Best Ways to Get Free Visa Gift Cards in 2022

Ways to Get Free Visa Gift Cards

Learn how to Get Free Visa Gift Cards Online!

The legit, safe, and all-time money bags are available in the form of pre-paid gift cards. But it would be so good if you get these visa gift cards full of money free. And yes it is possible. One can get free visa cards through many activities available on the internet such as market research, answering survey questions, and other simple and common activities. 

These activities cannot be your full-time income earnings but are good side hustles for your free time. Many such money-making opportunities are available and you get a free visa card to spend on your shopping, food, or anything else.

free visa gift card

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Working Ways to Get Free Visa Gift Cards

Some several websites and apps reward the users with Visa Gift cards and other things for conducting market surveys and other activities for their organization. Some of them are listed below:

1. MyPoints

Style of Earning Cashback and earn points
Opportunities Coupons for saving money, earning cash back, filling surveys, playing games, and watching videos to earn points
Redemption Through Visa Gift card or Paypal
Rating 4 star


This website is very popular as a survey website, where the users are rewarded with cash or visa gift cards when they complete surveys or shop on their online portal. The website is a global website that people can access around the world. There are several ways and means through which the users can earn points as well as several other prizes. On every $ 20 point earned you get a bonus of $ 10 within 30 days. 

It cannot be termed as a most profitable website, but getting free visa gift cards is certainly the one

How it works

The users of MyPoints are rewarded with points that get credited to their accounts. Once an ample amount of points are credited to the account then the same can be used for purchasing gifts and gift cards.

The two effective and essential ways to earn points on this website are shopping at their online portal and filling the surveys. When you are a shopping buzz then you can search for your requirements on the app and shop with the deals available. Search your preferred retailer and then you get diverted to the seller website and the relevant points get credited to your account.

With $ 10 points accumulated in the account, the same can be encashed for the virtual visa gift card.

2. Ibotta

Style of Earning Cash Back
Opportunities Ibotta pays feature, shopping through online portal, scan receipts, and many more
Redemption Through Cash
Rating 5 star

This website is also used by people to earn points and then ultimately exchange them for free gift cards. There are several cashback deals on the website. Also, earning points is as easy as shopping at your local shop and scanning the receipt on the website. The points are automatically sent for the purchase of any qualifying product. Even online shopping is eligible for earning points. More the points bigger is the reward in the form of a Visa gift card. 

How it works

The user has to create a free account on the website. And immediately start shopping and earning points. There are numerous deals available on the app. The user has to browse through the deals for the preferred product and purchase it from their preferred store. The receipt of the purchase has to be uploaded to the account within 24 hours and the points are credited to the account. 

The same goes with online shopping click on the link, purchase the product and the points get automatically credited to your account. You have to have at least $ 20 points in the account to redeem for getting the free visa gift card. 

3. Swagbucks

Style of Earning Points
Opportunities Shopping online, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos
Redemption Through cash or gift cards
Rating 4 star

This website comes in the category of the most popular market research platform. It has paid out more than $ 400 million and is increasing day by day. People believe it to be a survey website. However, there are a lot more activities to be done on this website such as watching videos, shopping online, collecting coupons, playing mobile games, and many more. 

The users can earn bonus points through games and simple tasks. With simple and fun activities, the users can easily redeem Visa Gift cards.

How it works

The users receive points that are called Swagbucks for every activity that is done. The points are directly converted to dollars. Every Swagbucks is equal to 1 cent and so on. Once the account is credited with $ 20, then the users can redeem their points to gift card or encash through PayPal. 

4. PrizeRebel

Style of Earning Points
Opportunities Market research surveys
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

Users can earn by simply taking upmarket research surveys. There are a lot of surveys available and the website also pays exorbitantly. On completing the surveys the earned points get credited to the account. These points can then be redeemed through gift cards from Amazon, Visa, or other retailers. The points can also be encashed through PayPal cash. 

Apart from the high payout, the website is incredibly easy, straightforward, and simple to use. You can earn points anywhere and everywhere. 

How it works

Create a free account on the website. The website determines your eligibility for surveys through certain personal information such as shopping habits, lifestyle, location, age, gender. 

Once you start filling up surveys, the points get credited to your account. You have to have $ 25 in your account to redeem it to cash or gift card. 

