Safeway Check Cashing Policy FAQs: Hours, Fees, etc.

Subway check cashing policy

All your Safeway Check Cashing FAQs are answered below!

Safeway is a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores with its headquarters in California, United States. Safeway sells grocery items, food, and general merchandise and they cater to special departments such as pharmacy, bakery, Starbucks coffee center, fuel, delicatessen, etc. Safeway stores cash checks too. To cash checks at Safeway is very easy, but you need to learn some policies and rules that need to be followed for that. Let us briefly discuss check cashing at Safeway.

safeway check cashing

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Does Safeway store cash checks?

Yes, Safeway does provide the service of check cashing at all their store locations. You can locate your nearest store using the Safeway store finder and find the one that is near to you.

What sort of checks are cashed at Safeway Stores?

You can cash a variety of checks at Safeway Stores that include checks issued by the government such as unemployment checks, social security checks, etc., payroll checks, stimulus checks, and cashier checks. However, Safeway does not allow you to cash handwritten checks, personal checks, starter checks, and third-party checks. These checks are not cashed to avoid the risk of fraud.

What are the policies to be followed for check cashing at Safeway?

You need to follow some policies to get your check cashed at Safeway. It is better to be familiar with the policies of Safeway before getting a check to cash it. The Safeway check policies are as below.

  • Safeway cashes a variety of checks, but not all checks are cashed. Safeway does not cash handwritten checks, personal checks, and third-party checks.
  • To cash a government-issued check, the check holder must have an identity card issued by the government. Your identity needs to be verified before you can cash your government check.
  • Safeway does not cash checks exceeding $1500. But, there is no limit to the number of checks you cash.  
  • Safeway charges you for every $200 you encash. It charges $2.25 for every $200 check cashed. It is around 1.15%.

How many checks can you cash at Safeway?

There is no limit on the number of checks you can cash at Safeway. But there is a limit on the value of checks. Safeway does not cash checks that exceed $1500. Hence, the number of checks you can cash depends on the money each check adds up to.

What are the Safeway cash check timings?

Safeway allows you to cash checks the whole seven days a week. However, the hours differ from store to store. Some stores operate 24/7 and some work on a smaller schedule. Safeway stores usually open by 5 am till late night in the evening. Each store has a different closing time. You can visit your local Safeway store and ask the customer service the timings that they allow to cash the check. Sometimes, the cash checking desk works at different timings than the general store. You need to confirm the working hours of this desk particularly to cash your checks. Generally, the customer care desk handles the cash checking at Safeway.

How do you cash a check at Safeway?

To cash your check at Safeway, present the check at the cash checking area or the customer service area. The check presented should be endorsed and accommodated with a valid ID card. The ID card presented should be issued by the government such as Driver’s license, passport, etc. You also need to input your social security number while processing your check. Be careful not to give your social security number to any Safeway employee. If everything is fine, your check is cashed in a few minutes.

Can I cash my Stimulus check at Safeway?

Yes, You can cash your Stimulus check at Safeway for free. All Safeway stores cash the stimulus checks for free.

Can I cash my personal check at Safeway?

If you are looking to cash your personal check at Safeway then the answer is No. Safeway does not allow you to cash personal checks. This is because the risk of fraud is more while cashing personal checks. However, you can check all your government checks such as unemployment checks, social security checks, etc., payroll checks, stimulus checks, and cashier checks.

How to locate a Safeway Store?

Safeway Stores are located in 33 states of America. The Safeway store locator helps you to find the nearest Safeway store. You need to enter your location and all the addresses of the Safeway stores near you will be displayed. The other option is you may contact the customer service center to ask for the nearest store to your location.

Conclusion: Does Subway Cash Checks?

Safeway Store cashes checks at all their stores across US and Canada. They accept all government checks such as unemployment checks, social security checks, etc., payroll checks, stimulus checks, and cashier checks. Safeway does charge you a fee and it depends on the check amount. You also need to note that Safeway does not cash checks that are above $1500.

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