play. While most of the things on the Android official app store are free, you might really have to pay a certain amount for a specific bunch of features. But what if you get these credits for free? 

Yeah, you heard it right. There are a number of ways through which you can earn these Google Play credits for free and use them whenever you desire to do so. With some safe websites available at the desk for you, there’s no need to worry anymore.

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15 ways to Earn Google Play Credit

Here are 15 such websites which can prove to be useful to you in order to buy Google Play credits for free:

1. Swagbucks

You must have heard this name already, haven’t you? Swagbucks is a very popular place where you can earn rewards and money. You just have to take certain online surveys or play games in order to earn the credits. If you’re successful at your job, you are destined to earn more and more Google Play credits. There are SBs that you earn here when you do certain activities on the website. So when you have collected 1k SBs, you can get $10 and that amount can easily be transferred to Google Play credits. 

2. Go Bing

Another very popular website, Go Bing is a great place to buy Google Play credits. It was launched in 2010 by a renowned organization i.e. Microsoft. When you use the search engine, Bing, you get rewarded for it. There are certain tasks that you have to perform through Go Bing. If you’re successful at your job and you consistently use the platform nicely, it is only going to help you out in order to earn more and more credits on Go Bing. 

3. Branded surveys

Surveys are a great way of earning money online. It doesn’t make a difference in case of getting yourself more and more Google Play credits. Through Branded surveys, you can earn a bunch of it pretty comfortably. Now the real question is, what do you really have to do on this platform? So answering some surveys can earn you credits as well. But if you can conduct surveys, that will be able to give you more credits. It is one of the leading communities in the entire world that is conducting such surveys. It is pretty simple yet unique in its own rights. 

4. S’more

Now, this is one website that is very different from others. Most people will advise you to not use your mobile phone very often. But if you have to take the maximum advantage of S’more, you need to unlock it frequently. What this platform does is that it will place an advertisement on your screen unlock. The more you unlock your phone, the more are your chances of earning Google Play credits. In order to know more, you can just log into the website right now and look into more such features. 

5. Mistplay

How amazing would life be if you could just play games and earn money from them? This is no longer a dream, Mistplay has made it possible for you to earn money as well as Google Play credits through certain games featured on it. There are new games included from time to time and you can choose whatever you would like to have on the desk. If you can just achieve the goals in the game, your credits score is destined to go up and up. 

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6. Freemyapps

Freemyapps provide credits for multiple platforms such as Google Play, Amazon, Xbox, Spotify, etc. There are certain sponsored games featured on this website. You have to download such games and applications so that you can earn your desired amount of credits through it. It is actually an application so you have to download it through the Play Store. Afterward, you can reap maximum credits by downloading applications from time to time through the platform. 

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Through Google Opinion Rewards, you can lay down your opinions and get Google Play credits for the same. Doesn’t it sound too simple on paper? It actually is one of the simplest ways of earning credits for sure. The downside is that you have to take part in surveys time and again if you want to earn enough credits. The amount of credits that you get for completing a survey is quite low so you have to be consistently pushing yourself to do more and more surveys on this platform.

8. FeaturePoints

This is another one of those applications which you can use in order to download certain other apps and earn credits for the same. There are different sorts of applications available through FeaturePoints. It can stay true to your tastes and it is possible that you end up loving any one of the apps and use it time and again on your device. In order to get Google Play credits, you must have enough points from gift cards in the range of $10 to $15. 

9. InstaGC

This platform can pay you for doing stuff that you usually do on your device. It means that even if you are watching videos, you may still be able to earn yourself Google Play Credits. Other than that, shopping online can also earn you the same. You just have to do such activities very frequently on this website. If you are interested in taking surveys, you are definitely going to like InstaGC. There’s a huge scope of activities that you can do here so you don’t have to worry if you will be able to earn Google Play credits or not. 

10. MobileXpression

Doesn’t that name sound very unique? The way to earn Google Play credits is very unique too through this platform. You can earn yourself credits based on the amount of internet that you have used over a period of time. But this is going to be a very slow process overall. So it can take you a long time before you finally be able to collect your desired amount of credits which you can also convert into an Amazon gift card. 

11. Points2Shop

This is much like most of the names mentioned on this list. You can earn credits by watching videos, shopping online, and playing online games. So the chances of earning anything for yourself becomes bigger. The best idea would be to download applications here. The good thing about downloading them is that you can earn many points with them and once you think the points earned are converting into enough credits, you can also be able to convert it on the go. 

 12. Prize Rebel

In order to earn credits here, you have to be a bit careful. The main thing that you can do here is conducting surveys. But you have to make sure that you don’t end up making flaws. If you’re able to do so, the number of credits earned will be huge and you can quickly jump the gun with as much amount as you want. You can refer the platform to your friends and be able to earn a lot of credits. The idea is very simple and to the point here. 

13. SlideJoy

It is much like S’more and you can earn PayPal cash here pretty comfortably. You just have to set ads on your mobile screen and based on the ads, the number of revenues that you generate will keep on getting higher. Even if you don’t view the ads at all, the app will still pay you until the time you have it installed on your device. It shows you the ads that you are interested to watch. So you don’t have to watch anything which you are not interested in anyway. 

14. Giftcard Granny

It is a great place to buy and sell gift cards. When you read the emails of GiftCard granny, you are still able to earn yourself the credits. If you are supposed to sell your gift card here, you will get the most reasonable price to sell it off. The website compares the price of gift cards with other platforms and then makes the average price count. It is the same case when you are looking to buy gift cards as well. In the process, you can earn points and those points can get converted into credits. 

15. PrizeRebel

There are different sorts of rewards that you can earn through PrizeRebel. This platform is getting used by millions of people from across the globe. In order to earn cash or Google Play credits here, you just have to set up your account and take part in all the surveys that are conducted here. It’s your choice if you want it to take to your Google Play credits or you would want the rewards on platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

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Concluding: How to Earn Google Play Credit

So these are some of the platforms where you can find Google Play credits comfortably. You just have to perform certain tasks in order to reach that point where you can start getting paid for your activities! 


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