The referral scheme of the website brings extra bonus points to your account. 20 % of the earnings of your referral gets credited to your account for a lifetime. 

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5. Life Points

Style of Earning Points
Opportunities Tracking experiences, filling surveys, testing products
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

This platform is intuitive and simple and is popular for the same. This is a recently developed synergy platform of LightSpeed and MySurvey. This website is partnered with a lot of multi-national brands, retailers, and business organizations and therefore provides multiple offers and deals to earn points such as tracking experience, testing new launch of products, etc. 

The points credited to you can be then encashed for cash or gift cards. 

How it works

First, you have to create a free account by following certain simple steps, and thereafter you can start earning. The most popular way to earn income on the website is by taking up surveys that the website allows you. Apart from this, there are other ways also such as testing new products, sharing the experience of shopping with the partner retailers.

The process for testing the products is also very simple. The user has to sign up through the website and then they receive free samples in the mail. Then they can write the reviews with regards to the product and earn points that get credited to the account. 

The surveys are typically paid at between 20 to 100 points. You need at least 500 points in the account to redeem the same for the free visa gift card. The conversion system is not specifically defined and changes 

6. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Style of Earning Cash and Card
Opportunities Downloading applications on the devices
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

Have you ever wondered you can be paid for mere downloading applications on your device? Yes, this is happening. The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel pay you for downloading the specified applications on your device. 

This app aims to track the data and internet usage of the users for the research of the market. The personal data is not recorded, but the count of the texts that you send, the phone call frequency, amount of time you spend online is tracked. 

Nielsen is a reputed company and provides the market research organization with consumer information regularly as and when required by them. The app is safe and secure to use and along with passive income, it also provides gifts such as visa gift cards and many more.

How it Works

The users have to register on the website for free but time-consuming. Some detailed questions such as browsing habits, devices, households details have to be answered significantly. 

This gives an entrance in sweepstakes for free gifting by the developers. When the user, is consistently using the app then there arises a lot of opportunities to be won on regular basis. Around $ 10000 of prices are distributed amongst the users every month by the developers. 

7. Survey Club

Style of Earning Cash
Opportunities Only unique filters are allotted to complete once you qualify.
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

Survey Club is a free survey website that pays its users in the form of Amazon credit or cash to take up very simple surveys. The website also connects to several other survey platforms where the users can earn all types of rewards such as free visa gift cards.

The developers of the survey club believe that users should not have a shortage of surveys. And so to make the surveys available to the users always they are also connected to other survey platforms. 

How it works

Similar to every other website, the user will have to make a free account on the Survey club as well. Browse through the website and click on any of your preferred surveys. If the survey is from any other website, then the user is directed to that particular website. When you go through Survey club, you don’t have to keep a track of the earnings from various websites.

8. Branded Surveys

Style of Earning Points
Opportunities Taking up surveys
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

This website is believed to be amongst the top websites of the world for market research. When the user completes the required surveys, they earn points that get credited into their account. 

The website is very popular because of its simplicity to operate and the high payouts. The users can encash the points and get them converted into rewards of their preference such as cash or gift cards and many more. 

How it works

The user has to sign up on the website by feeding in the basic details. The users then get the surveys that they get qualified based on their profile. The survey may take anything between 10 to 200 minutes and will be rewarded for between 10 to 300 points. 

Each Branded survey point is equal to 1 cent. When your account is credited with a minimum of 10000 points then the same can be encashed with PayPal cash or any gift card of your choice.

9. PointClub

Style of Earning Points
Opportunities Filling out surveys, referral bonus
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

PointClub is yet another website for filling out surveys. PointClub has various means to earn points such as referral programs, bonus rewards. Every user of the website can earn between $ 8 to $ 10 per hour and the same can be rewarded in a way of cash, gift cards, and pre-paid visa card. The users get $ 5 as a bonus immediately when they sign up. 

How it Works

It is recommended to use tiered loyalty programs of PointClub so that you earn the most out of it. For every consecutive day, the user earns an extra 10% of the day’s earnings. This goes up to 100% when you log in every day. But if you miss logging in once then you fall to the first day. 

The user earns a referral program as a 10% commission for every member that you sign up with. When you add 20 members you become a brand ambassador and then start earning 20% 

10. Inbox Dollars

Style of Earning Actual Dollar value
Opportunities Variety of earning options 
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

This website is owned by Prodege. Unlike other websites and apps, the payout system here is unique and different. The rewards are paid in actual value f dollars which can be encashed in the form of a visa gift card or PayPal cash. 

