Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards (2022)

Check out the working ways to get Free Xbox Gift Cards!

Gift cards are one of the most popular presents, especially during the holiday season. Gift cards allow the recipient of the gift the freedom to choose something that he or she really needs or wants. So you can use one gift card for a wide variety of goods and products. Xbox gift cards are a popular choice for gift cards as they are extremely easy to redeem with a huge amount of options on how to redeem them. 

But the real problem comes when we have to find free Xbox gift cards. Finding free Xbox gift cards is not an easy task. Though you might find many sites offering free Xbox codes or they have free code generators, most of them do not work. But in this article, you will find some sure-shot ways of getting free Xbox gift cards. We will also tell you some of the best ways and places for spending your free Xbox gift cards in this article.

Free Xbox Gift Cards

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Some of the Best Places To Find Free Xbox Gift Cards

We are presenting some of the best ways to get a code for a free Xbox gift card and for every item we will also tell you how it works and how much money you can earn through them.

1. Survey Junkie

One of the most popular paid survey sites on the web is Survey Junkie. For each activity on this site, you can earn up to 50 USD. Though you do not get free Xbox gift cards directly through Survey Junkie, you can easily cash them out into your Paypal account. You can then use that money to buy Xbox gift card codes. Due to the high payout it offers, it has made it to our list of sites to find free Xbox gift cards.

    • You need to register with your email and you must be above 13 years of age and be a resident of the US, UK, or Canada. A new joiner gets 25 points as a signup bonus.
    • Even if you do not qualify for a survey, Survey Junkie still pays you some amount which makes it so popular and unique.
    • The amount you earn varies from activity to activity so we suggest you stick to surveys that are high-paying.
    • The tasks are small and simple.
    • You can request direct payments to your PayPal account and utilize that money to buy Xbox gift card codes.

2. Swagbucks 

Another extremely popular website, Swagbucks has millions of members getting paid for various tasks like taking surveys, trying new apps, watching videos, discovering stuff online, shopping online, and many more. It might sound too good to be true, but all these opportunities are 100% legitimate. 

    • You can join Swagbucks for free.
    • Once you sign up, you gain access to all Swagbucks offers right away.
    • You need to go through the website to pick up tasks you would like to complete.
    • The rewards you get upon completion of tasks are in the form of Swagbucks or SB.
    • The duration of the task and a few other factors determine how much SB you earn for a given task. 
    • The value of each SB is around 0.01 USD.
    • You can exchange the SBs you earn for free Xbox gift card codes, free VISA gift cards, and other options in denominations of 10, 15, and 25 USD.
    • Additionally, you can get a three-month Xbox Live gold membership for 2500 SB and 12-month membership for 5000 SB.

3. PointClub 

This website has a solid reputation as a market research firm. Users complete surveys by giving honest answers and opinions and earn points. The site will let you know how much time each survey will take and also how many points you can earn with it. 

    • On average you can earn anywhere between 200 to 2000 points. 
    • It is easy to rack up points with this site because at a time dozens of surveys are available. 
    • As a new user, you get a bonus of 6000 points after you complete your first survey.
    • There is also a 10-level bonus system where you get paid if you log into the site for many consecutive days in a row. You can earn anywhere between 10 to 100 percent bonus per survey.
    • The redemption options on Pointclub are as follows:
      • For 25,000 points you get 25 USD worth of free Xbox gift cards.
      • For 50,000 points you get 50 USD worth of free Xbox gift cards.

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4. InBoxDollars

This is a GPT (Get Paid To) app and website which works a lot like Swagbucks. Since it started in 2000, InBoxDollars have paid more than 50 million USD in rewards to its users. This small task website is definitely one of the best and signing up or using the site is extremely easy. 

    • Every task or survey is worth a set amount of money. Surveys mostly pay between 0.25 to 1.25 USD.
    • Some of the paid tasks include opening emails, referring new members, taking polls, watching videos, using the InboxDollars search engine, signing up for trial offers, and many more.
    • Just for signing up, you get 5 USD and for each referral, you get 10% of their earnings.
    • You need to earn 30 USD after which you can request payments from the InBoxDollars’ app or website.
    • You can get free Xbox gift cards if you meet the 30 USD minimum goal.

5. LifePoints 

For completing small tasks and taking surveys, Lifepoints company rewards you with a certain number of Lifepoints. They have surveys in 16 different languages and their user base is huge with more than 5 million members.

    • If you become a Life Points panelist, you can answer questions or complete tasks and earn Lifepoints for your effort.
    • You can redeem Life points for cash prizes.
    • Apart from surveys, Life Points offers other modes of earning Lifepoints like tracking consumer behavior and product testing.
    • You can earn between 0.5 to 1 USD for every survey you complete.

