1001+ Cool Clan Names for Clash of Clans & COD

Games are common among children and even adults. In games particularly multiplayer games are very active recently. Everyone likes to have fresh gameplay and have cool clan names for their teams. Multiplayer games can be played on any platform including iOS, Windows, and Android. In such games, players come together and form clans it crews to play together. These clans are another reason why multiplayer games are popular to play with friends online.

Having a clan is fun but it can be better when you have a cool clan name that represents your team. Cool clan names can also affect your recruitment of players in the clan as everyone wants to join in a cool clan. It is easy to make a clan name if you think about it at once. Eventually, when you make the first step it will be confusing to get a name and nobody is to blame as naming is not easy.

In this article, you will be provided with a long list of names you can use for your clan in COC, COD or other games. These names are thoughtful and cool so you will probably like them and choose one from the list.


Steps to change old clan name in COC

Once you decide to change your clan name you just have to follow the steps as you don’t want to make a new clan just for the new name. Follow the steps to change your clan’s name:

  • Go to setting of the clash of clans.

  • Select “Help and support” option.

  • Click on “Report Issue”.

  • Select “Another problem”.

  • Text to supercell with the email.

  • Request for change in your clan’s name.

Soon Supercell will respond to you and you will be able to change the name.

Once you are given the permission to change your clan’s name you are free to get your attractive and cool clan names and replace the old name.

Names For Clan

cool clan names

Here is a list of names for your clan in COC or COD.

  • Shut Punks
  • Flowery Exterminators
  • iEnVy
  • Juvenile Thugs
  • Cooperative Squad
  • Nonchalant Criminals
  • Embers Rising
  • Spalding
  • Fertile Soldiers
  • Uprising Rivals
  • Martial Warlocks
  • Swarm
  • Abandoned Perpetrator
  • Tangy Prestige
  • Bloody Devils
  • The Immortal 50
  • UraniumPotato
  • Tears of Gaia
  • Gift of Prometheus
  • Damp Vigor
  • Clash For Cash
  • Rapid Hooligans
  • Wonderful killers
  • Disgusted Tyranny
  • Instinct
  • Winning troops
  • Warm Mafia
  • Utter Strategy
  • Clan of Coats
  • solar Immortals
  • Fine Bureau
  • Lying Noobs
  • Finicky Power
  • Zombie Hordes
  • Daffy Slayers
  • Written in Blood
  • sTaTiiCzBlackstock
  • Scrymgeour
  • ReaPeR
  • RealRaiders
  • Curvy Admirals
  • Fair Superpower
  • Legendary
  • Villagecrushers
  • Cumbersome Domination

Funny Clan Names for Clash of Clans and COD

Games are meant to be fun and entertaining so why not have funny thoughts while naming your clan. A funny name makes the clan more attractive and popular among other clans. It’s not easy to get a funny name that doesn’t offend someone.

Making your work easy here is a list of funny clan names for your squad in COC and COD.

  • Volume Zero
  • The Art of War
  • Uprising Rivals
  • Clan of Coats
  • Letters of Marque
  • XaGLeZ
  • Embers Rising
  • ReC
  • Mad Scientists
  • Nevoy
  • Arbiter
  • Immortals
  • Matrix Clan
  • Shields
  • Fenton
  • Uranium Potato
  • Ogilvy
  • Quantum Performance
  • Zombie Canibus
  • iEnVy
  • ReCoiiLz RioT
  • The Immortal 50
  • Powerful Peons
  • MiSTaKeZ
  • Kung Fu Phooey
  • Kerr
  • Zombie Hordes
  • Melville
  • Gift of Prometheus
  • Forrester Patullo
  • Team Y.o.l.o
  • Grant
  • Moffat
  • Blackstock
  • Spalding
  • Scrymgeour
  • Parabolic Projectiles

Unique Clan Names

Why not have a name that’s unique? Here are names based on short form or you can use them in letter form. You can try getting your own ideas from this type of names. These name can be made easily by taking terms that can best describe your clan. A clan that plays offensively can have a name that has offensive terms like attackers and Terminator. For players that play defensively as clan can be named as protectors or guards and they can make for cool clan names on various occasions.

  • PACE
  • NOVA
  • Swag
  • 3ZOZ
  • FaZe
  • RaG3
  • MGNM
  • BEBO
  • TOXI
  • BORG
  • HALO
  • M3RK
  • 7DS
  • Hom3
  • Wizzs
  • DOP3
  • LIQ

These short forms or one-word names can be transformed according to your wish. Even other names suggested in this article can be turned into this form to make a new and awesome clan name that is unique and attractive.

Some More Good Clan Names

For starters or people who feel like having a change here is a list that I take some of their interest. These are good names that are made using terms that look cool and sound cool. It is easy to choose from this list and it will give you a good idea about how clan names work.

  • Blood-price of Terra
  • Survival Strategy
  • Leask
  • Echoes of the Lost Age
  • Hope
  • Blair Ripper
  • Executor
  • Heart Vs Feather
  • Myst
  • Bloodline Apocalypse
  • Sandilands
  • Meldrum Moncreiffe
  • Black Plague
  • Bloody Devils
  • Blades of Rage
  • Russell
  • BlaSTz
  • Logie
  • Axis Lamont
  • Blood Circle
  • clashmebro
  • BlaDe
  • Phoenix
  • Blackadder
  • Void Clan
  • Power Within Noobs
  • dFuZe
  • Blue Clan
  • Blue Assassins
  • Black-and-white killers
  • Rebels
  • Rutherford
  • Viking Vivisection
  • Blood and Bones
  • BlaDeZ Douglas
  • Dispatch Edmonstone
  • Beg For Mercy
  • smash and grab
  • Hitmen
  • FalconerMorrison
  • Blair Ripper
  • Blood Bath
  • Blane
  • Purves

Cool Names For Clans

Short names and single work names sometimes get boring or less descriptive. Clans represent the whole team and players might want the name to be more descriptive. A name with 2 or more words can easily make a cool clan name that describes the clan.