The platform offers a variety of ways to earn through browsing online deals, reading emails, watching videos, taking surveys, and many more. 

How it works

Similar to other websites, you have to create a free account and sign up. There are a variety of options available to earn income. Filling surveys is the most profitable one though, but even the other options provide quite a handful of earnings. 

The sign-up bonus is $ 5 . When the account is credited more than $ 10, then the user can select the reward means from prepaid Visa card, PayPal cash, and gift card.

11. Opinion Outpost

Style of Earning Points, sweepstakes
Opportunities Survey
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

Some websites and apps offer points as a reward while others offer sweepstakes. But Opinion Outpost offers both ways of rewards. The website performs a similar function as the other survey websites. The only difference being every time you complete a survey, the user is made to enter into a drawing for winning $ 10000. 

The threshold limit for the payment is also very low on the website. The website lets you encash with the Visa Gift card as soon as the account is credited with $ 3.

How it works

The user has to get registered on the website. The welcome survey will reward you with 5 points. Every Opinion Outpost is equal to 1 cent. Then you are free to take as much as a survey and add points to your kitty. Every time a survey is completed the user gets automatically entered into a cash drawing. The drawings are done every 4 months with one user being rewarded with $ 10000. This boosts the morale of users to keep on taking up surveys.

12. Opinion Square

Style of Earning Points
Opportunities Survey
Redemption Gift cards, PayPal cash
Rating 4 star

There are several ways to earn points on this website and also an opportunity to earn up to $ 1 Lakh. Every survey website has its own ways to assign surveys to the users. Opinion square assigns surveys to its users in a very unique way. They send the email notification every time there is a survey available. 

Every user gets around 3 to 4 surveys per month. The account is credited with the points as soon as the surveys are completed. Also, the users get automatically entered into a drawing of $ 1 Lakh after every survey.

How it Works

The website does not require a lot of effort to put in. The user has to just complete the survey that is assigned to them in the inbox. 

It is recommended to download the data tracking software and the number of surveys getting assigned increases. More and more surveys get assigned after you share the data with the website. 

The software is safe and secure to use on your device without any malware functioning. It does not track any personal information from your website. Also, it is very easy and simple to uninstall the same if required.

Reasons why websites give away free gift cards

The market research platforms and survey websites collect data from the customers and supply the same to the business organizations. This helps them to improve their promotional and marketing strategies and in turn, increase their revenue. 

Gathering such data becomes easier when the users complete the surveys. So in turn they are rewarded with gifts such as visa gift cards or cash and other free things. So if the point is taken it is not a freebee but your hard-earned money.

Legality and authenticity

Such websites that offer free items are always looked upon with a suspicious eye. There are normally hidden charges, scams, and tracking of and utilizing personal data. However, not all websites are the same. Most of them are safe and secure to use. They have free sign up and also have explicit permission to collect, use and pass on the market research information. Of course, these tasks cannot be part of basic earnings but they form your side hustles. 


This cannot form your basic earning and the user cannot depend solely on these freebees for their bread and butter. They form their side hustles and provide earnings to spend money for online purchases, small luxuries, or morning coffee. But the users can surely try it to gain that extra money and that too with very less or no effort at all. Getting the free Visa Gift card can be the icing on the cake and you may get excited to earn that extra cash and spend it leisurely without any hesitance. 

Wrapping up: Get Free Visa Gift Cards with Money

This kind of work has typically been taken up by teenagers, housemakers, or people who have a lot of interest in such activities. This satiates their need for the extra money and also provides them an opportunity to be self-dependent and responsible to a certain extent. 

This is free money in simple and plain words. The effort put in to earn this money is minimalist. The users have to hardly spend time to earn that extra cash. It may take a few minutes to answer the questions in the survey. Some of the websites also provide passive income through referral programs for friends and family, watching videos, or browsing. This passive income can be earned even while keeping them in the background when you are watching TV, walking your dog, or doing certain other main activities. 

It is free money. So why not give it a try. Though you cannot earn your bread and butter here it is incredible to earn the free visa gift card to spend. However, it is also recommended to be aware of unsecured and fictional websites, malware activities. The device you are using should surely have an anti-virus activated on it. 

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