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How to Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error in Google Chrome


Internet browsers are very good but not perfect and you might have to Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Google Chrome browser if you go online frequently on your Windows PC.

Before trying to fix net::err_empty_response error, users are recommended to find the cause of the error. These methods are there to fix particular causes of occurrence of an error. If any cause of the error that is not covered in this article happens to be the problem these methods will not work for you.

Most people nowadays surf the web on their smartphones so it is not uncommon to see ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on Android devices.We will be explaining the 6 simple methods to fix the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error of Google Chrome browser.

Each of the methods works for the different cause of error so again please try to find the reason for its occurrence on your device before trying each of them.

Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error in Google Chrome

The methods will be well explained and step by step instructions will be provided with each to not leave you aimless with half knowledge of what you are supposed to do. None of the methods will be interfering with your data or causing any degradation to your computer’s performance.

1. Clearing Browser Cache


Browser’s cache is the reason for a lot of error and bugs. Clearing cache is used for all the different type of errors on may apps and devices as well. When an error arises due to reason that browser can’t clean the cache by itself clearing the browser cache can fix the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error.

Follow the steps to clear your browser’s cache

  • Launch the browser and go for its settings.

  • Once in the settings of browser scroll down to the advanced button and click on it.

  • You are in the advanced settings of the browser at the stage. A clear browsing data option will be available on the screen click on it.

  • Option to select a time range of clearing browsing data can also be found to clear from the beginning of time. Other data like the below can also be selected.

    – Browsing history.

    – Cookies and other site data.

    – Downline history.

    – Cached images and files.

  • Shortcut to the clear cache can also be used to go to clear browsing tab using Ctrl+Shift+Del shortcut.

Once you have followed the steps you have cleared the browser’s cache and if the cause of the error was unclean cache your error won’t occur again after you relaunch the Google Chrome browser. The method is only working for users that have cache causing ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error.

2. Resetting Network Settings

Network settings on your PC can be the cause of the error as well. To get rid of this error you will have to reset the network settings on your PC. Resetting the network settings will set all the defaults back on your system so it will work as if you are starting fresh with your computer.

Follow the steps to reset your network settings on your computer to fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error on your Google Chrome browser.

  • Make your PC run and click on start to get the search bar. Search for CMD on your computer.

  • Now right click on the command prompt.

  • You will have to run the command prompt as administrator.

  • After you are into command prompt you will have to type the following commands in it.

netsh int ip set DNS
netsh Winsock reset

 Enter these commands one by one and once you are done with it restart your computer. Once you are done with this method your error is probably gone if the cause of error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE was network settings.

3.  Clearing Temp Files Of the PC

Temp files on your computer can also be the reason for the occurrence of ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error on Google Chrome browser. To fix this we will have to get rid of these temp files. Follow the given steps to clear temp files of your PC.

  • Launch your computer and use shortcut Win+R and type CMD this will let you enter to command prompt window.

  • Once you are in command prompt window type in Cleanmgr.

  • A new dialog box will appear on your screen with yes and no options. Tap on yes option.

  • A new box will appear where you need to select the Temp files. Once you select TEMP files tap enter.

After you followed the steps you need to restart the computer. Go check the browser if ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error is still there. If the cause of ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error was temp files of your PC the error is probably gone.

4.  By Using A VPN

The error can occur due to the unavailability of the webpage in a particular region. This can be when a website is blocked for a region and servers don’t send data to you. It is quite easy to deal with such a problem. You can use any VPN to make the website work.

  • Look for any VPN that you like and download and install it on your computer or device.

  • It’s easy to use VPN software and once you have installed VPN you just have to launch it and connect to its servers. Different countries are available on the VPN to connect to one where the webpage is not blocked.

  • Once you are connected you should be able to access the web pages.

The cause of ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error should be blocked webpage for a region to use this method. It will surely work if the issue is blocked webpage for your region. If any other reason for your error this method will not help.

5.  By Removing The Interfering Extensions

Google Chrome supports a lot of extensions. It’s natural for users to have different extensions added to the browser for different reasons. Any of the Extensions on your browser and software can be the cause of the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error on your Google Chrome browser. To fix it you will have to remove the extension itself from the browser.

It can be a bit of trouble to find the extension that is causing it from many added extensions on your browser. Follow the steps to remove the extension from your browser to fix the error. If you have important and useful extensions you can get them back after following the given steps.

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser and you will see the three dots on it. These three dots will let you access more options.

  • Once you click on the dots you will be into menu l. Scroll down to more tools.

  • In more tools, you will be able to see the extension option.

  • Once you follow the steps you will see all the extensions on your browser. Disable each of them manually.

After you disable them all relaunch the browser and see if the error is gone or not. This should be working in a case where the extension is the root cause of the error. To check which one of the extensions it was you can enable each extension one by one to find the particular cause. Just make sure to get rid of the extension that was causing the error and add back all the other extensions if you want to.

6.  By Upgrading The Drivers

Drivers of your computer are very important for all the functions including your internet browsing. The error can occur due to outdated drivers of your computer. To fix it you will have to upgrade the drivers if you have old and outdated drivers. Just download and upgrade the drivers to fix the ERR_EMPTY_RESONSE error. Follow the steps to fix the error.

  • Start your computer and look for the Driver easy software. You can download it from any website. Download it and install on your PC.

  • Once installed launch Driver easy. You will find a scan now option. Start the scan.

  • Once the scan is complete your drivers are shown on screen and you get the option to update drivers or download drivers option.

  • You just have to update them manually.

When you see that the drivers are upgraded, you should be good to go. Restart your computer and check if ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error is still there. If the cause was outdated drivers of your computer then the error will probably go away.

All these methods were not much trouble and any person with basic knowledge can try them to solve the error. The error can be troublesome if the cause of the error is anything that is not listed above. If none of these work the root cause of the error is not listed either. Cause of error can be anything and it is not quite possible to keep track of them all.

Do try these if you have any of the listed problems on your computer and it will most probably work for you.


We hope you found a way to Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Google Chrome of your PC after reading our article. It’s not a big deal to get errors while using the internet or any app/software. Everyone comes across errors and bugs all the time and it’s important to understand that each error can be solved.

To fix any error you need to know the cause of it before you start fixing it. Different reasons and malfunction can cause errors. For fixing any error you should check the cause as mentioned again and again through the article so before trying the methods it’s recommended to find the source.

Hopefully, you know all about the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error of Google chrome and are aware of the methods to fix it without having any trouble.

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