20 Easy Things To Draw For Beginners

easy things to draw for beginners

Drawing is an art and most of us are usually have a default interest in it. There are some Easy Things to Draw that you can learn quickly as a beginner and learn how to make your drawing better.

As a kid, we are given classes of drawing to develop creativity and imagination. It has also been one of the most basic ways of expressing thoughts. Even incident places and caves have drawings made years ago. It is easy for anyone to make drawing even though some might find it hard. There is a way of doing things and the same goes for drawing.

Easy Things To Draw For Beginners

You have to start with basic drawing steps and easy drawing ideas that will help you understand the fundamentals. Not everyone gets a teacher of the class to learn the basics but you can also give a try by yourself. In this article, there is an introduction to some easy things you can draw as a beginner. There are a lot of drawing techniques that you can try by yourself to become a better artist.

After you have learned the basic form of drawing you understand the true nature of drawing. The widely used methods will be mentioned in this article that can be drawn by you as a beginner. You drawing skills will be better once you start things at your own level. Each method is different from others and you can try them without any equipment. These help you develop drawing skills without taking any classes:

Horizontal and vertical lines

easy things to draw for beginners

As they might seem like normal lines but these are widely used in drawing. You will always be using them at a different level when it comes to drawing. Drawing includes a lot of imagination and ideas that come from the real world.

Horizontal and vertical lines are not easy if you make them at once as they are not perfectly straight. Try making lines and designs that involve horizontal and vertical lines.


Hatching is a form of shading and you will know it better than shading is a beautiful form of drawing. These are lightly or densely drawn in a parallel way in sketches. It is used in a lot of comics and magazines to make attractive drawings that as sketch-like.

Parallel lines can be thick or thin and densely drawing within your sketch or drawing. You will only need a pen or pencil to work on this form if drawing just uses your hand swiftly.

Cross-hatching and straight hatching

To start drawing as a beginner you can try cross and straight hatching. These are the same as hatching but the type is different and you have to make interacting and straight parallel lines. This shading will make your drawing colorful without using colors.

This is more useful if your drawing is not shaded enough by simple hatching. The parallel lines are made the same way but involve more crossing to look dense.

Different kind of lines

In a drawing, you will always have to use lines of different types and this includes bold and thin lines. Different grade of the pencil also is a different type of lines and you should try them all. Each of the lines come in use of different drawing types. The lines can be of a lot of types and you can possibly use them all for drawing.


Smudging is another type of shading used in drawing to give details all over a sketch. This is really very useful if you are able to understand how to use it. The sketch can be more expressive and toned by smudging.

It can be seen in all the shaded drawings that don’t involve coloring. All the sketches involve smudging and you will never have a better sketch than one with smudging.


Blending is another type of shading that is used to make a transition between two shades or colors. The toning of shades in drawing and sketches are always used. You can start with it as a beginner to make your drawing better and more expressive.

It’s not possible to make a sketch look good with the same density of shading and you need to transit between them. You can only master drawing with blending if you want to make shades all over them.


Stippling is quite a work but for a beginner, it is easy as you don’t have to worry about the mistake. This involves drawing using dots that are densely made. It can be used to make a drawing that doesn’t involve lines but still is a sharp work of art.

It has the same use as shading and can be done with colors or black sketch. The dot size can differ according to your work and you can make even landscape and sketches with it.

Symmetrical and geometrical

Drawing at basic can be best learned by making shapes. Shapes that are symmetrical are easy to make and you can use instruments and stationery to make them. These involve shapes that we learn in maths geometry and symmetrical shapes that can be 2d and 3d.

Make complex drawings with symmetrical and geometrical shapes to get neat and clean drawings. You can fill colors in them or shade them as you like. Observe and draw Observe and draw is just as easy as it says.

You can make anything that sees every day. Small and large things that you observe can be turned into a drawing. Everything

Observe and draw

Observe and draw is just as easy as it says. You can make anything that sees every day.

Small and large things that you observe can be turned into a drawing. Everything that is real and even the unreal things can be made out by you from just observation.

Box method

In drawing a lot of methods are possible to draw and box drawing is one of them. Box method can be used by you to make anything all you have to do is keep the boundaries in it.

This method lets you have control of your drawing area. The drawing using box method is neater and you will not really miss the details.

Outlines and contours

Outlines and contours are basically just a way of making your drawing with a structure. You use lines to make an outline for your drawing. It is a basic structure that you work on for making a perfect and complete drawing. This further needs more work and details to turn into an actual work of art.

Stick figures

These are just one of the cool and easy drawing you can do as a beginner. You don’t need any experience in drawing or a lot of practice for this one. We make a stick like a figure that makes the shape of the character.

Just imagine how sticks would look like if you attach them for a model. It is a simple and faster form of drawing that requires the least equipment and skills.


Perspective is not really a beginner thing but at an easier level, you can do it to understand the 3d drawing. This method of drawing is a form of drawing you make of images on a surface for representation as you can see. It is complex but beautiful to make perspective if you understand what you see.

Time gesture drawing

Time gesture drawing involves you making a drawing of any model or figure that have a physical appearance. In this drawing, you have a model with poses or motion that are taken within a short time. The time duration can be a few seconds or minutes in which a motion of model happens.


It’s a very primary step to let drawing your own hands or someone’s hands. Hands are one part we use for drawing and it’s easy to draw them any time. Hands don’t have a complex structure but can help you develop drawing skills.


While drawing you have to use a lot of stationery products and these are common around you. For you to draw any stationary is much easier due to their physical appearance and more involvement in work. A lot of stationeries like pen pencils, box, etc are always in contact with you and you can draw them for starting your drawing.


Cartoons are drawing themselves and you can easily try making them by looking at them or by yourself. You can even make your own cartoons at any time. Cartoons are the best representation of imagination. They can be in any form so it makes things easier for you in all possible ways.


Trees and nature are easy to make and you can always make a tree. These can be complex and simple in the form so you can draw according to your level of skills. Colorful and black and white forms both are possible for you to draw.

A beginner can use it as a first step towards art or learn how to make a complex form of drawing. Leaves and branches from the tree are a possible idea for making beautiful drawings. Tree with shades and all the different form if the drawing is possible for making a tree. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods while drawing a tree and it will be really easy and interesting for you.


The bottle is a type of product that has a simple shape and minimum design but can be made easily. You are mostly in the close range of a bottle that is on table or kitchen so it’s easy to imagine it as well. You can try to make a cylindrical bottle or old school kid water bottles that are a bit more shaped and designed.


Doodling is a common yet interesting form of drawing that allows you to have more imagination and creativity. This involves lines and shapes you make which are further detailed. It is the development of a complete work of art from just simple lines or shapes that is done by you. Coloring or shading can also be possible in doodling.


These were different methods and things you can try by yourself even as a beginner without having professional tools and experience. These methods are primary steps of drawing that you teach a beginner student that is learning drawing as the subject.

Some of the methods might seem hard to you but these are the basic form of drawing and things cannot be easier for you. Once you have learned how to work with this form of drawing you will find that your drawings are more expressive.

Drawing is all about expression and creativity showing your ideas through pictures. This was a collection of different things you can draw as a beginner to develop a neat and appreciable skill in drawing and sketching. Thank you for reading do imply the methods in your drawings to find how it will develop your drawing skills

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