Here are more names for you to take ideas from or pick one from them.

  • Ugly Strategy
  • Wry Strategy
  • Uppity Occupation
  • Tired Angels
  • Ubiquitous Hooligans
  • Undesirable Force
  • Wealthy Desperado
  • Wrong Voltiac
  • Tangible Commanders
  • Wandering Force
  • Useful Veterans
  • The Sharp Samurais
  • Zone Avengers
  • Womanly Thugs
  • Unwieldy Warfare
  • Ten Antagonists
  • Xtreme Tronners
  • Viking
  • Vulgar Perpetrator
  • Viking Vivisection
  • Two Gunslingers
  • Whimsical Superpower
  • Young Knights
  • Undesirable Admirals
  • Talented Liquidators
  • Whimsical Criminals
  • Zany Masters
  • Tasty Criminals
  • Thundering Domination
  • Useful Exterminators
  • Wealthy Criminals
  • Wooden Militants
  • Uninterested Victors
  • The Stealth Tigers

Names for Call of Duty Clans

Clan of duty also has a lot of clans and it’s hard to get a clan name that is unique. Clan names can be short or long in form and it’s common that a clan has large name. These large names can be shortened to make look cooler. Here are some clan names for your call of duty clan that you might like or take ideas from:

  • Bruce
  • Brisbane Masterton
  • Cranstoun
  • Deadpan
  • Commanders
  • Domination
  • Farmer
  • Deadpan Admirals
  • Delicious Deserts
  • Eternal YoungBloods
  • Cold Force
  • Destroy The Noobs
  • Familiar Assassins
  • Decisive killers
  • Chubby Force
  • Fair Superpower
  • Breezy Exterminators
  • demonic faces
  • Death Zone
  • Cost of Clan
  • Clan Name
  • Death Dealers SuRE
  • Curious Criminals
  • BuLLe7
  • Excellent Unquenchables
  • DimDimDim Clan Amoeba
  • Cheyne
  • Crawford Wedderburn
  • Common Grave
  • Crabby Strategy
  • Duncan
  • Exterminators
  • Dust to Dust
  • Epsilon
  • Fast Committee
  • Classy Squad
  • Far-flung Tyranny
  • Embers Rising
  • Closed Butchers
  • Chalmers Logan
  • Cloak of Twilight
  • Dapper Bureau
  • Educated Corps
  • False Flags
  • Everything Is Possible
  • Durie
  • dFuZe
  • Fanatical Perpetrator
  • Chivalrous Enemy
  • Eager Prestige
  • Early Liquidators
  • Cloudy Veterans
  • Depressed Moguls
  • degree
  • Carmichael
  • Cooperative Squad
  • Descriptive Bureau
  • Dynamic Unquenchable
  • Common Power
  • Cowardly Devils
  • Depressed Superpower
  • Cata-Tonic
  • Disgruntled Programmers
  • Difficult Sharpshooters
  • Clever Tyranny
  • Disillusioned Punks
  • Death Dose
  • Bumpy Gang
  • Brainy Enforcers
  • CoC Inspectors
  • Crash Helmet Radioactive
  • Dirty Warriors
  • Charteris Even the Score
  • DeLiiRiuM
  • faka crew Fungi
  • Conscious Movement

Cool clans name for COD

Games like COD that are full of action always need cool clan names for your team. Forgetting a cool name you will have to process a lot with your brain or here are some cool names for your COD clans you can use these or take ideas from them.

  • Overwrought Noobs
  • Parsimonious Veterans
  • Puzzling killers
  • Polite Perpetrator
  • Ringing Blades
  • Stereotyped Butchers
  • Spicy Knights
  • Polite Butchers
  • Oval Butchers
  • Ripe Deadly
  • Rich Moguls
  • Squealing Squad
  • Obscene Crew
  • Protective Mafia
  • Steep Irresistible
  • Racial Committee
  • Slim Movement
  • Pumped Almighty
  • Orange Dead
  • Parched Masters
  • Spotty Tyranny
  • Orange Prestige
  • Square Cadets
  • Periodic Domination
  • Secret Unquenchables
  • Straight Privilege
  • Shaggy Sharpshooters
  • Rambunctious Squad
  • Scattered Warriors
  • Selective Vigor
  • Protective Sharpshooters
  • Pink Thugs
  • Sweltering Hooligans
  • Square Punks
  • Rich Squad
  • Soft Sharpshooters
  • Sloppy Admirals
  • Scary Exterminators
  • Overwrought Power
  • Petite Devils
  • Oval Rebels
  • Sweltering Corps
  • Sore Rebels
  • Right Slayers
  • Stale Vigor
  • Periodic Delinquents
  • Piquant Veteran


These names in each of the list are all unique and not repeated to make it look like a lot of work so kindly take a look at them.

That should have been a long list of names for anyone to read, but definitely worth it. If you were looking are cool clan names for your squad in CLASH OF CLANS OR CALL OF DUTY makes sure you give them a read.


Through the article hopefully, the names were good enough for you. If not one from the list you probably now are full of ideas to how to make a good clan name. A clan name can be made out of any terms and it is easier than you think, you will realize it after reading the names.

Stay connected to our page for more clan names and interesting articles. More names will be added that will be cool and definitely take your attention.

Now go get your clan a bunch of awesome and cool clan names that can represent your whole team.

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