Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC & Android (2019)

best nintendo 3ds emulator

Nintendo 3DS is popular almost everywhere. Almost every gamer wants to have experience of the console with the resources they have. In this post, we will discuss the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for both PC and Android. Nintendo gamers are worldwide but there are more gamers waiting for Emulators.

Emulators give you the experience of Nintendo 3DS on your smartphones and computers. You can play games of various consoles on different devices using emulators. Users can play Games on Emulators without actually having the console.

Users can play new and old all the different type of games launched for some limited consoles using emulators. Nintendo 3DS has a huge list of games that are limited to the Nintendo 3DS console. All these games are not accessible to you. We have handpicked the top 8 best performing 3DS emulators for Android and PC (Windows, Linux, and Mac). The Nintendo 3DS emulators are able to host games of Nintendo consoles on devices. It stimulates them to Nintendo consoles system. Smartphones and PCs are now working perfectly as Nintendo consoles.

All the complex controls of consoles are simplified according to both smartphones and PCs differently. Smartphones and computers need to have suitable hardware for emulator. They need more power to work smoothly so gamers can have a smooth gaming experience to avoid choppy gameplay. In this article, you will be introduced to the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for PCs and Android. You will also know their features and inside sneak peeks.

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC (Mac, Windows, and Linux)

1. R4 3DS Emulator (Windows)

best nintendo 3ds emulator for Windows

R4 3DS emulator is one of the most reliable emulators for playing R4 3DS games on a windows system. There is no version of Nintendo 3DS games for Windows so its the next best thing. This emulator allows gamers to play most of the Nintendo 3DS games and stimulates your system to work as the console of Nintendo.

You won’t need a console to play the Nintendo 3DS game. You can just turn on the emulator on your windows system to get the experience of the console.

It promotes users to insert cartridge when you start using it. The gameplay is smooth and works perfectly as you are playing on the original Nintendo 3DS console. It might allow you to play most of the Nintendo 3DS games of the console but it lacks the newest of the games.

Users can customize their controls to have better gaming as the console has more controls than normal gaming systems.

It is also recommended for devs as this emulator allows reviewing the work on the computer itself so devs don’t have to switch to DS console.


2. DeSmuME (Windows 32 & 64-bit)


This is a special type of emulator one of its kind as it is first Nintendo 3DS emulator. This emulator supports the 32-bits Windows operating system as opposed to most of the emulators launched for 64-bits windows system. Updates keep on coming to fix bugs and you will receive different built as soon as they come out.

DeSmuME emulator allows you to have the gaming experience of Nintendo console right on your windows system with all the same controls and gameplay that is smooth and with graphics similar to the console while it supports a lot of games from the NDS. It supports many games and provides the same gameplay as the Nintendo 3DS console right in your windows system.


3. NO$GBA (Windows)


NO$GBA for Windows is free Nintendo 3DS emulator and users can get the latest of its updates by paying $2.5. The latest version of this emulator is always better than the last versions and only come as paid version until the next version is released.  The old version becomes free to download as soon as the new version is released.

This emulator is also one of the best emulator available for Windows. It works perfectly for people that want to have the console gaming everything on their PC without buying Nintendo 3DS console. The gaming is smooth and efficient while you get a lot of games that can be played on the emulator. You get full controls that users can customize according to their convenience.


4. Citra (3DS Emulator for Windows and Mac)

citra 3ds emulator

Citra is a popular Nintendo 3DS emulator for Windows and Mac system and allows users to play the games of Nintendo console right on these systems even with the better graphics than Nintendo 3DS console itself. The graphics on this emulator are better than the console as-as scale 3D graphics to render resolutions that are greater than the original Nintendo 3DS console.

This was an open source project which was first launched in 2015. Users can operate the project from the command line. Cirta is capable of running most of the games in best 60 fps and 400 x 200 resolution right on the screen. The gameplay quality is as good as any other console due to the texture and graphics on the resolution.

The emulator supports two screens and users can view different visual modes. It also supports both Windows and Mac operating system. Now, this emulator also supports networked multiplayer with new updates. In select titles, players can play together with their friend across the globe in the latest canary builds of citra.

Automatic updates are introduced in citra and users can now update it without manually doing it. It is an open source update and it is a good thing for everyone. These updates are capable of fixing any issue that they face because users can now Know all the bugs.

The requirements are 64 bits Operating system and a graphics card supported by OpenGL 3.3 or higher.


Best 3DS Emulator for Android and iOS

1. Pretendo NDS Emulator

pretendo nds emulator

Pretendo NDS Emulator is a popular emulator for smartphones that allows users to get the first-hand experience of Nintendo 3DS games without having the console. It gives users the chance to load ROMs in both .ds format and .room as well as in zipping and .rar compressed format. ROMs are not installed in the emulator. Users will need to purchase the ROMs. Controls on this emulator are easy and customizable. you can use it accordingly on your smartphones or tablets with all options similar to the Nintendo DS console. Users get the feature to use a finger as a stylus and it can basically provide all the controls of the console to you on your smartphones.

Users can also save the progress of the game automatically and don’t have to manually save every time they play the game. The self-guard feature of this emulator keeps saving the game to make things easy for users. More options are available for the user to disable graphics or audio for better performance of emulator and smooth gameplay.

This emulator is very good for Android to play Nintendo 3DS games but it can be annoying to find too much advertising of itself.

2. DraStic DS Emulator (Android)

drastic ds emulator

This here is another one of the best emulators available for smartphones as it gives the best emulation and gaming experience of Nintendo 3DS without console right on your smartphones and tablets. It keeps the trust of users maintained by the making of games. Users can Play all the classical games of Nintendo console with this emulator with the smooth gaming on good attractive graphics.

You can also load all the different games of Nintendo console games to this emulator by users at the same time and switch between them.  You can customize the controls and change the animation for each game of that you play on this emulator. The emulator is perfect in all ways as you also get to connect it with the Google play store to keep your game progress safe to recover it if needed while different cheat codes to make the game easier for people that like shortcut are also supported.

The emulator is not completely legal and you might want to use only original Nintendo games as this might be full of clones.

3. NDS Boy! New (High-end Android devices)

nds boy

NDS Boy! Is a new and very much popular emulator for Android devices. They have beaten most of the emulators in this Nintendo emulation on smartphones. This emulator has taken over the Nintendo emulators like Drastic DS Emulator that have been on the top. The emulator has been efficient and fast on smartphones to have Nintendo 3DS gameplay without having choppy games and lag. The emulator works perfectly with high-end specification Androids. It needs a minimum of 2gb ram on your smartphone to make your gameplay smooth.

It is now also available on Play Store for free.

You can play a large list of games from the Nintendo 3DS games on your smartphones with the same gameplay as the Nintendo console without even having the console.

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