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7 Companies Like Affirm For Your Finance Needs | Affirm Alternatives

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In recent times of rising of e-commerce and electronic payments, a lot of financial tech companies like Affirm are coming on the surface of the marketing business. Affirm is one of the most successful and widely known American financial tech company founded by the same founder as PayPal, Max Levichen.

Affirm as a financial tech company tries to introduce new more innovative and reliable methods of credit transitions to substitute credit cards. It also provides better schemes for e-commerce and provides better payment options to people and lets its user have microloans any time for payment at purchase with any seller.

Top 7 Financial Tech Companies Like Affirm

At the current stage of increasing dependency of life on e-commerce, many companies like Affirm have come forward with their schemes, plans, and innovation to lead among all the Financial tech companies. Here are the top 7 Companies like Affirm:


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Peerform is a well established financial tech company like Affirm that is very transparent with people connecting to it. The company has policies to help borrow for today and invest for tomorrow. This makes it reliable for both the borrowers and investors on peerform. They keep it transparent so you don’t have to worry about hidden fee or charges. It can be kept the secret to you while the facilities of Peerform are introduced to you.

Peerform has fixed rates and you never have to check for the changing rates on the market while you are connected with this financial tech company.

The borrowers can get unsecured loans with no collateral at fixed rates with a fast and free application and easy monthly payments while investors get customization, diversification prime consumer loans, and steady attractive returns.


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Zebit is one of the very great doing financial tech companies out there that has rapidly taken over the market of finance within few years of its establishment. The company provides loans with no interest and no membership fees making it very reliable for borrowers. It provides you with up to 2500$ worth of credit without any interest on it and that really is something that a financial tech company has to offer.

The eligibility for Zebit doesn’t require any credits score but a person should be over 18 years in age while being actively employed, retired or disabled with benefits. Zebit lets you shop millions of your favorite brands and pay over time. Zebit is one of the best Affirm Atlernatives and that is why you should definitely look into it.



Wonga is an actively working online lender that can come a long way to the competition to the level of some well established financial tech companies like Affirm. The company has gained its fame due to its reliable short-term high-cost credits with fast working and flexibility while being fair to people.

The firm has replaced the old ways with its alternative methods of lending that are very clear and transparent to borrowers giving loans with no hidden charges.


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Earnest is a firm or financial tech company that has provided a lot of useful and attractive schemes for providing a loan to become an alternative to the most successful financial tech companies like Affirm. They have loans at very lower interest and use data like your savings pattern, investments, and career trajectory to give you rates that suit your data.

Personal loans, student loan refinancing, parent plus refinancing all have great offers with earnest. Earnest has features like customization of the budget, expert in-house service, and better data reading to help you provide with the best financial support which makes it an unrivaled service provider that brings low-interest loans to high potential people. Earnest is a great alternative to Affirm and you should definitely look into it.



Square is a financial tech company that has come up with a lot of innovation and new methods over time to solve the stress in e-commerce and online payments at every possible level. The company always has the aim to create new tools and come up with the solutions that can potentially get everyone the access to the economy.

This financial tech company has made its place in its field with its credit card processing that lets you accept most of the cards and have the fastest of deposits turning it to an innovative, connected to all and successful fintech company like Affirm.



This finance tech company started around 10 years back from now is currently one of the leading fintech companies like Affirm. Zest finance is a good alternative to improve your financial strategies and cut down the losses.

Zest Finance emphasis on machine learning technology and always looks forward to the brighter and better economy where everyone who is underbanked can be covered. It has come up with ZAML a machine learning tool that is confidently put forward by this company to transform the underwriting and solve the risk modeling.



Plastiq is another great affirm alternative that allows you to make payments by credit card. All you have to do is select your card and whatever it is that you need to pay for, you can pay for it. By using Platstiq, you’d bee free of any financial worries or late payments reduction that may be bothering you. Plastiq was the last on our list of affim alternatives. It is very similar to the other Affirm alternatives that we have listed in this post.

Some more Affirm Alternatives

Affirm might be successful and reliable financial tech company but with the growing field of finance. There are companies giving it a competition in providing services, loans, and better solution to financial risks. There are always the ones that can be taken into account as top notch and here are the companies that are ruling the market as financial tech service providers

  • ZEST

Final Words on Affirm Alternatives

These companies with their schemes, models, and deals that they have to offer people are getting more and more popular with time. Where they are supposed to come up with better and reliable methods to provide financial services to help millions of people.

So stop worrying and thinking about how to start up a business or will I be able to save enough money and get help from the most reliable financial tech companies.

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