31+ Best Rainmeter Skins (Updated) for Windows 10/8.1/7

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Rainmeter is one of the best customization tools out there that you can use and users have so many options to choose from. You can choose from the Best Rainmeter Skins for your Windows PC and customize your computer.

It’s normal for anyone to look for ways to make their setup look better just like a person coloring the house. You can theme Rainmeter with different skins. Rainmeter has a wide range of customization for desktop and comes with few starter skins that can be used by users.

But this tool is not just limited to that and users can install many more different skins available for Rainmeter to get further customization. Rainmeter might look like a heavy software that needs high-end specification but it is fast and light on the GPU of your system.

Rainmeter is not just a tool but a robust toolkit. Users can make and modify skins by themselves in easy language. A long list of  Rainmeter themes can be found but let’s check out these 25 best Rainmeter themes based on different themes.

25 Best Rainmeter skins

Windows has been one of the leading and most used operating for the longest time. Windows supports a wide range of hardware and software making it the first choice for all. There is more to Windows as it allows the user to have personalization and customization to get the setup most suitable for them.

With the limitless customization in Windows users can make their PC exactly the way they want it to be. One of the most popular tools for customization available for Windows is Rainmeter. If you haven’t heard of it you have been missing something good for a long time. Let’s get started with theme Rainmeter.

1. Jarvis – Iron Man

Iron Man and it’s AI assistant Jarvis are just everyone’s dream. If you are a fan of Ironman and want your PC to work like Jarvis itself you might want to try this skin. This skin makes your PC look high-tech and cooler than ever.

This skin comes with a lot of customization and modules that can be added anywhere. With this 3d rainmeter skin can keep track of different information of your PC like hard disk capacity, temperature, time, RSS feeds and many more.

2. Mass Effect

Best Rainmeter Skins

This skin is the type of skin that remind users of the old days and old graphics that were used in games where ultra HD and 3d was still future. Mass effect is a skin based on old gen games graphics. This skin comes with great customization features and modules that you can add as per your need.

It allows a superficial display of date and time that is clearly visible along with media playback settings and control panel. Other information like disk space and network are also provided within this skin.


TECH-A is one of the best and coolest skins for Rainmeter for Windows. This skin gives the feeling of a high tech future in its design. The skin itself is a choice by default as computer tech is all about the future.

In the skin, users are provided with maximum information about the system including a network, day, time, disk space, ram management, and could usage etc.

4. Aliens

Aliens is also one of the best skins available for Rainmeter. This skin displays a lot of information and comes with modules configurations to add up more.

With this skin, the user gets to keep a check on network upload and download speeds, disk partition, date and time and many other things. This skin works best with its companion aliens wallpaper and you might even feel the difference if you use other wallpapers.

5. Before Dawn

This one is a lovely skin for Rainmeter and this skin is very easy to setup and use. No tweaking is required in it while users get a lot of things to do. The skin makes usage easier for the user and any program can be launched to make it work.

All the different pieces of information like date, time, networks stats, frequently used apps and sites and even the location and temp etc as well are displayed by this skin.

6. Eker Lina

Eker Lina is one of the most beautiful Rainmeter themes that comes with loads of modules and looks very nice on Windows. It is a unique skin and is definitely one of the best skins. It can display a lot of information including the media control, RSS feed, time and date, weather, and many shortcuts to drivers and folders etc.

7. Senja Suite

Senja suite is one of the best skins for users that only need minimal design along with all the basics. This is a simple yet amazing going for Rainmeter that have a minimal design but provides all the basic features to the user.

Users get all the information displayed including the time, date, temperature, slideshow of pictures, users profile and system shortcuts, and many others.


This is also an awesome Rainmeter skin but it is heavy on GPU. PILEUS comes with a lot of customization options for its users and displays all the info of the system. Along with the information like date and time it has shortcuts to drives for users.

The skin gives easy access to all the application on a system with power status and RSS feed.

9. ABP

ABP is one of the simple and yet delicate looking skins for Rainmeter. Modules of this skin looker bigger than other skins and make a great display on the system.

The skin is capable of showing all the info of system on the screen including CPU and RAM usage, a slideshow of pictures, playback details of media, date and time etc.

10. Speed

Speed is a transparency based skin for Rainmeter. It is simple and comes with the minimal design yet looks great. All the modules of this skin can be easily arranged by the user.

This skin can display all the information of system like network stats, time, date, RAM and GPU usage unread emails and messages etc.

11. Enigma

Enigma is one of the most complex and best Rainmeter skins. This theme can be hard to customize but it can display anything on your desktop if you want.

It can display each and every info including the time and date, world clock, RSS feeds, media playbacks, control panel, and many more. It is one of the best Rainmeter skin for Windows 7/8/10.

12. Wisp

Wisp is a skin that comes with a lot of sub-elements to help user customize the screen to a whole different level. The skin can be paired with just the right wallpaper to make the screen look best.

Almost all the information of your system like hard disk space, CPU and GPU usage, date and time, network stats etc can be displayed on this skin.

13. Avengers SHIELD OS

Avengers is just like any other Marvel movie because it has its own fan base. You would love this skin if you are a fan of Avengers. Avengers SHIELD OS skin comes within different resolutions and users get the best designs with it. A lot of shortcuts for easy and faster handling are also available with it.

All the different information of the system are displayed by this skin including volume control, CPU and GPU usage and also the direct shutdown and restart menu etc.

14. Simple Media

Simple Media is one of the most simple and basic skins available on Rainmeter to customize a Windows system. It might be a simple skin but it comes with different modules and looks very neat and awesome.

