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12 Sites Like Humble Bundle | Cheap Humble Bundle Alternatives

cheap humble bundle alternatives

As you all know that Humble Bundle is a website which provides famous and best games to you whenever you need them. Sites like Humble Bundle will let you buy games at a cheap rate with more benefits as compared to others. As you can see in the name that it provides games in the bundle so if you’re looking to make a library of games.

You can download games from the Humble Bundle as well as software and can enjoy all these features on a single website. Humble Bundle is very cheap when it comes to pricing because these bundles cost just a fraction of the price of 2 or 3 games in them and you will get the rest of the games for free.

Downloading games in bundles is a very good technique to boost your gaming library and to save money because you can download a lot of games and these sites give a decent discount on them every time.

As you all know that nothing comes for free, you have to pay for downloading games but it won’t charge you much. For that, we have prepared a list of some sites like Humble Bundle from where you can download games by paying less. We have mentioned the plus points of those websites so just check it out.

Top 12 Sites Like Humble Bundle

Below we have listed 12 Humble Bundle Alternatives. Check out these great sites like Humble Bundle. You would surely be interested in these sites to get game bundles.

     1. Gamers Gate

sites like humble bundle

Gamers Gate is a well-known website for Windows users as well as Mac users as it has games for both the platforms. You can read instructions of games on Gamers Gate easily and paying on the website is very secure and easy nowadays as they have updated it and made it more trustworthy. Gamers Gate will not only let you download games from their website but you will also get gift hampers even after buying any bundle.

This is the best website available out there for downloading game bundles. It is very pocket-friendly because the rates of bundles are very cheap as compared to other sites. You should definitely look into this site if you want to by game bundles.

     2. DailyIndieGame

websites like humble bundle

This website is basically made for gamers who love to support small developers and games because it has games starting from 0.02$. A very budget friendly website with a lot of indie games and steam keys. If you’re looking to sell any unused steam key you have so you can sell it easily on the website.

DailyIndieGame not only will provide you games but there are instructions to play the game and hacks too. You can easily download and pay on the website as it is secure and fraud-free. If you are looking for game bundles at cheap rate from a reliable website then you should definitely look into DailyIndieGame.

     3.   CheapShark

humble bundle alternatives

CheapShark can let you know about the price and the discount on good game providers and can direct you to them easily in a single click. You can compare prices and discounts on this website from a number of different sources like Amazon, steam, Humblebundle etc.

Search any game on CheapShark and you will find it in seconds plus the address from where you can download it. CheapShark is without a doubt one of the best sites like Humble Bundle and you should check it out to buy Game Bundles at affordable rates.

     4.   Fanatical


One of the leading websites of the gaming world, Fanatical, is having all the games which any gamer would want and the best part about this website is that all the games are available on Fanatical are well discounted and you only have to pay for 1 or 2 games and you will get your whole bundle for free.

This website was earlier known as Bundle Stars and it was very popular among youngsters. You can wishlist any game you want and it will send you a notice whenever that game will come to the discount.

      5. Groupees


Groupees is a website to visit if you’re a game lover because it has all the games which are in trend right now and not only games, you can even download music from it by spending some more for it. Looking for bundles?

Groupees is for you because they sell bundles of games and those bundles have minimum 8 games in them, single bundle. Why spend for one game when you can buy 8 or more different games on the price of hardly 2 or 3 games.

      6.   Indiegala


Indiegala is an exclusive website for premium games and you will find all the big sized games on it. They sell bundles of games and you can even register to them to receive gifts occasionally and guess what they gift to their subscribers?

New games whenever they want, like humble bundle. Direct into your inbox. Search for any upcoming game on Indiegala and you will find it in seconds and if you want then you can subscribe to that game to get it whenever it is available, at a good discount.

      7.   IndieGameBundles


The website IndieGameBundles does not have bundles of their own but they provide good discounted deals to users and redirect them directly to other sites for the deal. You can compare deals on IndieGameBundles and can choose the best deal for you and do not worry about the pricing because it has all the deals with a lot of discounts like if you are paying for a bundle then you will be in profit for sure because you will get 10 or 12 games in a single bundle for the price of 3 games.

Isn’t it amazing? This website is more like a broker which fixes your deal with another party and what’s the problem when we are getting profit in those deals.

      8. One Play

one play

One Play is the best website available out there for Android users as well as PC users because it has games for both the platforms and all the games are premium so don’t worry about the quality. Download or play games on One Play for a cheap price.

      9. Story Bundle

This website has some really cool books on it and they provide books to their users in bundles as Humble Bundle and the price is very low plus you will also get discounts and good deals on it. A bundle of book consists of 7-10 books mostly and all the books are premium on Story Bundle.

     10. Lazy Guys Bundle

lazy guys bundle

As the name says, Lazy Guys Bundle, you will get all the games you want on this single website so it doesn’t matter if you’re lazy, you just have to find a good bundle for yourself and pay what you want just like Humble Bundle. Just check it out once and buy your preferred game bundle before the sale ends. Lazy Guys Bundle is definitely in the list of the best sites like Humble Bundle.

     11. Green Man Gaming

green man gaming

Perfect place for gaming enthusiasts because not only this website provides gaming bundles but they donate half of their income to the charity for the good. Get world class games and also be a part of the charity. Nice idea! Isn’t it? It’s a great Humble Bundle Alternative and you should definitely check it out if you are looking to buy Gaming Bundles.


Looking for free games? You are in the right place because this website provides games to needy players who can’t pay for it. You can download both paid and free games from and they have really good deals on their websites. It is one of the best sites like Humble Bundle for getting game bundles at really cheap rates.

Top Humble Bundle Alternatives For Books, Games And Software

This is the list of the best sites like Humble Bundle you can find out there on the basis of the above review.

  1. Gamers Gate

  2. DailyIndieGame

  3. CheapShark

  4. Fanatical

  5. Groupees

  6. Indiegala

  7. IndieGameBundles

  8. One Play

  9. Story Bundle

  10. Lazy Guys Bundle

  11. Green Man Gaming


Final Words

All these websites which are mentioned above are the best sites like Humble Bundle. The best part of buying games from these websites is that they donate a good amount of their earnings to charity and as you all know that charity is for a good cause so why spend money on other sites when we can buy good games from these websites and can be a part of the charity too.

That’s all for this time. Hope this article on sites like Humble Bundle has helped you. Let us know your thoughts about the post in the comment section below.

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