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New Kingdom Hearts Game Announced for IOS and Android

To all the square enix fans out there, even after the announcement and release of the new game Kingdom Hearts recently yesterday, 22nd January 2020, both in android and iOS which oa also dubbed as Project Xehanort, another announcement awaits. To add more adventure and gaming to your spring this year, the japan based company has revealed the launch of a new game too. I know the fans are flying high now and on the wait for the next announcement and release.

To kill the curiosity and the cat in our heads the company has revealed two screen shots of the protagonist. Not yet complete with the good news for today, they have also given out vague idea about the game using taglines in their twitter handle “ why did he become the seeker of darkness”. How very clichéd yet controversial. The company is said to surprise the fans later with more information and for sure some trailer very soon.

To all the fans out there jumping sky high, here is some more task for you. The gaming enterprise has also launched a “guess the name” challenge and has released a picture in their twitter. Nothing more easier to prove you fandom. The #KHnamecontest releasing just a photo of the anime protagonist in their handle has given the challenge till 28 January 2020  and is regy to give 10 winners on twitter, to be announced, a very big win. Something more merrier.

You can give only one entry in one day. You should also not pass the submission limit with extra accounts, your name should also not contain obscene, vulgar, discrimination or any other offensive subject matter, invade copyright, intellectual property, hurt personal credits, counter to public order or morale, or judge certainly from established theme. There is no word about the release as of now, but be sure to try it at least once. And to the fans, don’t cross the limited attempts in the enthusiasm as finding the right name

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