20 Best Autotune Apps for Singers in 2020


Autotune is a facility which is used to fix the pitch of any vocal or instrumental piece which is out of tune using a software. Autotune makes a music piece sound better by fixing the out of tune portions of the off-pitch part reach the point for better quality. It is nowadays used by all professional musicians especially in the case of vocals to make up the lack of talent so that the unpleasant portion can’t be detected giving overall pleasant integrity to the music. Following are the 20 best autotune apps for singers:


It is among the best autotune apps with android and iOS compatibility. The app allows the recording of the voice and then it’s mixing with the auto tuner so that the pitch and tune can be perfected. It has unique features like a pitch shifting one which lets the fine-tuning of the music or vocal piece. It corrects the pitch errors and also any song can be fixed as the reference for the corrections to happen accordingly. This is app is free for android and iOS but includes some in-app purchases for a better interface. It is a real-time processing app which autotunes and harmonizes the audio and records it. The app provides voice-processing, automatic vocoding, tuning, and harmony and a track library perfect for serious vocalist of novices.

Tune me

It is a free and best autotune app for android and makes the voice sound so beautiful. With this app, any background music can also be downloaded and audio can be recorded on it. This app has an excellent pitch correction facility that corrects the recorded audio to match the original song chosen. It also has a pitch shift option which allows professional editing of the audio and downloads high-quality recordings. It can be upgraded by in-app purchases so that extra features like harmonizing, record multiple lines in your track or recover the mistakes can be utilised for better quality and correction.


This app is among the best autotune apps for free in Android which allows the tuning of voice and pitch correction. It also adds other effects on the audio for the enhanced effect of the music to match the original version. The audio can easily be downloaded and shared through social media platforms and allows collaboration with other artists using the same app across the world.

Auto Rap by Smule

This app is among the best autotune apps for iOS, though it is also available in android. This app has exciting features which help in rapping of song pieces. On activating the autotune feature, the app allows the conversion of speech into rap and improves the timing for better composition and effect. A myriad of styles and bits are available in this platform. The app has two modes which allow dictating the of lyrics and their matching with the rhythm in music or singing along a particular musical tone. The most appealing part of this app is the app size and simple user interface which keep things spontaneous.

Star Maker

This app is the best autotune apps for free but it has in-app purchases involved for better effects and variety of songs. This app has a high community and miraculously enhances the effect and style of music the autotune and pitch correction functions are great and improves the vocal quality. About 500 preinstalled tracks at available in the app and allows rapping to songs also. This app has wonderful features but due to the social media like interface, it may not be an ideal choice for professionals. The app has a gaming aspect for premium users such as special check-ins, daily tasks etc. and an option of buying Starmaker coins.

The Voice

This app is among the best autotune apps for free and Android. The app allows the selection of song of your choice and once the choice is made one can start to sing. It will analyse the correctness of the vocal and enhances it or corrects it to match with the original version. This app can be considered one of the best autotune apps for android with its automatic VOX customization and autotune feature. This app has great features like amazing graphics inspired by the reality television show The Voice Of India and also features a singing contest. This all is also available in iOS.


It is the perfect and best autotune apps for iPhone allows autotuning and correcting of vocals recorded. It claims to not have an artificial quality to the music recorded and allows reaching the perfect notes each time one uses the app. This app allows the modification of scales, pitch, tempo and notes and even rearrange them for proper professional editing and a perfect recording. The app enables the sharing of the recorded audio using Dropbox or Youtube and saving them in the desired audio format.

Antares EVO

Antares EVO

It is probably the best autotunes apps for PC windows and mac. This audio processor allows efficient fixing of slightly off-tune vocal tracks by its various tools. This allows a variety of modifications to reach the desired audio quality like throat modelling, real-time pitch-shifting and automatic and graphical pitch correction. It jas special professional ability to correct the pitch used to the actual pitch chosen. It is perfect all to be used at a professional level and best autotune apps for singers.

Celemony Melodyne

It is the best autotune apps for Windows which can be used at a professional level complying with polyphonic, homophobic and complex audio bits.  It has features which automatically or manually corrects the intonation and timing of the audio track. Other attractive capabilities of the app are the addition of desired harmonies, rhythms and melodies and modify the various parameters like the vibrato or volume of different notes.


