How to Run Xcode on Windows without Virtualization [Full Guide]

run xcode on windows without virtualization

Xcode is an IDE or in simple words Integrated development environment. The terms suggest what it might be used for as it is a software application made used on MacOS for development of apps and software for iOS or MacOS. In this post, we will discuss how to run Xcode on Windows without Virtualization. But before we do that, let’s get some introduction to the terms we are using here.

All the different applications or software for including watchOS and tvOS can be developed using Xcode. Xcode was developed by Apple and was first launched in the year 2003.

Is it possible to get Xcode on Windows?

xcode on windows

The first release of Xcode was done to make the development of iOS or MacOS application and software cheaper and easier for developers. From the very beginning development of iOS and MacOS software and applications have been quite expensive. It was a good step by Apple to come up with such IDE but it was developed to work on MacOS itself.

The fact that buying a Mac is also an expensive deal it didn’t help much to everyone. Everyone has looked forward to using Xcode on Windows which is very much logical if the purpose was to help developers.

Through this article, we will be making it clear that is using Xcode possible on Windows and if it is how to run Xcode on Windows without virtualization.

The developers have different opinions on this topic of Xcode on Windows. Some of them believe that it is very unstable and not going to work on Windows. Another point is that Xcode has legal issues due to the term and conditions of Apple. The company has it as their own and it’s not really a good idea to make a copy of it or use it against the terms and conditions of it.

Requirements to get Xcode on Windows without Virtualization

It is very much possible to use Xcode on Windows by stimulating the MacOS. Different software is available for you to make it possible to run Xcode on Windows by virtualization. It is possible and we are going to explain it here step by step to make it possible for you to develop your own iOS or MacOS right on your Windows.

For getting started with the steps you need to take care of preinstallations and major and minor requirements. Your windows should be Windows 7/10 64 bits to make it work. For the virtualization process you will need to download software like VirtualBox. Here you are getting introduced to the nonvirtualization method so let’s get to it.

How to run Xcode on Windows without Virtualization?

For using Xcode on Windows 7/10 64 bits it’s better to use VMWare as it works perfectly with Windows 10. RAM should be more than or at least 4 Gb while the storage is at least supposed to be 80 GB. Any better Intel processor likes dual core. Follow the steps to make the Xcode work on Windows without Virtualization-

  • Get started by downloading the software named VMWare. Once download you have to open the installed applications on your device. Move to the application and make the right click on it to get the option of the run as administrator. Click on that option.

  • You will get into the application and select the ‘file’ to proceed further to next.

  • You will have to select a disc where the installation needs to be done. After you select the disc just select I will install the operating system later.

  • Once you are done with those steps you can select any operating system out of the options. In this case, you need MacOS as a guest operating system. This will allow you to have a MacOS system right on your windows.

  • Once you select the guest Operating system you can actually give it a name and select the location on your system where the whole system files will be saved.

  • You will have to choose disc size and then split the virtual disk.

  • On this step, you just have to go for the next and you will get into the MacOS. This lets you have the purpose served as you can now use Xcode right on your windows to develop any MacOS, iOS, watchOS application or software.

More about running Xcode on Windows

Professional development of application and software has higher demands and you need more than just Xcode to work on your Windows. Getting access to different services that are needed to make application and software professionally is not possible with this.

Forgetting the real experience with Xcode there are just other options for you and they will look to you like This-

  • Using software to use Xcode on Windows will not let you have all the services needed for professional development. You will just have to take Mac on rent for your work. Mac with Xcode installed on it will allow you to get services that are important for the development of iOS and MacOS softwares.

  • This is just the most temporary option for you and if you are looking forward to the professional development of MacOS application and software you will eventually have to take pay some money for your own Mac soon.

  • Another way for you is to take the leap into the development of application and software done by Apple itself. If you dig properly you will come to find that swift is used for this work. Just like other machine languages, swift is also a machine language. To make an application for Windows that is supposed to work on MacOS you will need swift for sure.

  • It is highly recommended that you learn Swift before you try anything like making the application work on Windows. Take help from different sources on the internet that will let you learn and run Swift as machine language.

Final Verdict

That was all for the Xcode running on Windows and hopefully, you got everything you needed. It was a step by step procedure to run the Xcode right on your own Windows system. The purpose is most likely served and this topic itself will only work for you if you gather enough information by yourself.

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