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41+ Cool DIY Gadgets To Build That Are Fun and Easy

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Tech is always an interesting thing and geeks always look for new stuff. It is an old thing to search and read about techy stuff and now geeks have more access to tech. Things are available for lower prices and geeks can actually make things by themselves. In this article, we will be listing some great DIY gadgets to build for geeks. So let’s start with the introduction.

What Does DIY Mean?

DIY in words simply means Do It Yourself. In technical reference, it means fixing, creating, and changing etc that you do by yourself without any professional assistance or supervision. Geeks would love to make things by themselves and not just watch videos or read about them. Not everything is easy to make by yourself but there is a long list of DIY gadgets for geeks to build.

This term DIY is related to building and arts or craft and is used for many years now just the relation to tech is new. That was enough of the intro now let’s get into the good stuff you probably are looking for. Here is a list of 40+ epic DIY gadgets to build that are cool and fun.

List of 41+ Cool DIY Gadgets To Build


  • Pandora Radio Client

cool diy gadgets

Make yourself a simple wifi radio that supports the Pandora included with different features of a browser client. this is one of the crazy DIY gadgets to build for geeks.


  • Portal  “ Pillar Button”

cool things to draw

It is one of the portable based DIY gadgets to build for geeks. This gadget is a cool looking light you can use indoor for your monitor side or any other setup.


  • PVC pipe clock

PVC pipe is easy to get and this gadget is just easy to make. This is one of the DIY gadgets to build for geeks to get a clock out of the PVC pipe. this clock is useful for a compact and useful yet creative indoor decorative clock. You will love it and customize it as you wish.


  • Remote shutter

This is one of the cool DIY gadgets to build for geeks if they like taking pictures and love photography. This is useful while taking pictures if you want to keep your device stable. It can be made wired or wirelessly if you want it to work from a distance. An infrared trigger is needed for making it work wirelessly. make yourself a remote-controlled camera.


  • Scratch resistant protector

Screen protectors are important these days for all devices and this is a simple one of DIY gadgets to build for geeks. Make a vinyl screen protector yourself rather than buying a ready made one and cut it to fit your screen. This is cheaper and than the ones you buy from the market.


  • World clock

This one is an Arduino version of world clock that you can build by yourself. World clocks are cool and you probably would loving working on one and this one of the perfect DIY gadgets to build for geeks. Its a good piece of work you can use for interior decoration and show off. Things like this can always work as a gift as it is unique and fun.


  • Mechanical Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is an interesting game and if you think about it the mechanical design of the same would be cool. A DIY of mechanical Donkey Kong in mechanical design is mesmerizing to see and can be something good for decoration as well as the game. Try it if you are a fan of Donkey Kong.


  • Turn your old device into a dedicated VOIP device

VOIP is a cool thing and anyone would like to have it as a backup. Now turn your old mobile phone into one dedicated VOIP device. You will be happy to have a device other than your personal device that can be used in case of emergency or anything.


  • Solar USB charger

This one is a bit expensive if you work on it but this one is also useful for its price. A charger working with solar power is a lifesaver in all ways and can’t be any better.


  • Wireless internet radio from an old router


Old routers are pretty much useless as they are either outdated or not working for you. You can do a DIY gadget building out of the old router to make a wireless radio that works with the internet. A USB sound card and a particular type of router are needed for this type of DIY gadgets to build for geeks.


  • Battery charging wind turbine from the CPU fan

Old pc fans are useless but there is something epic you can make out of it. Power from a wind turbine is not something new but at a smaller level, it’s practically cool. CPU fan can be used for making a wind turbine powerful enough to charge the batteries you use.


  • Nintendo controller light switch

The whole Nintendo is full of stuff you can use as DIY gadgets to build for geeks and you can make a light switch out of it.


  • Book Scanner from an old projector

Old projectors are a piece of junk if you look into them but these are useful to you now. Books are important but it said that they are hard to preserve so we need to keep them digitalized. A scanner can be made out of an old projector by you to scan books.


  • Light up and talking potatOs

A portal 1 and 2 game is another type of DIY gadgets to build for geeks. This can talk and light up as well making it a cool project to work on.


  • Portal gun

A copy of the portable gun is one of the cool DIY gadgets to build for geeks. it can be used for show or for things like cosplay.



  • Steampunk flashlight

Regular flashlights are just regular and you need something more than that. as a geek, you can always work on things like flashlights superior to other lights. You can make a steampunk flashlight that is better than usual light and you don’t have to worry about it light out time. the flashlight will is cooler than average ones and you will like this DIY gadget.


