Japan Plans To Launch 6G Tech In 2030

Japan is planning an inclusive plan for 6G technology by 2030 and it is believed that the new technology will be 10-times speedier than the current 5G.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan will put the structure of government-civilian research society in January under the chairmanship of the University of Tokyo Goshinjin, and under the direct management of the General Affairs Minister Takao Sanae, GizmoChaina reported on Monday. Additionally, people from NTT and Toshiba will also be invited to talk about 6G performance goals and policy support by June. The government will upgrade the development of 6G technology.

U.S.-based investment banking and financial service company, Goldman Sachs, has forecast a hefty 200 million 5G smartphone shipments globally in 2020. The new estimated value is about 20 times additional than the sales figure of 2019. According to the estimates, there will be about 1 million new 5G base establishments in China in 2020. This is larger than the original 6,00,000 forecast by Goldman Sachs.

A panel having university researchers and private sector officials will be made by January end to talk about its implementation. The 6G networks will have the power to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Japan is not the first country to have to declare research into 6G. China has made alike claims in November last year, and a different effort by Chinese tech giant Huawei began as early as August 2019. Samsung also started a new research center dedicated to 6G all the way back in June.

All that said, 5G itself will only be economically available in the country in a few months’ duration. Meanwhile, back at home, our local telecommunication is in the middle of testing and showcasing 5G technology, with quite a number of those happening in Langkawi over the past few weeks.

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