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20 Best Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual LAN Gaming [Free]

hamachi alternatives

The name “Hamachi” isn’t the newest and you surely must have heard of it before if you are into virtual gaming and stuff. It is one of the most popular VPN services among others. In this post, we will be discussing the best Hamachi Alternatives.

Hamachi is of great comfort with the secure connection you get over the servers that you can use for virtual LAN gaming or for connecting to others over the network. It might be the most popular of even the best for some but why just stop here?

hamachi alternatives

A lot of Hamachi users have fed up with it and have been looking for some good Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. You are here so you most likely need a new thing so keep reading the whole thing. There are a whole lot of options out there for you but gaming can only be done with a stable and safe service provider.

We have made a list of 20 best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming for you to make it easy for you to get changes. Each on this list works the same way as Hamachi and you should check them all out before you think of going back to Hamachi.

Here is the list we have made for you so suit yourself with the one that serves you best.



1. FreeLAN

FreeLAN is another one of the open source projects for you as Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. It is completely free to use and provides all basic features and functions. You can make your own VPN with free LAN and also make customized networks for yourself. Users are very much supported by the much active team of developers behind the software. On the gaming side for this hamachi alternative for virtual LAN games, you get smooth performance. No network lag and ping issues arise for users and you can try it or check out the whole list.


P2PVPN is a good option as Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. It is free and open source making it potential on development for all users. The special thing about this software is that it is developed by a single person and not a team of devs. It provides all the necessary features an option to make a VPN for gaming. It’s a little old fashion and had the last update many years back. For new games, you might need a better option to check out other Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. For old games, it will work just fine for you but do check out the whole list we have for you.

3. NetOverNet

NetOveNet is a good Hamachi alternative among others. It’s not the one made for the sole reason for performing gaming sessions but can deal with your gaming for sure. NetOverNet allows multiple devices to be connected to a network together and extend the network for gaming. It’s secure and each of the users connected on the VPN network gets individual username and password to connect. It can make virtual LAN gaming possible for you just like Hamachi.

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4. Wippien

This is a small sized application for making VPN networks and surely is one of the good Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.. It makes a secure connection for the VPN network user makes over a p2p connection. Registration on the app is also secure and you can use Gmail and Jabber account on it.

For gaming, it works like charm for all type of local server using games. Multiplayer games can work on it smoothly so it’s quite a good option to Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

5. Comodo Unite

Comodo Unite is just one of the best for secure connection locally for multiple computers. It’s completely free and works perfectly for making a VPN network that can be used to send files. The file transfer is secured and encrypted so never to worry about data leakage. For gaming, it also works fine for multiple connections over local computers. Connect with players over VPN network for multiplayer games using Comodo Unite.

6. ibVPN

ibVPN is not the best in the list but is a good option among Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. It is surely not a fancy software and is mainly focused on the task it is made for. ibVPN allows you to unblock some more websites and also keep your data safe and secured. Its much simple looking and is functionally efficient.

7. ZeroTier

ZeroTier is not so popular but surely needs to be checked for its features. It supports all the platforms Windows, iOS, Linux and Android making it a much better choice than most others on the list. It’s not so much complex of software and yet provides all the things you need for virtual LAN gaming. Low pings and stable connection for all connected to the server is provided by ZeroTier.

8. DynVPN

DynVPN is a simple and easy way of making a private VPN server. It is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about how to use it. Just by launching it you are given away the option to create a private VPN network. Make a server for virtual LAN gaming in the easiest way with DynVPN. It works just fine without even causing any changes to your system and makes a secure private VPN server to connect with other devices.

9. GameRanger

GameRanger is one of the most secure and trusted of the options you have among the others in this list. It lets you have a secure VPN service that gives you a stable and smooth virtual LAN gaming experience. The features in it are not as many as the other software providers but it does the job pretty fine. The good thing is it doesn’t have to do anything with your drivers and does everything on its own client. You can totally take it as one of the best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

10. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the name for good and high-speed internet and it is surely one of the best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. It has servers over a large number of countries and is highly secure to all users. For streaming and live chats etc, it’s a good option and the internet speed and ping make gaming smooth for you. The servers are tested for the speed and you get the one-month money back guarantee.

11. Remobo

Remobo is a fast and efficient way of making a VPN network over different users. Fast and easy to use it lets you instantly connect with another user over the server. Its widely used by users for gaming and connecting securely. Just register it with a username and password and use it to make a LAN server for gaming.

12. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is surely a good alternative like others in the list and it allows you to get virtual VPN server instantly. It is time efficient and easy to use while a lot of users can connect to the server you make with it. It’s free and makes gaming over LAN better with more number of players with the same performance. The gamers get good pings while playing over a virtual LAN. It is secure and ensures the high-speed internet of 100mbps.

13. NeoRouter

NeoRouter is a software that lets you make and manage private and open servers by yourself. You internet gets secure and access to many websites will also be permitted for you by overclocking your IP address. It also supports different platforms like iOS, Linux, Windows, and Android, etc. It’s very much trusted and security is never an issue with it for users.

14. Shrew Soft VPN Client

This one right here is all rounder and fully loaded with features Hamachi alternative for virtual LAN gaming. It is a good option for pre-existing VPN servers of all type. Give it a try if you are already a user of the VPN server.

15. OpenVPN

OpenVPN is another one on this list of best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming but is not so good for gaming. It is secure and trusted for all type of VPN servers. Gamers can connect together over the private networks for LAN gaming. The ping remains low and the game goes smooth for all the players connected on server.

16. Evolve (Now is the beast among this list and it has come from its old form of Evolve. It comes with adapter and drivers in it and provides a much stable and smooth server. works fine with a large number of games and works with the function similar to streaming. It has now developed to even allow game purchases on it and a new version 2.0 is also about to come. The new version supports direct streaming over the popular social media platforms.

17. UltraVPN

UltraVPN is a much simpler and easy to use software for making private VPN servers. It also has encryption on the data over the network. Your data cannot be breached over the network and it surely is secure for users. The size is also small and the interface is user-friendly so had to put among the best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

18. Cisco VPN

Cisco VPN is a software that supports Windows and MacOS. It is also one of the Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. It is different from others in this list but surely works fine for gaming. You get a stable internet connection and low pings while on the VPN server. It is secure for you and supports multiple players over the network.

19. SoftEther

SoftEther is one of the leading VPN software out there and it is worth the try if you haven’t tried. It supports platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android, etc and is one of the best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

Its quite simple but has a lot to offer to you with tons of useful features. Its secure and has works well against the firewalls so you might even be able to access more websites. Other than everything the software is 100% free but it has everything you would not mind paying for.

20. Tunngle

This is the last but not least in the list of Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. It is the gift for gamers as this one is developed by gamers looking at all the needs for gaming. The community behind Tunngle is all about gaming and this is specially made for gaming over LAN network. You just need to register for the community and start using it however you like by adding games. Its also very secure and your data remains safe from any breach. Another plus point is that you can even meet new people over the forum in it.

Final Verdict

In this post, we discussed the best Hamachi Alternatives. Finding something new that is better and can serve your purpose can be difficult sometimes. Hamachi is a good and popular VPN service provider but you can always go for new and better options some of which are listed above. The list might look a bit long but you will be happy after checking our list of Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

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