  • Speaker

Speakers are interesting and everyone wants to know how they work. Make a speaker by yourself as a DIY gadget. The things you will learn while making it will surely be useful for you in the future.


  • Diamond block wall lamp from Minecraft

The diamond block wall lamp is cool showpiece if you are a Minecraft fan. just make a DIY gadget that will lit up your room or hall anywhere you install it. Make something you will always be proud of every time you look at it.


  • Retrofit an NES “duck hunt” Zapper with a ridiculously powerful lazer


A lot of NES DIY projects are available for DIY projects but a lazer is above all. Make a lazer for yourself keeping in mind that this is a dangerous gadget.


  • Multiple device charger

Everyone has more than one device they have to use all day and need to charge them every day. Sometimes the mounts feel less and for that, you can now make a DIY gadget that can charge more than one device at once.


  • Steampunk lightsaber

A lightsaber of your own is the type of epic DIY you need. you can turn your old flashlights into a lightsaber.


  • Arduino Powered “ButtonHero” game

Make your own game using Arduino using lights and wires. be fast and accurate enough and don’t lose to your own game


  • R/C steam turbine tank

Turbine might be old fashioned but an R/C steam turbine tank is a completely different story. This DIY gadget works on steam and is a beast on its own.


  • Emergency solar powered radio

Radios might have been old fashioned but you can always try making cool DIY gadgets with it. Make some time for a solar powered radio that will work in an emergency using solar emergency.


  • Megaman costume

Making things for yourself is okay but making cool things for kids is the best. Make a costume with some colorful lights in it for your kid. This DIY won’t cost you much but will be fun to work on.


  • Lobsterbot- a simple LM386 based robot

Geek that is not interested in robots is just lame and this DIY is perfect for a person interested in robotics. make a small robot by yourself by taking the tutorials.


  • NES Computer

NES that is useless for you can be used for this DIY project and you surely shouldn’t start with a working useful NES. Turn the useless or not working NES into a useful device or computer.


  • Retro Futuristic Nixie Tube Geiger Counter

This is a cool and small DIY project you can make for having a mixed old age and high tech gadget. Maybe it will help you in talking as well.


  • Ninja turtle Ooze

This one is not a gadget but its a cool stuff to make as everybody have been a fan of teenage mutant ninja turtles. completely safe for anyone and non-toxic so make this if you want some cool ooze.


  • Smartphone projector

Watching things together is nice but the phone screen is not big enough for it. Make a smartphone projector using basic things you can find in your house and watch it on a bigger screen with everyone.


  • VHS video toaster

VHS players are pretty much useless these days but most of us have it at home or had it. Now you can actually use it to make a toaster out of it so work on it to make a VHS toaster.


  • Night bike

Work on the DIY gadgets to build for geeks that is cool and useful at the same time. Just use some lights and make your regular bike into extra cool stuff.


  • Motion activated burglar alarm

Safety devices are very expensive these days but their importance remains the same. One of the safety purpose DIY gadgets to build for geeks. A motion detecting burglar alarm to keep your cars and bike or house safe from theft. It will alert you by the motion that you want to track.


  • Smartphone mount

Smartphone mounts are expensive but you need them in your cars etc. This is to save money and to have simple fun DIY gadgets to build for geeks.


  • Tesla coil

Tesla was the futuristic idea of making electricity conduction wireless and nothing can be cooler than this. the first idea of the Tesla coil was to make a tower in NY that can transmit electricity people can use with a rod or conductor in their house. This one is from a more futuristic type of DIY gadgets to build for geeks.


  • Custom crawler

RC cars are everyone’s favorite thing and you must have wanted to make one for sure. Now you can make a custom crawler of your own as a DIY gadget. It is the best you can have that is interesting and fun to do at the same time. This will be cheaper than your market RC crawler and you can design it as you like.


  • Steampunk keyboard

A keyboard that is better than others and looks cool is what you can work on as DIY gadgets to build for geeks.


  • Earthquake Detector

This here is a little interesting DIY for you to work on. Make an earthquake detector by yourself at home.


  • Noise isolating earbuds

Earbuds that won’t let extra unwanted noise into anything you are hearing.


  • DIY Matrix Glasses

Life without cool stuff is just nothing and here are the coolest glasses you can build to wear are club and parties. Might look a bit complicated but surely worth the work.


  • Ultimate Nerf Vulcan Mod

A toy gun you wish you had as a kid is the best DIY. Now, this is a DIY gadget that geeks can build and don’t have to buy from stores.

 Final Verdict

These were some cool techy DIY gadgets you as a geek can make by yourself without any assistance. we hope you liked them and will love to work on each of them. Thank you for reading and do let us know which of these Epic DIY gadgets did you work on.

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