Best Place to Sell Textbooks Online (or Near Me)

best place to sell textbooks

If you are looking to sell your textbooks and make some money, we have listed the Best Places to Sell your Textbooks!

Textbooks play a very important life when a student is studying. Without textbooks, there can be no proper way through which students can learn things when they go to certain schools and colleges. There’s a pattern of the syllabus that you have to follow for a particular subject and in order to keep everything intact, you would be required to use textbooks. The teachers can teach you whatever they want to in the class but at the end of the day, you will have to take the help of a textbook. best place to sell books online

best place to sell books online

But the thing with textbooks is that when you pass a particular class and you move to the next, you will have to buy new textbooks and give up on the old ones. Don’t like your old textbooks sitting there for nothing in your bookshelf? There are some online ways through which you can sell such stuff off.

Best Place to Sell Textbooks

Here are some of those websites that you have to check out:

1. Bookscouter

This is a great place to begin your journey regarding selling off your books. You just have to look into the books that you would like to sell-off. There’s an ISBN on every book. You must have to look into it and enter the digits on Bookscouter. The website will then search for the buyers who would like to have that book. You will know the best price of your book and you can sell it off for the highest amount. Although it deals with different kinds of books, it works mostly around textbooks only. 

2. Student2Student

You can imagine how the website works through the name itself. Student2Student is a platform where students look to buy as well as sell books. So when you use this platform, there are definite chances that you will be able to sell your books off for sure. When you’re looking to buy textbooks, it will compare different websites and provide you the same thing at the cheapest price. If you want to sell the textbooks off, you will be getting an honest opinion about the price of your book at which it can be sold off. 

3. Cash4Books

Cash4Books doesn’t work like the names we have suggested to you already. They won’t create a marketplace for your books. They won’t be comparing the price of your books through different websites. Instead, they will buy it directly from you. Now that you have to sell it off here itself, you need to meet certain conditions of this platform. You will have to enter the ISBN of your book and the. Cash4Books will let you know the exact price at which it can buy the book from you, given that you meet the terms & conditions. 

4. Bookbyte

Bookbyte is very to the point. You just have to enter the ISBN of the book or books you want to sell-off. It will let you know the price that it can pay for the same. If you like the offer, you can accept it. If you don’t, it won’t try to please you with a better offer or something. It is very to the point regarding how it would like to buy books from you. You’re sure to not waste your time here. You either like it or dislike it instantly. If you accept the offer, you will be getting a prepaid shipping label. Also, you can get paid through cash as well as PayPal making the deal easier. 

5. Sell Back your Book

Sell Back your Book can provide some amazing offers to you. This platform doesn’t shy away from giving you the best price that your book might deserve. But you have to live up to its terms and conditions. Here, you cannot sell off advanced readers’ copies. Other than that, it doesn’t accept books that don’t have ISBN anywhere on them. Encyclopedia Sets are strictly prohibited by the platform as well. If you have got instructors’ editions or teachers’ editions, Sell Back your Book will happily accept your book. 

6. TextbookRush

It’s available in the application form as well. So you can download it in case you are using an iPhone or computer. TextbookRush works just like any other website here. You will be required to enter the ISBN, view the offer, and ship it with the help of a pre-paid shipping label. If you want to get paid through store credit, you get that option through TextbookRush. This is also the key difference between this platform and the others. So you can sell off the books and buy new books for your next semester with the help of that credit. 

7. Amazon

Amazon is a place where you can buy or sell anything and the case is not any different with textbooks either. The amazing thing about selling off your stuff on Amazon is that it has a huge scope to sell your things off. The possibility of getting a price for your textbooks cannot be any higher when you use Amazon. You can use the Trade-In program of Amazon too in order to sell your books. But you wouldn’t be getting cash for the same, you would rather get the Amazon Gift card. 

8. Decluttr

With Decluttr, you are able to sell off so many things. If you have got old CDs and DVDs sitting in your room for nothing, you can sell them off on Declutter smoothly. But wait, that’s not it. It also gives you a chance of getting rid of your old textbooks. You will actually get paid for the same as well. You will just have to find your items. Once you do so, you get to choose the price. If you’re satisfied with the highest level of price, you may confirm the sale, and then it will be ready to ship. 

9. Bookfinder

The name may define the purpose of this website on its own, it is strictly working around books. It collects all the book buyback options. You can just search for the book and it will show you how much different websites are paying for it. It has worked amazingly well in the United States. People find it easier to get their desired price for the books that they want to sell off at a particular point in time. It is as easy as it can get when you use Bookfinder to deal with your old textbooks. 

10. eCampus

With the reward program coming with eCampus, you might find it a great platform that you can jell along with nicely. When you sign up to this platform, you’re supposed to get 175 points straight away. You can interact with the people that you want to deal with through social media and your points keep rising up. If you think these points are not going to lead anywhere then you’ve mistaken it completely. These points can be converted into gift cards that you can use to shop online. Free shipping adds to a fantastic experience as a seller! 

11. Blue Rectangle

Blue Rectangle is one hell of a platform in order to buy and sell your books. It provides you much-needed flexibility regarding selling off your books. You can decide the price for your books on your own and then see if someone is going to be interested in buying them. If no one shows up, you can alter the pricing in the given future. As far as payments are concerned, there are two ways through which you get paid. One of them is checked and another is PayPal payments. 

12. Barnes and Noble

It is a very popular platform in order to trade your books. But in case you want to receive the money, the terms & conditions can get under your skin at some point. When you’re selling off books through Barnes and Noble, you have to make sure that you have a nice stock available with you. If you want to sell just one book, it wouldn’t work out well for you at Barnes and Noble. You should at least have a sale of $10 in order to get the money. Once the shipment is done and you have made $10 or beyond, you can expect the payment through cheque or PayPal within a couple of weeks. 

13. Chegg

Chegg is also one of those platforms which ensures the best price of the books to you. So if you have kept the books well in shape, you will get the highest price for it through Chegg. The whole process in order to buy and sell books here is quite simple. You don’t have to pay for shipping either since Chegg will do it itself, you don’t have to bear any extra cost. When you have shipped your books, you can expect the payment in a period of one to two weeks. 

Concluding: Best Place to Sell Books Online

So these are some of the websites and applications that can work really well for you. You have a great chance of getting a really handy price for your textbooks. Sometimes it is about money and the other times it is about clearing off your desk full of books. 

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