Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental: All FAQs Answered

The Walmart carpet cleaner rental machine is specially designed to deep clean carpets and rugs. Hiring someone to clean your big carpets and rugs weekly or monthly becomes very costly. So Walmart has introduced the most practical way of renting machines to save money and take advantage of Walmart carpet cleaner rental services near you.

Walmart carpet cleaner is used to deep clean your floor carpets, rugs, the interior of your vehicle, and even upholstered furniture. You can rent it for 24hrs or more based on the requirements, and the rental cost will also be based on the number of hours and type of cleaning.

Along with carpet cleaners, there are cleaning solutions and accessories also available depending on the location. Additional costs are also charged for cleaning solutions and accessories. Walmart’s Rug Doctor’s location finder helps to find out whether specific areas offer newer models or older models of machines. The Rug Doctor’s allows customers to search by particular models of carpet cleaner.

The Walmart carpet cleaner rental machine offers a variety of cleaning machines that you can rent, such as

  • Indoor machines: mainly Designed to deep clean carpets, auto detailing carpet extractors, furniture covers, and upholstery.
  • Outdoor machines: the machines such as Wet and dry vacuum, electric pressure washers.
  • Accessories: for plumbing emergencies such as basement flooding, and Floor dryer help to reduce carpet drying time.
  • Cleaning solutions are required for the carpet cleaner to deep clean, especially pre-treatment and remove pet stains.

Some carpet cleaning machine models are Mighty Pro, X3, Wide Track, Pro Deep, and Pro Portable, available depending on the location. Walmart doesn’t have rental cleaner machines for hard floors like steam cleaning machines. 

walmart carpet cleaner rental rug doctor

Uses of different types of carpet cleaner machines:

  1. Walmart’s Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3:  you can go for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Commercial Pet Packo to remove deep, set-in dirt, grime, filth, stains, soils, and household pet messes. The X3 large wheels are provided to roll and the handle folds down for easy storage.
  2. Walmart’s Rug Doctor Pro Deep cleaner: Perfect for home or commercial use for apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, and many more.Clean most area rugs, stairs, upholstery, pet areas, mattresses, car interiors and more with just one machine. It has superior suction power and removes up to 90% of embedded dirt, stains, oils, grime and odours for professional cleaning results. Easy to use back and forth cleaning.
  3. Rug Doctor portable spot carpet cleaner:

           The Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot    Cleaner is a powerful, versatile, and lightweight dual-action pet cleaning tool for neutralizing odours and cleaning everyday messes and stains. The portable, lightweight, compact design features carpet-friendly wheels and a retractable handle.

How to Use the Walmart carpet cleaner machine?

It is essential to know the basics of using Walmart carpet cleaner machines as we know that it is specifically designed to deep clean the dirt, stains and odours from carpets and rugs. Care should be taken before using a carpet cleaner on braided, hand-loomed, jute, silk, sisal carpeting or rugs. Walmart carpet cleaner is not recommended for hard floor areas, such as tile, linoleum, or wood. More details about the instructions are mentioned on the Walmart website.

 Below are the step-by-step instructions on using a Carpet cleaner machine:

  • Pre-treatment: apply cleaning solutions on the surface where there are stubborn stains and odours before the deep cleaning. Sometimes pre-treatment of carpets takes a 24 hrs to wait period for good results.
  • Preparing cleaning solutions: Take approximately 10 litres of water in a bucket( hot water is recommended), add ¼ to ½ cup of cleaning solutions, for more dirt, more cleaning solutions required.
  • Fill the machine’s tank: remove the exterior lid, pour the solutions into the machine’s internal tank and close the lid.
  • Check the connections that are usually located at the back of the machine. Make sure the central hose and metal coupler mechanism are securely attached. There shouldn’t be loose connections.
  • Adjust the telescopic handle according to the desired position that helps to move the machine. Adjust the carpet setting, and then plug the device into a power outlet.
  • Press the start button located on top of the machine handle. It starts spraying the cleaning solutions. Pull it backwards to clean the entire area.
  • Can move the machine only backwards to clean. If you want to move forward, tilt it onto the two rear wheels.

