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Do you use Pinterest a lot? Well, you can become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and make money! Read on for more info.

Pinterest is one of the topmost used applications on social media. Most of the people who use it are looking to promote their content. There’s an involvement of pictures that somehow pull the customer base together and you get a wider reach. One of the main reasons why Pinterest is so much popular is because of the drive-in traffic. Suppose if you’re a YouTubers and you want to promote your videos on some other social media platforms. If you know how to use Pinterest nicely, it will guarantee you more traffic than all the other social media platforms combined. 

That’s where the real problem begins, how to actually use Pinterest? For this very purpose, you would need a Pinterest virtual assistant. Just like any other virtual assistant, it is supposed to be helping you out in order to do better at Pinterest and get efficient regarding it over a period of time. If you are already an expert at using Pinterest, you can yourself become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

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Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

Here are some of the skills required to be efficient and skillful at this job:

1. Communication skills

When you’re supposed to assist someone on something, it is more about how they would be able to learn their things rather than how you would like to teach them. The same is the case with Pinterest. If someone is really new to the platform, there are high chances that he or she doesn’t even understand the basics. Pinterest isn’t a regular social media application and it completely differs from the other. So it is important to have communication skills that would allow the users to understand the platform better and make decisions. It is important to be transparent with the users and help them understand how they can achieve what they have come for on Pinterest. 

2. Pin creation

Pin creation is the most important part of Pinterest. One may feel that just an attractive image will be enough to generate traffic through Pinterest. No, it doesn’t really work that simple. First of all, you have to be to the point with the picture that you use but you have to do it in an effective manner as well. Suppose if you’re a freelancer and you want to promote one of your blogs. There are going to be a lot of people writing on the same topic and probably have used Pinterest to promote their content themselves. You would have to add certain elements that represent your pin in the most unique way possible. It is very difficult to do it for a normal user. But a Pinterest virtual assistant is excelled at such a job and if you want to become so as well, it’s important to create pins in the most professional manner. 

3. SEO

Search engine optimization is one important part of the promotional activities through the internet and nothing differs in the case of Pinterest as well. You have to understand that Pinterest is going to draw your market regardless of the region or the community. A Pinterest virtual assistant has to be intelligent at using SEO in the most effective manner. You will require a keyword that can drive people to the link and the website. It’s not easy, to sum up, an entire thing and come up with a word that’s going to be the highlight. It requires a bit of intelligence and perseverance on your part to come with such words. But once you dig down deep and do the keyword research properly, the chances of the pin blowing up becomes even higher. The Pinterest virtual assistant is good at writing these descriptions. 

4. Clout knowledge

There’s a way to reach out to a number of people. Although Pinterest is really tricky and is not understood so easily, you can pick on a couple of things that help you get the clout here. A Pinterest virtual assistant has to know how to make your pins popular through the medium. It can be regarding the time you have to post the pin or even the section where you put it on. How to really present a profile? It might not have much importance in the eyes of most of the people on Pinterest but a little extra effort can gain you more eyes. 

5. Using more images

One image might not do justice to the topic you have picked upon. Unless you brief it nicely, people might misunderstand your content or ignore it completely. Although there are chances that even one image can do wonders for you and people reach out to you. You can also use different pins for different images with the same content. If one image doesn’t blow up, some others might have a chance. You don’t have to forcibly use more images. When you put an extra effort to edit the pictures, it usually eats up all your thoughts regarding the edits which you could have used for something else in the future. It is about expressing yourself and the content should neither feel short nor should it be too stretched. It’s only going to be a waste of time in the latter case. 

6. Scheduling the pins

It is important to schedule the pins in such a way that each pin can gain the Pinterest user the maximum benefit. It depends upon the content that you are choosing to tell to the people. In case it’s a universal topic you have touched upon then there are no real timing issues. But if you’re working on something that’s exclusive to some area, you need to understand the timeframe for it and make it up in your mind. Some people might like to generate many pins a single day. They want to be engaged on Pinterest as much as possible. A Pinterest virtual assistant has to make sure that the content doesn’t feel too forced on the people of the platform neither should the motive of the users be unfulfilled who are uploading the pins. This is all a bit difficult to understand but with experience, you can easily make up your mind. In case a user is required to upload just one pin per day, the Pinterest Virtual Assistant doesn’t have to bother about scheduling the pin. It can rather be uploaded on the spot whenever it is the right time. 

7. Optimizing the boards

There are boards and sections on the profile of a Pinterest user. It is important to optimize them from time to time and none can do it better than a Pinterest virtual assistant. It is about choosing the right boards for the right kind of pins. In case you’re looking to make pins regarding cricket, you have to make a different board for it. If you save the pins regarding cricket to the pins regarding, say your business, it will become a huge mess. The name should significantly represent what is inside the boards. Some people may visit your profile from time to time and if they find a board interesting, there’s a chance that they like it and share it with their followers on social media. But you should be making pins consistently in order to keep the board active. Otherwise, it will be a waste of an opportunity. 


Q1:  What is a Pinterest virtual assistant? 

A Pinterest virtual assistant is just like any other virtual assistant for different apps. A Pinterest virtual assistant is supposed to help you regarding the use of Pinterest and how to make the best out of it in order to attain maximum benefits. 

Q2: Is it difficult to become a Pinterest virtual assistant? 

You have to be an expert at using Pinterest. You are required to know each & every feature of Pinterest and when & how to use such features when the right time arrives. 

Q3: Can I repin my own pins from time to time for better clout? 

Yes, it is always a good option to keep posting your pins from time to time. If you feel something has not gotten enough likes and shares, you can repin it all over again. 

Q4: How can a Pinterest virtual assistant help in generating a pin? 

A Pinterest virtual assistant can help you regarding what fonts and pictures to use before you post the pin. It is the time frame as well that Pinterest virtual assistant focuses on since posting the pin at the right time can generate more traffic. 

Q5: Do you need to do a special course in order to become a Pinterest virtual assistant? 

There’s no such course available just yet although there are high chances that it might be available in the near future. You just have to be an expert at the use of Pinterest so that you can virtually assist someone else. 

Conclusion: How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant

Pinterest is a very important platform in order to generate traffic and with the help of a virtual assistant, you can really make it big on the platform. It is important to understand your basic needs from the use of Pinterest and vent it out to the virtual assistant who can help you achieve those goals! 

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