I Need Money Now: Get Free & Fast Cash (Legit Ways)

I Need Money Now free and fast cash

Here are a few legit working ways to solver your ‘I Need Money Now‘ emergency.

Money! Money! Money! Money is everything you need. ”I Need Money Now” is what everyone feels at some of the other phases of their life. From buying groceries to buying a house we need money. To Maintain good health or to visit a hospital we need money. For every smallest need, we have to spend money.

So money becomes a crucial element. Some people are born into money and so they will always have plenty of bucks to spend. But all are not born from the same shell. Some people struggle to survive, some have money to hardly get their butter and bread and the remaining have enough for livelihood but want some more to upgrade their financial status. So ultimately everyone is thirsty for the same thing, money. 

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Most people have employment with a fixed salary, some run businesses are it a large scale or small scale, some choose self-employment and some still struggle to find one. There is no fixed method to earn money.

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There are umpteen ways to do it. Which one to choose depends on many factors like your education, interest, feasibility, talent, skills, etc. If you know exactly what you have, then we will help you to choose one among several  ways. You can even do multiple things to serve your needs.

Though you are earning a sufficient amount of money, sometimes you will be impelled to face some shortfall of money. You will be in strained circumstances where you will find it difficult to make the ends meet.

Then you will start getting the thought ‘“I Need Money Now” which implies you need it urgently. Then the very first thing you get in your mind is asking for debt from your friends, colleagues, or relatives. You may get the required penny once or twice but it is not going to work when you ask for it repeatedly. And you must repay them as early as possible if you wish to retain the relationship. Because, you know, Money has the power to build or destroy any kind of relationship.

A penny saved is a penny earned. So, it’s always wiser to save money so that you can use it when you face a shortage of money. Apart from that if you wish to make extra  money which helps you to serve your urgent needs, then go through this article. In this article, you will be enlightened with different ways to add bucks to your pockets.

I Need Money Now: Ways to Make Instant Money

1. Online Surveys:

Many scientists and researchers need more and more data for their work. You can make money by joining hands with them just by doing some surveys of products, apps, and games and monitoring their parameters like time taken to accomplish their task, their benefits or drawbacks, and so on.

Online Surveys

To do this, you can create an account and wait for an offer which will be a video call or a chat with the researchers.

You will get paid if you provide them the data they are interested in. It will be done without spending much of your time and energy. One such app to take surveys is Survey Junkie which pays for your survey via PayPal or Amazon or Target Gift cards.

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2. Selling Unused Internet

If you have internet bandwidth that is unused, you can make money with that. Yes! It is true. You can sell that unused bandwidth to the data scientist at the major corporations and get paid about $50 for that. You can do this using the app Honeygain. 

The data that is being shared by you will be used to power the backend for the companies whose bandwidth will be used for quantum computing such as SEO companies whose applications perform heavy keyword research or CDN- the Content Delivery Networks. There is no misuse of any of your personal information. It is just the sharing of data bandwidth and nothing else.

3. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Returns:

If you are a taxpayer and already have filed the income tax returns, then relax you will have some bucks in your hands for sure. If you have no idea about the funds that are refundable from income tax, then you may have to hire a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) from TaxHub.

They will thoroughly analyze your income tax cashback potential and let you know the ways to get it when you need it the most. They work remotely and hence you need not step out of your house to get it done. Get your own money without tension.

4. Performing Quick and repetitive tasks for those in need:

Many people who are busy handling hundreds of tasks will be in need of some small tasks to be done by others to reduce their workload. You can search for that and do the work which you can perform well and fast thereby getting paid for that without any hassle. All you need is just a smartphone or a laptop with an internet connection and some free time. There are several apps to help you know those tiny tasks. One such app is Fiverr. You can log into that and choose the one that suits you. Anybody from any part of the world is eligible to use this app.

You can choose to be a freelance writer, Freelance web designer, logo maker, blog writer, digital marketer, social media marketer, translator, and many more. It is open in many areas. Thus suitable for many people as it has diverse work options.

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5. Credit card Bonuses:

In this digital era, almost everyone uses cards to make money transactions. Cards are also being issued by most of the business entities to ease the processes.

