Dragon Ball Z Kakarot first mod adds Ultrawide 21:9 monitor support

The first ever proper mod for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been released by WT3WD. It mod removes the irritating black bars from the screen and gaming interface in ultrawide resolution and has fixed the FOV. So it is good news for gamers with 21:9 monitors.

Some screenshots were relaesed by WT3WD to exhibit the new improvements.The game is running smoothly in ultra wide resolutions and the HUD icons are also not disturbing the whole experience.

The Ultrawide Fix mod for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can be downloaded from https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonballzkakarot/mods/1?tab=files

Another mod that removes some HUD elements when one is fighting enemies can also be found. From about three options, any one can be selected or combined according to whatever strategy one prefers.

No Battle Damage Values:

It removes the number shown on the character when hitting them.

No Target Crosshair:

It removes the target crosshair indicating the  enemy locked.

No Finish Text:

This removes the FINISH text displayed when playing in slow-motion at the end of the combat.

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