Best Websites like Craigslist: Top Alternatives

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the entire world. Let’s check some websites like Craigslist that can be used as alternatives.

Craiglist is meant for the publishing of advertisements of literally any kind, ranging from housing to job posting to services. If you want to advertise something, Craigslist should always be on your mind. There are different branches of Craigslist and each one serves its own community. 

websites like craigslist for free stuff

Websites like Craigslist

Craigslist is basically a platform meant for promoting your content. You might be looking for a website similar to Craigslist. Here are a couple of those websites which can be used:

1. Facebook

A couple of years back, Facebook was just a normal social media application. With time, it increased the options for people in order to interact between them. You could upload photos and videos in better quality, the emojis were upgraded, the games were included, and a lot of such entertaining stuff. But nowadays, Facebook has shifted towards business promotions as well. Since the reach of the platform is huge, it becomes easy for brands to reach out to people. You can decide the amount of time to have the advertisement be aired and the location of the same. You can really be benefited from the marketing strategy of promoting through Facebook. 

2. Letgo

It is meant to sell the things related to your house. As the name suggests itself, the platform is asking you to let go of things. There are certain things lying in your house having no use at all. They can best be regarded as a waste of space. But they can prove to be useful for someone else. The best thing that you can look to do is sell it off. Which better place to do it than Letgo? Just sign on to the platform and it would be able to promote your stuff. List your items and start looking for the customers. 

3. Mercari

Mercari is a very versatile platform. From technological equipment to stuff regarding your kitchen to activewear, you can sell literally anything on this platform. You have the luxury of choosing the best price all on your own. The catch is, you have to pay 10% to Mercari after selling the commodity which can be regarded as the commission for the website. The listing is very simple as well. So take a photo of any of the stuff you want to sell online, Mercari will be promoting it and bringing the buyers to you. 

4. Oodle

Oodle is much like the other websites we have mentioned already but with a better scope for the sellers. In case someone is looking to sell his car, Oodle is a very suitable platform. Here, you can also offer rooms for rent. Otherwise, it would be too difficult to let people know that an apartment is supposed to be for rent in a particular area unless posters are used. It would require you to spend some money with a very limited reach. With Oodle, you can reach out to more people and there’s a better chance that your apartment gets sold as well. 

5. Bookoo

Bookoo can market any random sort of thing which is why it seems very different. It can market something from a comb to event tickets, you wouldn’t be able to do it somewhere else. For example, you have bought tickets for a show. Now if you don’t want to go to that show anymore and your plans are canceled, you would look to sell the tickets off and get back the money. Bookoo will help you to do so. You can also list the items of your furniture which you don’t want anymore. Doesn’t it sound very exciting? Try it once. 

6. Locanto

Locanto is a platform primarily based in the United States. The scope provided by this platform is very large. Although a platform like Facebook might have more frequent users, they all don’t come solely for the purpose of buying and selling. On Locanto however, there’s large traffic meant specifically for the purpose of marketing. From real estate to some really expensive services of technology, everything is available at Locanto. It doesn’t mean that middle-class people cannot deal here. It is an ideal platform for everyone and you should always be looking to try it. 

7. Adsglobe

The good thing about Adsglobe is that it is very simple to use. You can literally post any sort of advertisement. Moreover, it is completely free. You just have to sign-up and start promoting whatever you would like to sell, at some point. Adsglobe has been one of the few platforms to have provided free advertisements. It has done it effectively over a number of years now. There have been a few websites following the same pattern as Adsglobe in order to do the job. 

8. Poshmark

Poshmark is mostly meant for the young generation. It works around fashion although there are certain aspects that the website is working on for quite some time. Poshmark is very simple and fun to use. From a buyer’s perspective, it is about getting the best quality in clothes which they want at a lesser price. From a seller’s perspective, it is about getting rid of clothing that one doesn’t want to wear anymore. It is better than going to an official website of a clothing brand and looking for what you want to wear at higher prices. You can just ship the item as a seller and there’s no need to go for the delivery yourself. 

9. eBay

From electronics to cars to clothing, eBay can deal with everything. The popularity of this platform is huge as we have seen in the past as well. eBay works around top brands mostly. But to top it all off, it works at low prices. This is why it has attracted so many customers. People are always looking for quality at a lesser price and there are not many websites that can provide as much quality as eBay can. 

Concluding: Top Websites like Craigslist to Earn Money

So these are some of the great alternatives for Craigslist. You can use any of them and get almost the same sort of benefits! 

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