All the important information is displayed on this skin such as date, times, temperature, RAM and GPU usage, recycle bin status and along with some more.

15. Encoded

This is one cool Rainmeter skin that lets you customize the desktop have widgets in 4 different colors. These different color widgets make the skin more catchy and cool. Temperature, weather status, date and time, recycle bin status, network stats information etc are displayed on this skin as well.

16. My Rainmeter Desktop

My Rainmeter Desktop is one of the best skins for Rainmeter on Windows. This skin is very much customizable and let’s user have many modules. All the different information of a system including date, time, CPU GPU usage, quick shortcuts and many more can be displayed on this skin.

17. End Of The World

As the name suggests this is a skin based on the theme of the end of the world. The idea is imaginative yet catchy and skin looks beautiful on the desktop.

Different information like network stats, GPU and CPU usage, day, time, shortcuts, world time etc can be displayed on it.

18. Battlefield 3

Gamers all know about the game Battlefield 3 and this is a skin based on it. Definitely one of the choices for hardcore PC gamers as it will always pump you up to use your desktop.

A lot of customization is available for users and their custom menu, clock, and widgets as well. Weather updates and other info is also displayed on this skin.

19. Elegance 2

Elegance 2 is one of the minimal themes and also has one of the best sounds for Rainmeter for Windows. It displays all the different information like CPU and RAM usage, day and time, network stats, media playback buttons and many more. This skin comes with attractive fonts that make you experience on your desktop better than ever.

20. Newspaper Desktop

This is one of the most interesting Rainmeter skins for Windows. It is themed after the Newspaper and your desktop looks like. The newspaper itself where you have to navigate for using it. Your wallpaper looks like a newspaper.

Information including date, time, network stats, CPU and GPU usage, along with weather, temperature and disk space WTC are also displayed on this skin.

21. Unity

Unity is one of the best Rainmeter skins and that is due to to.its simplicity and design. With no complex customization and user-friendly interface, this is surely one of the best that makes your desktop look neat and beautiful.

Weather status, time and date, media control buttons, and quick shortcuts are available with this sound along with a lot more.

22. Lim!t

This here is a very good skin for Rainmeter if you don’t want complex customization but only need information to be displayed. This skin allows you to have all the system info displayed on your desktop along with having an appreciable design. All the basic and advanced information like date, time, CPU and GPU usage, media playback etc can be displayed in a very simple method.

23. Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is an amazing Rainmeter skin that lets you have a dark interface making your desktop look cool. All the icons, widgets, and wallpapers etc look dark. It is one of the most amazing Rainmeter skins for Windows.

Many different modules are available for the user to add info like notification, time, date, RAM and GPU usage etc.

24. Neon space

Another one of the high tech-based skins if this that is best for those who want their desktop to look cool and amazingly high-tech. With great design and animation, this skin gives your desktop blue neon color that can’t be better in any way. It comes with many different modules for users. With this skin, you can make your PC look like a very advanced gadget from future or alien tech.

It displays all the info like hard disk space, CPU and GPU usage, calendar, weather forecast, and a lot more.

25. Razer

Razer is a cool skin that gives your desktop a transparent and glass effect. With a good wallpaper, this can be one of the coolest that you might want to use on your desktop.

Different modules are available with Razer skin and different information like weather, date, time, temperature, etc can be displayed with it. A lot of customization is possible with this skin and you should definitely try this one.

26. Hero

Hero on this list of cool rainmeter skins for windows is the type for customization of your computer. Make your computer look fancier and use it more accessible with the widgets and other tweaks. The simple wallpaper and the multiple options to customize your pc make a very good combination.

27. Cat

Cat in the list of best rainmeter skins for windows is a simplified yet beautiful one. The skin has it all for you and is small in size. All your requirements and basic features will be fulfilled by it in the low animation interface. You also get widgets and launchers for yourself and status bars representing all the necessary data you need on CPU and more. The theme surely is one of the coolest and best-performing skins you can get for your windows computer.

28. Simply Nova

It is one of the coolest you can ask for just to customize your windows computer. Simply nova here is a space-themed skin for your windows pc that gives you the feel of space while using your computer. It doesn’t have access to animation but has its own beauty and you would love to have it. The feeling you get of the space and extra smooth and delightful crispy display on this skin is something for sure.

29. Horde Dark theme

The darkness is love for the looks and most of the place it shines and attracts eyes. Hore (Dark theme) has it what it takes to be someone’s choice for a simpler and calm interface. The theme goes with the dark interface that is just the most liked these days. To make it best fitted for your computer a lot of customization is also allowed to you. Do try this rainmeter theme for your windows computer.

30. Pog Pack

Pog pack is the highly customizable rainmeter skin that you can use on your windows pc. The customization options are so wide you will never get bored with the skin of your computer. It might look simple but the potential in this theme is on a different level. Make it your choice for the new change that you were waiting for. The skin is surely worth giving a try and stands right on top as one of the best and coolest rainmeter skins for windows.

31. Mangotsfield

Mangotsfield rainmeter skin is a new type in the skins with not much of design and animations. Its simple and settled skin for the well-managed type of users that like things simple. You do get a lot of widgets that you can use however you feel like. Managing your computer while having a good look and interface is a real thing and do it now with Mangotsfield.


Thank you for taking the time to read our list of Best Rainmeter Skins. Please let us know if you know about a good Rainmeter Skin that we forgot to include in our list using the comment section below. Keep visiting this page and you will find new Skins for your PC every time.

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