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10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives For MacOS 2019

best notepad++ alternatives for Mac OS

Notepad++ is one of the most popular software among web developers on windows. It comes with tons of useful features for developers that make their work much easier. A large number of users have been completely satisfied with the experience of Notepad++. In this post, we will be discussing the best Notepad ++ alternatives.

Notepad++ surely has a lot including the interface you can customize along with the macro reading and syntax highlighting. It has been a lifesaver for many programmers and still stands on the top of the list. The software is free and that is just another reason why it is so much popular. The all-time choice for programmers that works flawlessly and provide great features is Notepad++.

Everyone loves this text editing tool and the tweaks and features of it that are all provided for free. There are many other text editors out there but not many of them provide such features for free and that is why Notepad++ is a very good choice for everyone.

Why Alternatives?

The fact that there are a large number of programmers working on windows doesn’t mean no one works on MacOS. The developers working on MacOS and the ones that switch to MacOS from the windows find it hard to get a text editor as good as Notepad++. There are a lot of text editors out there available for MacOS but everyone needs the feature and experience of Note[pad++.

To make it easy for the MacOS users to find a good and reliable text editor here is a list of 10 best Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS. MacOS doesn’t have a lot of free text editor and most of the useful software comes as a paid package you need to buy.

Best Notepad++ Alternatives  for MacOS

The listed below are best of text editors that we have selected to put as an alternative to Notepad++ for MacOS. Each of these are different from others and is best performing as a text editor as notepad++ alternatives for MacOS.


For the front end developers, Brackets is the first choice and have been this way for some time. The interesting thing about this code editor is that it is an open source project from Adobe. It is a properly functioning and well-managed code editor. The software has an active community that manages it and provides regular updates. Its live preview feature is a treat for programmers and you can check all the changes you made easily.

The feature lets you make a quick trial on your work while you are working on it. There is another feature for programmer called extract that let you take out fonts and colors etc from PDF files. These are not just all and you get many other useful features that will help you a lot.

All these features of this text editor are free and the software is a good and smooth Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS. For more, you can add extensions from GitHub to it and furthermore it gets regular updates from the developers.

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is one of the most popular text editing software out there. Talking about alternatives to Notepad++ for MacOS you will always come through the name of Sublime Text. You probably must have come through this name before as well and this is one of the leading and best code editor for MacOS that you can get. It can potentially be the best option for everyone only if it were free to get. The features in Sublime Text are the most innovative and you can concentrate more without getting any distractions from social networks. Sublime Text is not only supported on Mac OS and is also available for windows and android systems. For using Sublime Text all you have to do is make the purchase to get the license of it that can be used for accessing it on any platform.

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is one of the leading Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS and also the choice of professional programmers. It comes with a lot of attractive features for programming and is a good alternative to notepad++ for MacOS. The integrated development environment of Komodo Edit is another reason for its popularity among the professional programmers. It is loaded with tons of useful features including autocomplete and multiple language support. You get to change the theme and add extensions from the GitHub. All these features and tweaks in this code editor are available for you to use. It is one of the good alternatives to Notepad++ on MacOS that works like charm.

BBedit 12

BBedit 12 is the well known and popular text editors that have been on top of the surface. The potential of this HTML and text editor is a completely amazing thing for any programmer. The best thing about BBedit is that it has a lot of features in it that you can use while working on any code or text. You get all the features you might possibly need for handling multiple files easily while doing any programming.

The code editor is not a completely free software but you do get a one month free trial period with it. After the period you have to make a purchase to continue using BBedit 12 with all its features. There is another option for those that can’t afford the paid BBedit 12 and check it out with Text wrangler next on the list of best Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS.


TextWrangler is the option for people that cant purchase the paid package of BBedit for its editing features. Both these code editors are developed by the same software company and have the same basic framework. TextWrangler is not as good as BBedit and doesn’t have all the features that BBedit has but it sure is capable of completing all your coding work as an editor. The features that you get are all similar to any of the free text editors out there and for more features, you can always move to BBedit. TextWrangler is one of the best Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS available for free.


Textastic is a perfect option for those who can pay a bit for reasonable prices on premium software. This one on the list is a cheap yet efficient text editor for MacOS that you can use for all your work. Textastic is a good choice for you in the list of best Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS. It is also said to be one of the most powerful Text editing software for MacOS. You get tons of features like autosave, find in files, many sources, etc right in one text editor.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code is one the text editor by Microsoft that we have as one of the best alternatives for notepad++ for MacOS. It is said to be one of the best free text editors that you can get for MacOS. It is a full package of features that you can get in any text editor that will work perfectly fine without errors. Some cool features of this text editor include the inbuilt debugger and regex support along with got control and many more. The features are too many to count looking at the fact that it is a completely free software for MacOS.

For times when you need to add more things, you can add extensions to the text editor to extend the functional capabilities. Other than MacOS it is also supported on Linux. It just works fine with MacOS and is now one of the best alternatives to Notepad++ for MacOS. It also has a reliable IDE( integrated development environment). More features include online service for working on bigger coding work or projects


Claimed to be the best text editor is the Ultraedit on this list of Best Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS and it is a good option for you to use on Mac OS. It might have claimed the title of best text editor but the developers should be the one to decide this. It comes with tons of features for text editing and management. Some features include the folding, highlighting, drag and drop. It also has support for many languages. The thing that makes it uneven among others is the fact that you can get some other apps like this that can help you in different ways. Compare the files, find them replace the texts and do many more with them.


Atom is a good choice among all the Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS.  It is also one of the leading text editors on the list of text editors for MacOS. It is an open source project by GitHub and a completely free text editor for everyone. The interface for users is just quite smooth and good looking making it a fit for you editor. The things in this text editor that make it superior to other software similar to it are it’s features. The text editor gives you complete access to everything you work on.

You can change and remove anything that bothers you or is causing trouble. You get the management features that let you have whole control over the work and data. All these amazing features of this text editor are completely free to use and it can be downloaded and installed for free on your MacOS.

Coda 2

Coda 2 is the text editor with full-on power and works as a perfect tool for any developer. The features like finding and replace, automatic tag closing, shifting of code and many more. It supports a lot of languages and makes a perfect text editor. You can edit on different servers with the Coda 2 and you also get the Webkit preview.
The Webkit preview has all the necessary features like debugger, web inspector and profiles, etc. a package is a good option for you if you haven’t found any good text editor on your way to this list. It is surely one of the best Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS you can currently get.

Final Verdict

You might have liked the NOtepad++ to its core but since it is not available for MacOS it’s hard to find a Notepad++ alternatives For MacOS. The above-mentioned Notepad++ alternatives for MacOS are best available in the current year. These editors come with all the similar features you get in Notepad++ and work flawlessly for programmers while working on codes.

Check them all out if you have been looking for an alternative to Notepad++ for MacOS. Check them all out and you will surely be satisfied by one of these alternatives of Notepad++. Select the one most suitable for your work and budget.

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