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Computers and Macs are quite common these days and everyone has a personal device of their own. If you are planning to run new software or game then you must wonder if your PC can run it. In this post, we will discuss a way to tell how old your computer is.

The need for PC in everyday life just keeps on increasing in all the possible ways. Some people use it for fun and others for work. Students are the ones most involved with computers. Studies, internet, games, and even work from home can all be done with computers. The youth are involved to internet and tech to the deeper level.

The computer has become a necessity for them and parents don’t even need to question why it’s needed. PC set up varies for every other person whereas Mac is a completely different story. Macs can’t be altered with the hardware whereas PC are custom made as well as ready-made set up and people prefer PC for the same reason.

Macs get outdated with time whereas built PCs can be upgraded with the latest hardware components. While there is a huge market for you with a lot of brands making components the price for them goes to a wide range being affordable and super expensive as well. The price of Mac is not so less and all of them are expensive to start.

Whereas for Pc that you build the price depends on the components like graphics cards, ram, and each hardware. The low price Pcs come with lower specs and can’t process heavy usage. These eventually, get slow and not good enough for anything except normal usage. The fact that you need to know how to tell how old your computer really changes a lot of things. If

Why An Old Computer?

There are hundreds and thousands of companies that make computers all over the world. It’s not easy to get the type of computer you need keeping your budget safe. Usually for a person with job price doesn’t matter as long as it is capable of performing the tasks. The high-end computers with high storage and good processors and graphics card etc are the need for student and young ones.

These high-end computers work smoothly for any task that average specs holding computers fail to do. Gaming, programming, video editing, etc are the tasks that need high-end computers and all these are done by youth these days. Not everyone is supported by family and can’t make the budget for such high-end computers or gaming Pcs that is why you sometimes need to buy a used or second-hand computer.

Computers can be used by someone else if not you as they are not something that expires or becomes useless. A lot of people sell their computer and the components for a lower price. This is because they are useless to them if they are upgrading. Compared to the market price of the same the components sold for reuse are much cheaper.

This is the best you can have for resorting a cheaper Pc. When not in use or the user upgrades with new product Macs also are available for cheap. You can luckily get one in good condition at a lower price that is under your budget. You can only make sure it is good enough if you can tell how old the computer is.

So the conclusion is that you can try getting a used computer if the budget doesn’t allow you to get new. These used Pcs or Mac will be a good deal for you under your budget. The older PC can cause trouble so you need to know how to tell how the computer is.

Does It Matter How Old The Computer Is?


While you decide to get yourself a used computer there are a few things you need to understand. Used computer means that it’s probably not working in the best condition. All the computers need to be checked through as be it Mac or windows all get old. It partially matters how old the computer you are buying is.

Any computer that has enough Ram and good processor with a proper graphics card can work fine even when it’s old. on the other hand, old means outdated because we have a new tech coming all the time. If the used computer that you buy doesn’t have proper processor and ram etc it will be either be useless soon or you will have to upgrade it yourself. The fact that how old your computer is matters and you need to know how to tell how old your computer is.

It matters as it is not too much outdated and you don’t want to pay to upgrade it later. It won’t matter how old the computer is if you need it as a setup that you plan to upgrade. You also need proper knowledge of the hardware components to understand if it is good enough. You definitely need to know how to tell how your computer is and that part is explained below.

How To Tell How Old Your Mac or Apple Product Is?

Apple Macs and Products are pretty easy to deal with and identify. Making the choice to buy used Apple product is also easier as they don’t have the upgrade feature. All you can upgrade on the Mac is the software. The apple products and Mac are always good and quite powerful for the time they are launched and later. The capabilities of Apple products can be easily estimated so buying a used product is not complex.

Everything on the side doesn’t matter if they are powerful and long lasting it always matter how old the computer is. Here is how to tell how old your computer (Mac or Apple product) is. All the products come with serial numbers that give their identity to be it Apple’s or any other company. The details on the product you are going to buy can be obtained using this serial number.

The model of the Apple product needs to be confirmed first. To check the model number start your Mac and click on the Apple logo and then the about this Mac option. You will get the model name of the Mac along with the year of manufacturing of it right on the screen. The name and year are given right in one place so you tell how old the computer really is not just how long it has been with the owner.

You can use the serial number of your Mac to search all the details of it. Just copy the serial number and paste it on the model identifier to get more details. These details are all you need to tell how old your computer is.

How Old is My Computer?

Macs are much simple to check on whereas Windows computer can be a bit of work. It is much easier if the computer you are buying is the same as it was bought by the company. Whereas the ones that have been upgraded in hardware need some work to check how old your computer is.  The things that will help you tell how old your computer is are the serial number of your computer, the motherboard, and its BIOS.

Serial Number

Most of the companies have serial numbers on their product and you can check it on the tags on them. Serial number and bar codes etc that can be used to identify the product are present on these tags. You can simply use the serial number to find out the manufacturing year of it by searching it on the internet.

For the laptops, you can check for these serial numbers on the lower part of it. The battery slot also sometimes have the serial number along with the date or year of manufacturing. This manufacturing year of the computer will tell you how old your computer is.


The motherboard is one important thing in your computer and if you can find out how old it is that will be the answer to how old your computer is. You can get a reliable idea with motherboard as it gets the processor and the Ram upgraded as well. The motherboard of your computer can be used to tell how old your computer is.

To check the details on the motherboard of this computer you can either use the sysinfo search in the windows search bar. The system information will have the details on the motherboard of the computer. These details are not much reliable so use alternative methods. CMD window can be used to get the serial number of the motherboard that you can search on the internet.

Run the CMD window as admin on your computer. In the window enter the command ‘wmic bios get serialnumber’ to get the serial number of motherboard present on your computer. Google search with these numbers to find the model name and date of manufacture of your motherboard. The date or year of manufacture will help you tell how old your computer is.

Another Way

Another way is to start your computer in the BIOS mode to get the model details of the motherboard in your computer. This will not give you the model name etc but not the manufacture year. Search on google for finding manufacturing details using the serial number given here.

If not from inside the computer you will probably need to check the motherboard itself. The CMD window and sysinfo are one way but you might not always succeed with them. You might need to check the tag on the motherboard if you fail in above-mentioned methods.

The motherboard has the paper tag or sticker that have the manufacturing details or the serial number you need. Most of the hardware have this so if you need to tell how old your computer is you can go check them from your CPU itself.  Hardware components most have all the details you need to tell how old your computer is.


BIOS are just one way of getting a good idea of how old your computer is. This can be used to get a good idea of the details you need. The good thing is you can any time check the BIOS of the computer. To check the BIOS just start your computer and use Cortana or the windows search bar and search for ‘sysinfo’.

A window should open up just go to system information you need to tell how your computer is. You will be provided with the details you are trying to find in this window. This is just another way to how to tell how old your computer is.

Final Verdict

The computer will work just fine if it can run the latest software and isn’t outdated too much. Even for the high-end computers that are old, the new programs get hard to process. A newer computer with a lower price might be able to run things that an old expensive setup fails to run. It’s important that you don’t get an outdated computer.

To make sure of that you need to know how to tell how old the computer is. It’s possible to check the details on any of the product doesn’t matter what manufacturer it is from. Compared to the windows computer the details you collect for Apple products is much accurate. Mac is easy to find about how old it is just the serial number on it.

The windows computer, on the other hand, is a bit of work. This may or may not give you accurate details of how old the computer is. The custom computers are the hardest to tell how old your computer is. The whole setup by the company is quite easy to find out about.

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