How can one rent a Walmart carpet cleaner machine?

Walmart offers carpet cleaner rental in many locations through self-service booking located at the customer service desk in Walmart stores. Rug Doctor’s rental locator helps in finding Walmart carpet rental services near you.

  Steps to follow in renting Walmart carpet cleaner machines from the local stores are:

  • At the store, you can select the machine that you need by using a touch screen.
  • Enter the required information such as name, email address and contact details.
  •  Pay the rental fee through cards(any mode of payment).
  • Once the payment is made, the door unlocks automatically to collect your carpet cleaner machine. You will also receive mail confirmation regarding the type of machine and period of rent.

Online booking is also made through their website as per the locality. There is an option of online reservation Walmart carpet cleaner process allows you to select a machine, carpet cleaning solutions and accessories to your order with any mode of online payment.

Steps to follow for online and home delivery are:

  • First, go to the Rug doctor rental website
  • Enter your Zip code and model.
  • Select the location and home delivery option
  • Now click the ‘Reserve now’ option
  • Additional cleaning solutions and accessories can also be added to your cart
  • Pay online and enter your contact details
  • Directly pick up your machine from the store.

What is the Rental price of Walmart carpet cleaner?

The rental cost of a Rug Doctor from Walmart depends on the number of days you rent, and the price varies from country to country. Also, the price changes for different Rug Doctor models. An additional cost may be charged for the cleaning solutions and accessories. In some countries, the price can be charged per room or carpet or square footage.

What is the return policy of Walmart carpet cleaner rental?

Need to follow a very simple procedure to returning the carpet cleaner :

  • To return it, you need to enter your information using the same touch screen, the same way you used to rent it.
  • Once you are done with cleaning, return it on time to avoid a penalty.
  • Place the carpet cleaning machine on the staging area provided in the store, and you’re done with the process.
  • If you delay in returning the machine, per day charges will be applied.

A few things to note while returning are that keeping the machine empty and clean properly helps keep the machine in good condition. For this, Walmart doesn’t put any penalty for uncleaned machines.

Procedure to clean Walmart carpet cleaner machine before returning to Walmart

Walmart doesn’t expect users to clean the machine before returning, or they won’t charge any fees to uncleaned machines. However, to keep the machine in good working order, you need to empty and clean the dirt.

Here are the following basic steps to clean the machine are:

  • To empty the dirty water, remove the top tank and pour it into the bathroom. Unplug the machine, take it to the bathroom, tilt forward to remove the excess dirt water to drain out.
  • Slowly remove the filter that is located inside the transparent dome. Clean it with running water to remove dirt, hair or any residue.
  • Dome should be cleaned using a damp cloth or tissue paper before placing the filter inside the dome of the machine.
  • Slowly tilt the machine forward to clean the sides of the machine and brushes.
  • If you use the upholstery tool, clean it by spraying water through tools in the bathroom and dry clean with napkins.

What is the advantage of using Walmart cleaning solutions?

It removes deep dirt and stains by oxygen-activated cleaning boosters that give it the cleaning power to remove dirt and stain buried deep within your carpets. It also helps in eliminating smells and pet/human odours to deodorize and refresh your carpets. Can use the cleaning solutions for Carpets, cushions, car seats, upholstery, rugs, pet beds, and boat interiors. The measuring cups with indicators are provided with the solution bottle for easy handling and use.

Conclusion: Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Details

Walmart carpet cleaner machine rental is a cost-effective solution for your needs instead of hiring expensive experts. Renting and returning process is pretty simple, and users can opt-out at any time. The cleaning solutions and accessories are optional, depending on the requirements. Using Walmart’s suggested solutions gives you the best results of deep cleaning. Need to understand about the charges of carpet cleaner rental. So that you can plan how many days you need to rent and to avoid penalty charges. Take advantage of the Rug Doctor store locator to find a suitable Walmart location near you or book online. Carpet cleaner rental will be the best option to safeguard your carpets that you can select a rental within your budget.

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