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9 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Updated 2019

best dns servers for gaming

In this post, we will discuss the best DNS servers for Gaming. You probably are already aware of gaming and the term DNS might be new to you. Before getting into the main part let’s first have a small introduction of DNS.

DNS means domain name system and this is a technical and arranged naming system that is used for computers connected on internet or services connected on the internet. It allows users to connect with the host servers. As the name suggests it is responsible for connecting the information to each of the domain names given to the part of the network.

Why Do You Need New DNS Server?

The DNS servers given to you by your ISP or internet service provider are casual and not very reliable. Internet speed of those servers are either slow and if fast enough it is unstable. Unstable speed always causes trouble in browsing as well as gaming. For gaming, it’s important that you have stable and fast internet.

Slow internet causes choppy gameplay and you might face low fps and ping problems. DNS that provides stable and fast internet is important for gaming purposes and you always need to go for DNS servers that give stable and fast internet connection.

You might find it hard to get any DNS server that serves you best as most people only get to use the DNS server given by the ISP which I don’t believe serve the best to anyone. For making that work easy to you we have come with some of the best DNS servers for gaming that you can use for gaming. These are the best and popular DNS servers that give the best features and aim for the most important things you need for gaming. Read about these each from us and decides by yourself what you prefer for yourself.

Best DNS servers for gaming you can use

Here is the list of best DNS servers for gaming that you can use for gaming as they provide the safest and fastest connection to you while being reliable.

Each one of these DNS servers is different and aim for different things and you need to make sure you understand how they are different. All of them are best for gaming so try getting one which doesn’t get in your work while giving you access to faster internet. DNS servers might block websites that you need to access so keep that in mind as well.

1. Google DNS server

Google DNS server

Google is the biggest brand itself and in tech and internet related causes, it is the first. For DNS servers as well Google is the biggest and well-known service provider. Google is popular and everyone is aware of its authenticity as well. The Google DNS server is one of the most popular and free DNS servers.

There are reasons for its popularity and that is its services that feature the best gaming experience. The games are undoubtedly better on Google DNS server as they have made sure the gaming experience is ultra smooth and uninterrupted by lag.

The browsing is also faster and better while security is never an issue for you.The DNS settings configuration that needs to be set by you to use the Google DNS server is Important. For using Google DNS server you need to configure the network setting using the given IP address.

Recommended DNS server-

Alternate domain name system-

2. OpenDNS

The OpenDNS server is different from other DNS service providers. This DNS server gives you the cloud-delivered services. The security services provided by this server are connected to the cloud and protects you from all the malware attacks that can happen on the network you are connected to. OpenDNS server aims for a better and safer internet usage that you need.

You get a smooth internet experience while for gaming your game gets buttery smooth. You will enjoy the gaming on the server that is completely lag free and uninterrupted. It is a public server and to get connected to it you need to do the configuration of network setting with the IP address  given below

Preferred DNS server-

Alternate DNS server-


3. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton is just another one of the famous names in tech and software. It is one of the leading antivirus making company that lets you keep your devices stay safe from any malware and viruses that can come from the internet or shared files.

Norton provides the best internet security and antivirus for your use. Norton ConnectSafe DNS server is another one of the could connected domain name system. It as it’s real form keeps you protected from harmful and malicious websites on the internet that can cause a lot of trouble to your system.

Other websites that have unsuitable content are also kept away from you by Norton ConnectSafe DNS service.For more information on Norton ConnectSafe DNS, we will provide some more on it including it’s 3 primary DNS policies. The configuration of each is given below.


Policy 1 Security

This policy makes sure you remain safe from the website that comes with scam and phishing to collect your personal data and cause a breach in your personal life.

Other websites that contain malware and viruses are also filtered for you by this policy to make your internet usage safe. DNS settings need to be changed by you on the system accordingly with these IP addresses to use this DNS server.

Preferred DNS server-

Alternate DNS server-


Policy 2 Security

This policy does serve similar security purposes like taking care of unwanted websites that you don’t want to come through. More to the security it also keeps the adult content containing websites to get accessed.

