Here’s how to make Money with your Smartphone (Legit and Simple Ways)

make Money with your Smartphone

Technology has enabled many things and one of them is making money online. If you’re a college student or looking to put your mobile devices at work, here’s how you can make money with your Smartphone.

The maximum number of people in current times have their best communications with their smartphones. This tells you how immensely smartphones have affected human beings and their lives. A couple of decades ago, phones used to work only for calling purposes. Soon after, it started working with the internet, music, videos, camera as well. Over a period of time, it only kept on getting better & better. Imagine your life without a smartphone in your hand for an entire day? Most people would answer that there is no life. This is how far we have reached with the use of smartphones that have impacted our lives.

Make Money with your Smartphone

However, most people are using smartphones for meaningless purposes. But make no mistake about it when we tell you that Smartphones can provide you money as well, you just have to find a number of ways to do the same. Here are a few apps with the help of which you can earn money on your smartphone:- 

1. Ibotta

This is an application where you can buy groceries for yourself at regular intervals. Grocery items are needed almost on a daily basis. The more you buy the items, the more are your chances of earning a cashback. In fact, you can earn cashback time and again. When you check how much you shopped in a month, it will also let you know the cashback you have achieved in that given period. The cashback can either be used to buy more products or you can transfer it into your bank balance. The amount will be transferred through the medium of PayPal. 

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way of earning yourself some money. Here you have a lot of stuff to do. You can watch videos to get entertained. There are paid surveys conducted here where you can show your opinion. You can shop for some of the best things online. Each time you do any of such activities, you will earn some points. The more you visit Swagbucks, the better are your chances of earning some money. You just have to be consistent with the use of the platform. You get free gift cards which you can use on Amazon, Freecharge & PayPal. There are certain deals such as buying a certain membership in the bulk for a lower price. You can distribute the membership amongst the people who need it and earn some great income. 

3. UserTesting

The format of User Testing is different from other apps or websites featured on this list. While other websites require you to shop something from them and then you earn a cashback, UserTesting sets out different goals. You have to test apps or products through UserTesting. In every 20-minute session, you can receive an amount of up to $10. You will be required to analyze a couple of things. Once you give details back to the administration, they will pay you the amount within a week. The only problem here is that you wouldn’t be getting work on a regular basis here, use this app if you’re looking for a part-time job. 

4. Nielsen Digital Voice

Here’s a platform where you don’t have to make any effort. You just have to engage with the website and you will earn income at regular points. Although the earnings are not converted directly into cash, you can look for bigger prizes based on the points that you have earned. Nielsen Digital Voice basically tracks down your data and checks your behavioral pattern as a user. It will see what kind of apps you’re using and in which capacity you’re doing so. To be precise, it’s not a confirmation that you will earn money from here but there’s always going to be a chance. 

5. Pinecone Research

Product-testing is a tough job at hand. But if you can do it on a consistent basis even if you do very little of the job, there’s still a chance to earn a lot more. You can earn as much as $3 per survey. Even if you try to do a couple of surveys each day, there’s still a lot of income in hand. The balance is going to pile up and when you retrieve it, there’s a decent amount in hand. The company keeps on notifying about its new projects through emails. So there’s a high chance there are consistent mails coming through regarding the job. 

6. Foap

If you like photography and you can take good pictures as well, Foap is a great application for you. You can sell your pictures through the medium of Foap. The photos can be sold for $5 per piece. You just have to take some quality pictures. It’s not important that you use a DSLR to take these photos. The more important thing is that the pictures that you have taken serve some purpose. The better the quality, the more are your chances to earn something out of it. 

7. Depop

There are times when you buy items in a hurry and later realize that the products are not much of a use to you. It just piles up with many things here and there at your places. Not only is it completely useless but it occupies a lot of space in your room as well. Through Depop, you can sell all such things. Here, you have to set the price based on your choices. The app is going to charge you 10% out of the total amount on each sale. 

8. Bookscouter

This is something that most of the students can look to do. When a student has passed his exams and reached the next class, the books are not of any use to him. He is required to buy new books for the new class. Through Bookscouter, you can sell those textbooks and earn some income for yourself. It is not limited to just textbooks. You can sell any given book which you don’t need anymore. You can’t set the prices here as the app uses ISBN in order to set a price on its own. 

9. Amazon Flex

Deliver goods through the means of Amazon Flex and earn some money. You can earn in the range of $18 to $25 a day when you use Amazon Flex. There’s an important use of your smartphone since you have to download this app and check the deliveries that you have to make and reach the nearby Amazon store where you will get those items. It’s a pretty simple task which can earn you a lot of money although you have to constantly put yourself up physically. 

10. Decluttr

Decluttr is basically an old-school market. There are people across the globe that believe in nostalgia, they want to collect old things such as CDs, DVDs, Books, ornaments belonging to the past. If you have got things that can excite those people and don’t hold much of a value to you, Decluttr becomes a fantastic option. You just have to enter the barcode of the item on the application. This is best suited for CDs and DVDs. When Decluttr receives your item, they are going to pay you immediately through PayPal or direct deposit. There are not any commissions to be paid as well. 


Q1: Is there any other way than applications to earn money through the phone? 

The most popular ones to be used in this day & age are YouTube and Freelancing. But it will take you a lot of time before you finally start earning through both means. 

Q2: Is gambling online a good way of earning money? 

Gambling can earn you a huge sum time & again but the problem is that it is not ethical by any means. You might need a lot of money but there are better ways to do so than gambling. 

Q3: Is there any chance to sell my old textbooks and earn money? 

Yes, there’s a great chance to sell off your textbooks. You just have to make sure that your textbooks are well in shape and earning money would be easier by selling it off as there are many websites working specifically for the purpose.

Q4: What is the easiest way to fill your pockets up with money through smartphones? 

No-risk betting might just be the easiest way to earn money. It is not against the law and it just requires some presence of mind on your part in order to earn money. 

Q5: Do I need to have a very quality smartphone in order to earn money through it? 

No, you just have to use a smartphone. The point is, there are certain apps that can be used only through smartphones and earn you money. But you don’t need a high-performance smartphone to do so.

Conclusion: Make money from my Phone for free

Smartphones are supposed to be having certain uses but not many people know to earn avenues from it. When you start thinking about earning money through smartphones and actually end up doing it, everything takes place at the best of your comfort. It is important to know what you can do and then working towards the goal! 

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