6. Vindale Research 

This is a survey company that gives you 1 USD as a sign-up bonus. Once you sign up you have complete access to the Vindale platform which has an unlimited number of surveys to take.

    • You will make money in the form of PayPal cash which you can use to buy free Xbox gift cards.
    • Vindale has a payment schedule of twice a month and you need to request a payout to get paid.
    • You must ensure that you are checking your balance regularly so that you can request a payout once you reach the minimum threshold of 50 USD.
    • Vindale also has a referral program where you get straight 5 USD for each referral. This amount goes straight to your balance and helps you reach your minimum amount for a faster payout.

7. Ipsos i-say 

Ipsos i-say started in 1975 as a market research firm and now they continue their research work via online medium. The company seeks the opinions of users on brands, products, and other things.

    • Surveys are of different lengths and payout is based on the duration of the survey.
    • Users get email invitations to take surveys. On average a user on Ipsos gets around eight invitations every month.
    • You get a specific number of i-say points after finishing each survey. On average a survey pays anywhere between 45 and 90 i-say points. Some of the surveys can also give you 100 to 200 points but they are rare.
    • If you complete paid surveys you get a bonus in the form of i-Say points.
    • For completing five surveys you get 25 i-Say points, for ten surveys you get fifty points, and so on.
    • The loyalty bonus system goes up to six hundred points for completing two hundred surveys.
    • The worth of 100 iSay points in money is 1 USD.

8. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel enjoys an impressive history and has given more than 16 million USD as a prize since 2007. PrizeRebel users are growing at a rapid rate and currently, it has more than 8 million users.

    • There are plenty of paid surveys available at this site.
    • You can also get rewarded for completing special offers or watching videos on this site.
    • Every survey on PrizeRebel has a set amount of points and they can be 10 minutes duration to 106 minutes. 
    • The average time you would take to finish one survey on PrizeRebel varies between 10 to 30 minutes and get paid anywhere between 60 to 200 points.
    • If you refer new users, you get 60% of their earnings into your account.
    • The free Xbox gift cards from PrizeRebel are obtained as follows:
      • For 1000 points you get a free Xbox gift card worth 10 USD.
      • For 1500 points you get a free Xbox gift card worth 15 USD.
      • For 2500 points you get a free Xbox gift card worth 25 USD.

9. CashPirate

This is a well-known smartphone app famous for being unique and fun. You would earn money on this app by playing smartphone games and downloading game applications. 

    • As secondary money-making tasks, you can take surveys, complete quick tasks, and watch videos.
    • For each game or task, you get Pirate coins. For example, you can get 50 Pirate points by just downloading and starting an app.
    • If you download and also interact with a game app you might land up with 300 Pirate coins or even more.
    • If you use a referral code to sign up with CashPirate, you get 500 free Pirate coins as a bonus.
    • You will also get a certain percentage of the earnings of the people you refer.
    • The gift cards and gift code options of CashPirate are not disclosed publicly but as per many reviews, there are plenty of options for cashing out your Pirate coins.
    • To request payment from CashPirate you need a minimum balance of 2500 points.

10. FeaturePoints 

FeaturePoints is another GPT website and app, but with a slight difference. Users get money here for downloading and using apps. 

    • You will get paid for using an app for just two minutes.
    • There is no limit to the number of apps you can download and you can also delete the apps once you are done with them.
    • You get paid for completing surveys also and have cashback offers.
    • Each task you complete on FeaturePoints has a different amount associated with it.
    • For downloading apps, users of FeaturePoints say that their earnings are in the range of 20 to 150 points.
    • As per reviewers, some of the surveys are worth 200 points and lengthy ones can pay around 4000 points too.
    • For every person you refer to FeaturePoints, you earn 50% of their earnings.
    • For 6000 points you can get a free Xbox gift card worth 10 USD on FeaturePoints.

11. AppNana 

This is an app for smartphones that pays you to download and use game apps. One outstanding feature of AppNana is that it gives you free access to those games that otherwise you would need to pay for.

    • Every time you download and use an app you get points called Nana points.
    • To get a few extra nana points, you can even watch videos on this app.
    • For each app you download and use, the number of nana points differs. The amount of nana you earn depends on how much you need to interact with the app.
    • From user reviews, we know that downloading and using an app can pay anywhere between 1000 to 6000 Nanas.
    • You can get a free Xbox gift card on AppNana as follows:
      • Xbox gift card worth 10 USD if you have 160,000 Nanas.
      • Xbox gift card worth 15 USD if you have 210,000 Nanas.
      • Three months subscription if you have 330,000 Nanas.

12. FreeMyApps 

This one is another app that pays you when you download apps and interact with other apps. The level of interaction can vary from mere 30 seconds of interaction to a deeper and longer duration.