This keeps the unwanted websites and anything you don’t need on your internet took care of. For using this DNS server you have to change the DNS settings on your system to work with the following IP addresses

Preferred DNS server

Alternate DNS server


Policy 3 Security with more

This policy just adds more to blocking unwanted and adult websites and keeping you safe from malware and viruses.  The websites that have negative content and can mislead you for doing wrong things or lead to any kind of addiction are blocked and made inaccessible.

Adult content, drinking, crime, slavery, etc that are morally wrong and shouldn’t be accessed by anyone are blocked. To use this DNS server you have to change the DNS settings along with these DNS IP addresses on your system

Preferred DNS server

Alternate DNS server.


4. Level3

This DNS service provider lets you connect to the nearest public DNS server connected to Level3 interchanges. It will let you have a smooth and faster or better gaming experience that remains the same without any lag or interruption.

You have to make changes in the DNS settings of your system to work with the following IP addresses to use this DNS server.

Preferred DNS server.

Exchange domain name system server


5. Comodo Secure DNS

This is one of the DNS servers that aim for faster internet service that is safe at the same time. Comodo Secure DNS server lets you have very fast and secure internet. The internet speed is faster than the DNS servers you get from your internet service provider. It is very much recommended to use this DNS server if you want a stable and fast internet connection.

Gaming is always better with faster internet that doesn’t fluctuate. With this DNS server, your internet will never be the reason for choppy gameplay and your gaming experience will be better. It is good if you really are annoyed by the slow speed with bad pings that ruins your gaming experience.

The connection remains fast and stable while safer for you. To use this DNS server you need to change the DNS settings of your system to work with the DNS IP addresses given below.


Preferred DNS server

Alternate DNS server


6. OpenNIC

OpenNIC is just another one of the DNS servers you can choose over your default DNS server provided by ISP. This server is also very fast like other servers and will provide you smooth and better gaming on any online game.

Privacy is kept safe for you as well and the government have no access to anything that you do on your internet. Your internet experience will go uninterrupted and faster browsing will be possible using this DNS server. The DNS service of OpenNIC are accessible by the configuration of your DNS settings with these IP addresses


Preferred DNS server

Alternate DNS server.

7. GreenTeamDNS

This is a reliable DNS server if you need a safer and faster internet. The server blocks a large number of websites that can harm you with malware or virus and even blocks the adult content on the internet. You get full access to your browsing and websites that you want to use or block.

If you are strict with your safety and need to keep it that way this DNS server will work fine for you. The gaming gets better with faster internet making your gaming experience smooth enough for you to become the pro. For using this DNS server you have to change the DNS settings on your setup using the following IP addresses.


Preferred DNS server.

Alternate DNS server


8. Quad9

Quad9 is one of the free and fresh DNS servers available out there. It best suits for you to have something new with better internet experience. This DNS server is very much reliable for its speed and security. It let’s you to have the best experience on the internet securely. It also keeps you from accessing any harmful domain.

This makes your browsing safer so no worries about your safety and privacy. Your data and system is safe if you use this server and to use this DNS server change your DNS settings with the following IP addresses.


Preferred DNS server

Alternate DNS server


9. CloudFlare

CloudFlare DNS server is just another one of the best options for you to get fast and secure internet. The speed of this DNS server is just best and you will not be unsatisfied by the performance you get. The DNS server also has features for you while makes sure your browsing remains safe. The DNS server is private and your data and privacy remain protected while browsing remains unfiltered.

Your gaming with this DNS also is better as it’s speed is impressive making game smoother and uninterrupted which is usually a major problem in online games. For using this DNS server you will have to make changes in your DNS settings with the following IP addresses.

Preferred DNS server.

Alternate DNS server.


The above mentioned are the best 5 DNS servers for gaming that you can use. Hopefully, you will use the one that best serves the purpose for you. These were all the best DNS servers that provide a safe and fast connection which is the most important things. You don’t get into any trouble of malware or collection of your personal data stolen with a safe server. It’s important to keep yourself safe from everything that can cause trouble for you. Fast connection is important for gaming and DNS servers for gaming you will get fast internet on these DNS servers.

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