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5 Best Private Browser Apps for Anonymous and Safe Web Browsing

Everyone is familiar with the term browser and there is no need for an introduction to that. In this post, we will be discussing the best private browser apps. Here you might need a little info of the term private browser apps. Private browsers are similar to regular browsers but with some special features that allow you to keep your data safe.

Everyone has the privacy that they never want to get penetrated but the websites are always up to steal your data. Even your family and friends can access your browsing data on regular browsers that is why you need better options and features.

To keep your browsing data and privacy safe you usually might be trying incognito mode or clearing history every time you have private browsing time. These work fine to keep your browsing private but it needs some work every time you launch and close the browsers.

Both methods work to keep your privacy safe but your data that is stolen by websites that you visit remains unsafe. The websites are able to access your data and track all your browsing. So your regular browsing might actually be monitored by some companies.

To make things easy for you we have private or anonymous browsers capable of keeping your whole browsing data secure. Through this article, I will be making sure you have a browser that will help you keep your privacy safe. Some of the best private browsers are handpicked and listed below for you.

These are the most popular private browsers that have all the tracker and ad blocker with a lot of other features that can keep your personal data safe and untracked. The features and link to download with all basic information will be provided along with each browser.

Best Private Browser Apps for Safe Browsing

Below, we have listed the best private browser apps available for your devices to keep your data safe and secure/

1. Orfox

best anonymous browsing apps

Orfox is one of the best private browsers for androids and has all the features to keep your data safe. It has been the only recommended private browser by the TOR project to help keep the user’s privacy protected. This private android browser is built with the source code same as Tor browser that is also built upon Firefox.

Some of the important features in this app are password lock and private browsing mode. With the password lock, it can’t be accessed without the password keeping it limited to the user only. During the private browsing, mode trackers are unable to track your browsing and take your data.

It also has NoScript and HttpsEverywhere add-ons pre-installed on it. HTTPSEverywhere forces different websites to use HTTPS. Orfox also makes sure no one can track your browsing or learn what your browsing nature is. Users physical location from where the browsing is done is also protected from tracing. The websites that are blocked for you can also be accessed with Orfox.

A feature is also available that allows automatic history and data clear on closing the browser. More add-ons can be installed for more features while few add-ons are preinstalled in it.

This private browser app is available only for Android devices.

2. Dolphin Zero

dolphin zero

This is another one of the best private browsers that keep your browsing data safe. Dolphin Zero is available for both iOS and Android. It doesn’t have many advanced features and is one of the best incognito apps. The size of this private browser is very small and is very much light with just 500kb.

It keeps the user’s data safe and all the browsing history, cache, cookies, and passwords are deleted after the browser is closed. A ‘Do not track’ feature is also present in this iOS and Android private browser. It let’s user to change search engines as per their preference ( Google, Yahoo, duckduckgo etc). Users get a private or incognito mode that leaves no browsing history, cookies or cache etc.

It supports flash players on Android devices and users gets the best streaming experience. Adblocker of this browser keeps the annoying pop-ups and ads away while you are browsing.

The interface is simple and smooth while users get fast browsing keeping all their browsing data safe. It can also possibly be one of the best private iOS browsers. It has a simple and clean UI that allows users to add websites for easy access. Personal Gestures can be enabled to have faster and easier browsing. Voice search makes it more advanced and users get search results without typing. Themes are also available in this browser to change its appearance.

Dolphin Zero is available for both iOS and devices.

3. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

duck duck go

Duckduckgo is a well-known search engine that provides safe browsing. It is popular for untracked browsing and blocked advertising. Now, this browser by the same company has been developed for providing safe and secure browsing. This private is available for both iOS and Android devices. A list full of features is available in this private browser that makes your browsing private. It can detect most of the third-party trackers on the internet and exposes them to you. You get to track who is tracking your browsing with this private browser.

This browser also helps you stay out of the site of ISPs by forcing sites to use an increased encrypted connection. It never tracks the users browsing or collects their data. Some extra privacy features are also available with this private browsing app. While you get many features you will have normal browsing experience and nothing will be much different from regular browsers.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

4. Firefox Focus

firefox focus

This is yet another one of the best private browser apps available right now. It is made by the Mozilla and so is very much reliable in all ways. Firefox Focus is supported on both Android and iOS devices. It is loaded with different features to make your browsing private and untracked. Many different common web trackers can be detected and blocked by this private browser. The tracker blocker is enabled by default and the user doesn’t have to do much manually.

Access to your data is only for you and you can easily delete your history. You get to browse with no worries of cookies, passwords, and trackers with this private browser. A stealth mode of this private browsing app keeps the user from taking screenshots. Some of the features can be disabled from settings while many of them are pre-enabled and remain so.

Having all these features the only downfall of this app is no multi-tab feature.

Firefox Focus is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

5. Ghostery Privacy Browser

ghostery privacy browser

This is one of the best private browser apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Ghostery Privacy Browser has all the possible features of a private browser. It is capable of keeping your data safe from all the trackers on the internet. Claiming to have the biggest tracker database out there it can block all the trackers for you while you browse.

The user gets to know who is tracking their data while they visit websites. Trackers can be blocked or unblocked by users individually or many at once. It comes with built-in ad blocker that makes browsing smooth and free while enhancing browsing speed.

The app has enhanced privacy features to optimize protection. The user can enable enhanced anti-tracking that secures personal data online. It comes with a built-in private search that is powered by Cliqz. The user’s searches are kept safe and untracked while no data is collected. A ghost mode is also available that is similar to incognito browsing.

Phishing protection is also provided by Ghostery and keeps you safe from websites that try to collect your account data. The Phishing protection is claimed to detect up to four times more Phishing attempts than Google safe browsing. It is faster in detecting any place sites.

Ghostery Privacy Browser is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Final Verdict

Browsing is essential but you can always have safer browsing with the best private browser apps. And above mentioned are some of the best private browsers for iOS and Android devices. More and better will keep coming in this developing world but you can use these for having secure browsing for now. Android devices will probably have more of the best private browser apps available for users so iOS users are recommended to try the ones mentioned above supporting iOS.

The article was provided with all the information on the best private browser apps and their need while it’s important to keep your data safe because you never know what is the purpose of the tracking. Stay safe keep your data limited to yourself and use the best of the private browsers loaded with features.

I hope you had all the information you were looking for and you are recommended to stay connected as more articles will be coming with more latest information and list of useful apps that will make your life easier.

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