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How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter

Save Twitter GIFs

Twitter is just one of the most popular social platform with millions of regular users. The number of users increases every day and the content on Twitter as well. On these popular social platforms, a large number of users use it for personal use. Also, many companies use it for interacting with customers and various purposes. In this post, we will discuss how to save animated GIFs from Twitter.

The content on Twitter also goes from the world around and you can find things that might be new and interesting to you. This is due to the fact that users from around the world are connected to this platform. The different content you can find on twitter is in the form of pictures or videos, audios, etc. You can access most of the content but its not possible to save everything from Twitter.

how to save animated GIFs from Twitter

The different type of content on the internet are pictures, videos, audios and many more. People share their daily life, thoughts, and a lot more with texts and these media. Other than these things new trend is of funny things like memes and clips etc. These are trimmed to form short video and GIFs that you can play right on the internet pages.

Most of us usually download the media we like on the internet to share it with friends and family. GIFs are the media files that process fewer data and are easy to use but Twitter doesn’t keep the GIFs on itself. All the GIFs uploaded to Twitter are converted to the video format. In this article, you will be introduced to GIFs and ways to how to save animated GIFs from Twitter.

What are animated GIFs?

Animated GIFs are one form of media file that is quite popular all over the internet. You probably have seen them a lot of time on different websites and apps etc. You might even have downloaded a lot of animated GIFs from these websites and apps. The thing with twitter is that you cant download or save the animated GIFs from twitter.

It is surprising but this happens because all the GIFs are turned in short videos by Twitter so you can just download the mp4 format of them. Twitter does it for the data processing on the website as GIFs are much easier to play. It makes the saving GIFs a lot harder for you as you will get a video instead. You really want to download a GIF even after all the mess than there are other methods.

It is widely used on different platforms and these days is also available along with stickers and emojis. It’s quite inconvenient that Twitter doesn’t have animated GIFs and you cant save or download them. You can’t really download the GIFs from twitter but you can get the Gif you want. You might want to find another way round to overcome this lack of GIFs on Twitter and that’s what we have here.

It might not be possible to directly download GIFs from Twitter but you can get the same media in GIFs image. Some easiest ways of getting what you want are given below try the one you find most convenient.

How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter?

Here are the best methods to save Animated GIFs from Twitter

Convert from MP4

While using Twitter you might not be able to save the GIFs file but you sure the option to get the MP4 file. To get the GIF format of the same file you will have to do some extra work and go through another website. All you have to do is get the MP4 and then turn it into an animated GIF. Now first you need to download the video format of whatever you wish to save an animated GIF from Twitter.

It’s easy to save the video format of any GIF from Twitter and here you can use to do it. Here you just need to visit the tweet you want to save and copy its URL to copy it on

Open and paste the URL and go ahead and download it. A new screen will open up with a download option. Click on the download option on your screen. Downloading will take no time due to the small size of the file.

With the video you have downloaded you need to visit another website that can convert the video for you. This website here will be so just open the website. Once you have opened you can select the option to convert video to GIF. Just select the video you just downloaded from twitter and upload it on the website.

You get more options to edit things before converting the video but don’t do much. Just change the FPS of GIF to 20 frame rate per second for smooth playing animated GIF. At last, just finish this by converting the video into a GIF. Once you have done it all its the final thing you needed just save this GIF for yourself.

Using app

The other and much simpler way of getting a GIF from Twitter is by using an app. We are using tweet2gif here. It is an app for Android devices available right on the Google play store. You can get the app from the google play store for free and use it for getting GIF from Twitter. The app is quite simple and method to save GIFs from Twitter is also very easy with the app. You can download any of the public tweets on Twitter any time you want. The steps are almost the same as the method we mentioned above. Open Twitter and go to any of the tweet you want to download or save. Open the tweet and copy the direct link to it. Now to save the GIF from that tweet just paste the link of same in the app tweet2gif.

Just select what you want to do with it make a GIF out of it or it can also turn a GIF to video. Next just turn it into GIF and download it on your phone. As simple as that you can save animated GIF from the tweet on Twitter easily. It is a much simpler and faster method as compared to the above-mentioned one. You don’t have to visit any website except twitter itself and get to save the animated GIFs from Twitter right on your device. It would have been a blast if the app was available for more platforms like ios and windows.

This is a better option.

All you had to do was download and install a free app from the Google play store itself and simply get the link from Twitter. Any of the Twitter videos wish to save as a GIF can be saved by simply pasting its direct link n the app. The method is basically the same for both these suggested ways copying the link. The only difference is you had to visit two websites other than Twitter itself. Two steps get decreased with the app tweet2gif. These two steps sure make a difference since you also don’t have to download a file twice.

Record while playing

The last but not least you can do to save animated GIFs from twitter is by recording the video on your screen. Screen recording can be used to get the media you want from any website. Twitter does allow you to download the video from the tweets and not GIFs but you can also record your screen while playing them. You can use any of the methods you are aware of to record the screen on your device be it windows or ios etc. Just record the screen and turn it into a looped animated GIF that plays over and over. This method is quite unnecessary but still an option. The above mentioned two methods are much easier and time efficient to everyone.


Final Words

While there are a lot of things on the internet not all of them are completely accessible to you. Same as here you can’t save animated GIFs from Twitter. The GIFs are very much convenient and less data consuming but still, you don’t get them on one of the leading social media platforms like Twitter.

It’s not so much surprising that such a thing happens and they lack such feature and there are more than enough ways to do things you want to do. Even when there are no animated GIFs for you from Twitter you can go a few extra steps to get it. The extra step of saving the MP4 format of the media file and converting it into GIF manually.

As long as you get the video from Twitter you have a lot of methods of getting an animated GIF from it. The popular and easy methods are provided for you in this article. They are very simple. You should easily be able to follow up with them to save the animated GIFs from Twitter.  The third method should not be the first thing you try. So stick with the easier methods and get yourself the GIFs you want from Twitter.

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