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There is a lot to love about Loft! The loft is a store that is headquartered in New York City with branches in cities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is a subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group and hosts brands like Ann Taylor and Lou & Grey at a cheaper price. It has become a one-stop-shop for women (above 18 years) for dresses, suits, accessories, and shoes which has shown remarkable stride in the retail domain since its establishment in 1998. One of the reasons for its popularity is its feminine design with a casual and youthful look. Another is its pricing, which is in the moderate range considering the kind of brands it has. It is a great proposition for value-conscious customers.

There are a few stores that have opened on the same lines as Loft and giving it competition in terms of price, variety, and inventory. Some of them are even cheaper. Read on to discover some of your equally good and economical choices, in the same league as Loft.

Banana Republic

This ranks number 1 in the list and is very close to Loft with respect to its quality of the collection. A store owned by Gaps and is one of its most luxurious brands. The pricing is slightly higher but they run a lot of sales all through the year which is really great. It has a variety of men’s and women’s clothes in contemporary designs. Along with clothes like pants, sweaters, jeans, blouses, formal shirts, etc, they also have jewellery and footwear in all kinds of styles. The store itself has a welcoming aura and looks like a luxurious place to indulge in.

Old Navy

Another fabulous, it also has a clothing range for young girls, boys, toddlers, and even babies. It is headquartered in the silicon valley, California.  Their maternity and plus size clothing is great and though similar in quality as Gaps clothes, they are slightly more affordable. It was found in 1994 in California and now has over 1100 stores. So your entire family can find something to buy here which is a very convenient option.  They have clothing and accessories from brands like Gaps, Banana republic, Athleta, and Hill City. The clothing range has jeans, Rompers and jumpsuits, shoes, and accessories like handbags and sunglasses, sweaters, coats, and jackets.

The Express

The Express opened in the year 1980 in Columbus, Ohio. Since then it has grown into 631 stores all across the USA and Puerto Rico and has 17000 employees all over. This was opened by Limited brands as a clothing store for women and then by 1986 it also started selling men’s merchandise. It is always adding new lines of clothing like denim, T-shirts, hooded sweaters to its collection. Their denim is known for different styles like slim fit, mid-rise, and low rise. They have wedding collections, formals for men, accessories and beauty and wellness products in their kitty.

Ann Inc

This is another subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group and headquartered in the buzzing City of New York. It has higher-end clothing and accessories. They were originally a regional chain in New England and now one of the iconic brands in North America. Their collections are classy and have a lot of stuff which one can wear at work. Loft, Lou & Grey, Ann Taylor, Loft outlet, and Ann Taylor are the 5 divisions under which this brand is marketed. The 163 stores in the United stated have products ranging from women’s clothing to fragrances, shoes and other accessories. Their petit fit is especially popular for its size and fitting.


Talbots was opened in 1947 in Hingham, Massachusetts by Rudolf and Nancy Talbot.  Since then it has expanded into 495 stores across the USA. It comprises 425 core Talbots stores and there are also Talbots factory outlets and clearance outlets. It is now a public company acquired by Sycamore Partners. They are famous for their timeless and classy styles of clothing as well as friendly and helpful staff.  Apart from regular dresses and pants, they have swimwear and a cashmere collection too. The Clothing range has petit and plus-size options too. Their accessories include shoes, bags, ponchos, shrugs, and vests amongst many other things.


Anthropoligie belongs to the URBN brand and was opened in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. An interesting fact about it is that it existed initially in an automobile shop and went on to have 200 retail stores in the USA and Canada. In 2009 it came up with its first international store in London. Such a massive growth of this company speaks about its products which range from clothing, shoes, accessories, and personal care products. They also have a vast variety of home furnishings and furniture and they keep collaborating with designers and artists from all over the globe to run special collections from time to time. The stores are very appealing and welcoming with the smell of candles when you enter.

