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How Many People Can Watch Amazon Prime at Once?

amazon prime

Amazon Prime is an online streaming service through which you can stream popular internet contents directly on your devices. Amazon Prime offers you all the premium contents from TV series to Hollywood/Bollywood movies. Their streaming library includes a full season of exclusive TV series, Amazon Prime Original shows, Kids TV, Movies and much more. You may be wondering how many people can watch Amazon Prime at once so don’t panic we will explain all the points to you.

Prime membership gives Amazon shoppers advantages such as users are eligible for free one or two-day delivery on items which are fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon Prime is just like other popular streaming services like Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix but it is different in some ways. It provides you with early access to newly released movies or TV series and others can’t provide these features this fast. Amazon Prime provides you cheap plans and doesn’t even charges you more after you have activated a plan. You only need is a good internet connection and an Amazon Prime account with an action plan and you are good to go. Read the whole article to find out the exact Amazon Prime Device Limit.

How many users can watch Amazon Prime at once?

Amazon Prime is owned by Jeff Bezos and it’s a part of Amazon. It only features original content, unlike YouTube that will provide you with user-generated content. They believe in providing you with their original shows like Catastrophe, All or Nothing, Transparent and many more. Prime Video is a formidable service, and it connects you to the broader universe of Amazon products, including Echo. You can also buy films and series or add entire networks, such as Showtime and HBO.

how many people can watch amazon prime at once

Amazon Prime plans start at $12.99 per month and $119 for a year. If you want to buy a plan for a whole year so they even provide a free month trial so that you can decide that you want a subscription and it is worth your money or not. Amazon also offers a standalone Prime Video subscription option, which you can get for $8.99 per month. Amazon Prime offers a discount to students. they can buy an annual Prime Student membership at $59 per year.

In this article, we will explain how Prime video works and what are the benefits of it. We will also compare it to other online streaming services and the main topic that how many people can watch Amazon Prime at once.

Amazon Prime Plans provided to their users

It features only one subscription option which includes some ads. a cheap subscription which will show you advertisements while streaming. Plans start from $12.99 per month and they raise up to $119 per year.


This plan lets you watch all seasons of exclusive TV series, online episodes, classic hits, Prime Originals. Best of all movies, kids shows, and a lot more content with only some commercial interruptions. Which means it will show advertisements from different brands in the middle of streaming. Find Out how many devices can use amazon prime music at once. This Less Commercial Plans also provide you one-month free Prime subscription and many more premium features.

Price – $12.99 per month or $ 119 per year

You must be wondering about Amazon prime device limit India and here is our answer:

Prime Video supports a lot of devices from TVs to mobile devices to PC/laptops.

You can use Prime Video on the devices listed below.

  • Android Phones and tablets (Running 5.0 or newer)

  • iOS (iPhone or iPad)

  • Mac or Windows Browser

  • PC/Laptop

  • Android TV

  • TiVo

  • Samsung TVs and Blu – Ray Players

  • LG TVs and Blu – Ray Players

  • VIZIO TVs and Blu – Ray Players

  • Wii U

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

  • Apple TV

  • Google Chromecast

  • Roku

These devices which are listed above can stream the service but the question is that how many devices can I have on amazon prime video.

You can log in to your account via unlimited devices. But you can stream up to three titles at the same time using the same Amazon account according to its rules and regulations. You can stream the same title to no more than two devices at a single time.

Some users reported that they can stream to more than 3 devices at a time but we don’t know how accurate is it.

Amazon Prime Device Limit

Here is the answer to Amazon Prime how many users can stream at once. You can log in to unlimited devices at once but can only watch one video at a time. If a download option is available for any Prime video, you’re limited to saving it to four devices.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix vs Hulu

amazon prime vs netflix

Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix are almost the same and their work is to stream online movies or TV shows for you. the main question occurs that which is the best for you?

Netflix’s basic plan starts from $8 and goes to $14 for a full premium plan for a month. the basic plan will show you standard quality content in only one device at a time. The standard plan allows you to watch Netflix on two devices at a time in High Definition. The Premium plan allows you to watch Movies or TV shows in HD + Ultra HD on four screens simultaneously without any interruptions.

Hulu has basically two subscriptions. First one is a Limited Commercial Plan which allows you to watch all its Movies and TV Series but it will show some ads in between. The second one is a No Commercial Plan which has all the same features which the first plan has but it won’t interrupt you while streaming with any type of ads because this subscription is totally ads free.

Finally our Amazon Prime, The best thing about Prime is that they have one-day free shipping on ordering via Amazon. It also includes the Amazon Music subscriptions which allow you unlimited Music streaming. It costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year with 30 days free trial.

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