    • Before downloading an app, you will see the payment amount for that app and other requirements to earn. You can select the apps that suit you.
    • For every app you download and interact with, you get a certain amount of credits.
    • From user reviews, we have gathered that FreeMyApps gives its users anywhere between 20 to more than 300 credits per app.
    • You also get credits for referring a new user to the FreeMyApps app.
    • The cashout options for FreeMyApps are as follows:
      • As per recent reviews, FreeMyApps gives away free Xbox live gift cards worth 15 USD, though this is not listed officially anywhere on the site.
      • As per user reviews, 1500 credits are worth 5 USD.

So, Where and How Do I Use by Free Xbox Gift Card

Gifting a gamer a free Xbox gift card would be a dream come true for him or her. You could buy the latest games, TV shows, map packs, music, and much more with a gift card.

  1. Redeeming the Gift Code: The easiest way to redeem your Xbox gift card is to go to the official Microsoft website where you can also check your MS account balance (redeem.microsoft.com).
  • You would need to sign in with your MS account and then the website would prompt you to enter the code. The code is located on the reverse side of your Xbox gift card.
  • If the card was sent to you digitally then you would find a link in the email which will allow instant redemption. You could also find the code somewhere in the text of the email.
  • Once you enter the gift code, the amount gets credited to your MS account.
  • The amount can be used to buy stuff from either the physical retail store or you could buy via online digital stores across Xbox and Windows.
  1. Ways to Spend Your Xbox Gift Card: Whether you have an Xbox gift card or MS gift card, both work the same way i.e. they add funds to your MS account which can be used to buy things from retail or online stores across MS and Xbox. Things you can buy include numerous video games, movies, and TV shows, video game add-ons and DLC, hardware like PCs, consoles, and laptops, accessories like keyboards, headsets, controllers, etc. You could even buy a subscription with your gift cards such as Xbox live gold and Xbox Game Pass. Below are some of the top picks for wisely utilizing your free Xbox gift card:
    • The best Xbox games – The most obvious and natural way to spend your Xbox gift card is to purchase some of the fantastic Xbox games. You can buy thousands of incredible games from MS Store across Xbox series S, the Xbox One Family, Xbox series X, and PC devices. You will also find a wide selection of OG Xbox titles and Xbox 360 in the store that works through backward compatibility. You could also buy Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and PC Game Pass with a gift card. Getting any of these passes will give you instant access to a ton of high-quality games for one monthly subscription. 
    • MS movies and TV service – Xbox are not just about games but you can also get to watch from the massive selection of high-quality movies and TV service of MS. You can buy anything available through movies and TV service with your Xbox gift card which includes renting or purchasing movies. Whatever you buy will show up in MS movies and TV apps on Windows and Xbox.
    • Credit on hardware and accessories – Your gaming experience is enhanced in many notches if you have accessories that upgrade and compliment your game. These accessories allow you to hear and communicate better or store more of the many games that you buy with your gift card. Another way to use your Xbox gift card is to turn them into credits which can be used to get discounts on the MS store. 


Q1. Do Xbox gift cards work in only specific regions?

Ans 1. Yes, Gift cards are in local currency. This means they will work only in a country that has the same currency. For example, you can use EU Xbox gift cards only in Euro countries.

Q2. Can I use Xbox gift cards for Xbox Live?

Ans 2. Yes, you can use your Xbox gift card to buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription. You just need to top up your MS account balance with your Xbox gift card and then select your gift card balance as the method of payment while making purchases.

Q3. Is there an expiry date on Xbox gift cards?

Ans 3. No, Xbox gift cards do not expire and have lifetime validity. Hence it is a perfect gift for your friends or family who own an Xbox console.

Q4. Do we need to activate an Xbox gift card?

Ans 4. No, the Xbox gift cards are automatically activated at the time of buying them. Once you receive the code in your email, you can directly redeem it.

Q5. What is the format of the Xbox gift card?

Ans 5. Xbox gift cards are 25 characters long. The characters are alphanumeric which means there are both letters and digits in the code. The code follows a 5X5 format i.e. there are five blocks of five characters in the code.

Q6. How can I redeem my Xbox code on Xbox 360?

Ans 6. Follow the procedure outlined below to redeem your Xbox gift card on Xbox 360:

  • Sign in with your MS account (the one you want to redeem the code with) to your Xbox 360 account.
  • On your controller press the button “Xbox Guide.”
  • From the next set of options choose “Games and Apps” and then select “Redeem Code.”
  • It is now time to enter the 25 characters of your Xbox gift card code which is either in your inbox or printed on the reverse side of the Xbox gift card.
  • Now just follow the prompt to redeem the code.

Concluding: Free Xbox Gift Cards Codes

You have seen many ways in which you can get your free Xbox gift card which is an apt gift for a gamer. With the Xbox gift card you can buy games, accessories, movies, and TV shows.  The Xbox card can be used to top up your MS account balance and that balance can then be used to buy items from the MS store or Xbox store

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