Free People

Opened in Philadelphia by a young named Dick Haynes in the 1970s, this was once a store for young people. It is part of Urban Outfitters Inc. and has 1400 speciality stores all over the world. This brand is known for its bohemian style of apparel and lifestyle products like oral care, cosmetics as well as books. It has 4 wholesale units in LA, London, Chicago, and New York. The store has a vibrant feel and includes a cozy area to lounge as well. They now have a virtual presence also with Free people UK and China sites also. They also have a unique crystal shop that sells crystal bottles, rings and beauty tools.

Forever 21

This fashion retailer was founded by Do Won Chang and Jon Sook Chang in the year 1984. It was initially called Fashion 21. It has a global presence with 700 stores in the USA, Middle East, Asia, and the UK. The clothing range here can be worn by women of any age group which has maximized its customer base. It had recorded revenue of more than 3 billion USD in 2017. There is also men’s clothing range which covers basics, denims, sweaters, blazers, Active wear, socks, etc.  Their clothing is youthful and they also have beauty products in their collection.


This is another store like LOFT which has high-quality products in clothing and accessories.  It has spun off from its parent store J. Crew and has been making more sales than its parent company. Their denims need special mention as they have a wide collection in this with featured shops like 90’s inspired denims.  Madewell collections are targeted for younger women. Their styling is timeless and very easy. They also sell lifestyle and beauty products like pillows, candles, bags and home decorative items. There are 129 Madewell stores across the US and internationally too.

J Crew

This was founded by Mitchell Cinader and Saul Charles in 1974 as a seller of low-priced clothing for women. It first opened in New York City and was called Popular Merchandise Inc. With a whopping growth of 25-30 percent every year, it went on to be called J. Crew in 1983 and now has more than 450 retail stores all through the Americas. This has many channels of operation like retail, factory outlets and also online. Their range has clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids that are of premium quality and slightly more than expensive than Loft.


Bebe has clothing that has a sophisticated and chic styling. This is headquartered in San Francisco and its first store opened in 1976. This was opened by an Iranian emigrant Manny Mashouf. It has a line of women clothing, perfumes, and accessories like shoes, handbags and also beautiful luggage sets.  They launched a bridal wear line which showcased famous designers but that got closed later. Their design is mostly in-house with manufacturing outsourced.

Charlotte Russe

This is an alternative to Loft which is even cheaper but has quality products. It has head quarter in San Francisco. It was founded by Daniel Lawrence and his brothers in 1975 in Carlsbad and was called Lawrence Merchandising Corp. It now has 560 stores in 45 states of the US. The clothing and accessories range is suitable for teenagers and women in their twenties. They also have a plus size range. The accessories include scarves, belts, gift items like mugs and also technical accessories like car chargers, iPhone case sets, Bluetooth portable speakers, etc.


Primarily located inside shopping malls, Maurices has more than 1000 stores across the USA and Canada. It is based out of Duluth, Minnesota. It was founded in 1931 by E. Maurice Labovitz which is now owned by the Ascena Retail group. It is a reputed brand and Forbes rated it as “top ten best employers in retail” in 2011. They have women’s clothing like tops, dresses, jeans, etc which have size ranges in almost all categories.  The famous singer Christopher Straub endorsed this brand in 2011 and started a line of products called Christopher Straub for maurices.

For Elyse

Located in small town Chico in California, this began as a dream project of a mother Amber Kierig and is named after her youngest daughter Elyse. The company has 2 stores, one in downtown Chico and another in Redding. Their feminine and contemporary style is quite appealing. Their collections are trendy and also wearable every day. They also have men clothing. They have some of the best designers in their kitty like M. Rena and Rubber Ducky.

New York & Company

This has headquarters in New York City and has around 400 stores nationwide in the USA. It specializes in women apparel which is wearable at work and has modern designs. The company first opened in 1918 and recorded a sale of over 900 million in 2016. Their collections include tops, dresses, skirts, blazers, sleep wear amongst hoard of other clothing and accessories.

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