Credit cards are the most useful card issued by every bank nowadays. When you have a low balance in your account and need to buy something, then this card is of great help. It allows you to spend money first and then pay back by the due date. It takes a little annual fee to manage your account.

Besides helping you by lending money in the hour of need, it also offers you bonuses as per your transactions with the card. You can utilize the bonus to make payments for your purchases. Thus keeping your pockets safe. Keep track of those benefits and save your money.

6. Rent out the less-used rooms of your Apartments

Extra space at home is extra comfort. But at what cost? That comfort will not be soothing if your finances are at stake. Make extra space in your mind and heart by renting out the extra space at your apartments to be even more comfortable.

7. Save money when you have a chance and use it when it is a need:

There are several apps that allow you to save money while doing online transactions like booking a ticket, purchasing items etc. Honey App is one that helps you choose online coupons and applies the best promo code while checking out to save your money during online transactions.

Also, it offers you $10 in the form of gift cards like Amazon, Walmarts, and Targets if you refer the app to at least two people.

For any purchase, it cross-verifies with other sellers and gives you the list of lower-priced selling sites and thus making your expenses less and the saved money can be used for some other needed purchases. 

8. Shop Unavoidable purchases with Ebates (Rakuten):

Shopping for unnecessary things will definitely break your banks. But some things are unavoidable to purchase. In that case, you can choose to be a smart spender by shopping with Ebates. Ebates sends you cashback via PayPal when you purchase online or at stores.

Yes! You read it right.

The stores will be paying Ebates the commission and in turn, Ebates makes your purchase in the stores and gives you back the commission money it took from the stores. It is like getting paid to shop. It also offers a bonus if you refer Ebates to your friends. Sounds great right?  

9. Play Games Online for testing:

The gaming app developers want to test the game’s performances and their shortcomings with the real game players before they launch it to the market. You can be a part of it to get paid. Mistplay is one of the best apps to give a try.

If you serve their needs, Mistplay will pay you with credits that can be used later as gift cards like Amazon or Visa Gift cards.

10. Teaching Online:

Don’t sit back if you are a good teacher. You can earn money staying at home and teaching the kids who need a remote trainer. There are many online teaching platforms that you can make use of, to enrich your skills of imparting your knowledge. You can teach anything and everything online in this digital world.

For instance, you can teach any language, science, mathematics, music, dance, arts, martial arts, and so on. If you enroll and apply as a teacher in online teaching apps with your talents and related qualifications, you can use that app and get paid. One app that provides such opportunities for teachers and learners is Udemy.

11. Sell off the Junk:

One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. So you can sell off the things that are no longer useful for you. There are many people who will be searching for pre-owned things to buy at little lower prices than the actual one.

Also, there are several apps like OLX that help you find the customers to sell your stuff at better rates. It offers you a list of people who wish to buy and you can choose one who can pay you better. 

12. Proofread:

If you have a microscopic eye to find typo errors in any documents or articles that you read, then you can call yourself a proofreader. You can earn some penny working as a proofreader at Cactus communications, or as a freelancer at Fiverr as well.

Other ways to get money:

The above-mentioned ways surely help you to make money. But if, for some reason, you are not able to get from those means or it is not sufficient, then do not panic. You still have a few more ways like Personal loans, Loans, Instant money lending apps, etc.


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Many banks offer you personal loans these days. This is purely considered a loan for personal purposes and you don’t need to report it. You can repay them as installments with interest added to that. 

You can get a small amount of money from instant money lending apps like PaydaySay, Empower, Chime, etc. This money should be repaid within a short period of time compared to personal loans. If you really need a big buck,  then you have to produce all related documents, the purpose of the loan, and security to the bank to get the loan approved. This will take a lot of time compared to the previous two and the repayment period is usually several years. 

Note: It is better to choose these loans as a last option as you will have to pay them back handsome money which will make a hole in your pocket.

Final Words: I Need Money Now Emergency 

Money is important, money is fragile. A fool and his penny are soon parted. When your pocket is full, it will push you to spend it. But it is a wise thing to control the purse strings. It is important to save for a rainy day. If you save money today, it will save you tomorrow. 

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