It is probably among the best autotune apps for free compatible with android. It allows access to millions of songs across many genres and provides lyrics along with it. This app can also work for real-time singing and pitch correction while doing so. It also has amazing audio and video filters along with a huge online community. The sharing of videos or audios made and live singing in the online platform helps connection with different people around the world.


It is a perfect app for beginner hip hop artists or anyone looking to rap. This is among the best autotune apps for free in android. This app provides thousands of beats for rapping and one can choose to use their own lyrics for rapping or sing the existing lyrics of various rappers. This app features an auto vocal tune which perfects the rapping done and allows recording of audio as one desires. What is impressive the amazing interface the app has and its functionality of making the audio recorded similar to the original. This app has a note pad feature for writing down lyrics and has many preset voice filters to achieve the desired effect in the rapping. The social media aspect of this app is advantageous for aspiring artists looking for a platform and collaborations with other members.

Voice Synth

This app is the best autotune apps for iOS available in the app store. It is a perfect app for DJs, musicians and sound designers. The auto pitch technology corrects the time and pitch of the voice for any composition and enhances the recorded audio a lot. Various tools like sound design, pitch shifter, arrangement, reverb, distortion, and voice delay when utilised can make the recorded audio sound top-class resembling professional music.

FL studio

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS users and is the best autotune apps for PC. It has wonderful features which allow the creation of perfect audios using the integrated instruments and available audios.

The program offers to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and burn tracks to reach a professional level in music creation. It is pretty much similar to a semi-professional digital audio workstation.

Waves Tune

It is among the best autotune apps for mac offering an array of music engineering tools perfect for editing but not enhancements. It is a perfect professional plugin with an amazing pitch editor. It can reduce, enhance, reshape a particular note or tone and even smooth down the while audio. It is one of the most transparent autotuners which preserves the originality of the music and format.

Autotune Mobile

This is an autotuning app which has the feature of real-time processing and pitch correction and is presumably one of the best autotune apps for iPhone. This app allows the sharing of recorded and edited audios and combines features like autotuning, harmonizing and vocoding to refine the quality of the vocal piece. It is supported by the famous company Antares and has an interface similar to the stage and stood ready apps. Once the singing begins it identifies the notes and corrects the pitch. One can identify the notes manually and route the edited audio through speakers. It is a pretty good app for aspiring artists and musicians.

Steinberg Cubase Variaudio

It is ming the best autotune app for singers which has an interface which directly works on the monophonic vocal recordings. It jas fully supporting plugins like autotune and Melodyne. Various other features like harmonizing and chiral arrangements can also be edited. For realtime and automatic editing the pitch correct plugin is perfect which starts working once the audio track is loaded.


It is among the best autotune apps for iPhone users. The features of the app allow the processing of VOX in real-time and let the addition of a multitude of effects on notes like vibrato, reverb, echo, change of key, chorus, frequency control, adding voices etc. It provides a high-quality audio output after the edits. The app has a built-in audio editor which enables quick and professional correction of recordings and emulates up to 20 varieties of classic and modern studio microphones.

Glee Karaoke

This is presumably the best autotune apps for singers who love to karaoke. This app is inspired and similar to the comedy series Glee by Ryan Murphy. The unique interface of the app is quite entertaining and when singing some smash hits the choir form the series swill harmonize and during some error in audio it will be corrected. The recording feature of the app allows sharing the recorded and edited audios in various social media sites like Facebook etc. This is a good app choice for those who are Glee fans as there is a chance of making Glee club with friends by inviting them and also earning points to further load songs.

Izotope’s Nectar 3 Production Suite, Pitch Editor

It is package pitch editor program which is among the best autotune apps for singers who are going for a professional approach.

It has easy to use pitch correction tools so that editings like an octave changing, formant control and scale and speed adjustment could be done. The program does not create an artificial feel and retains the natural effect and quality of the recorded audio. The vibrato of chosen notes can also be reduced or enhanced and notes can be automatically detected by the software which jas features like merge, split etc.

Antares Autotune Pro

This Antares software has a pitch correction feature which has revisioned the entire autotuning features existing. It jas myriad of new functions like instant key detection, a smoother form of their flex pitch engine, and Celemony’s ARA technology which makes the already non-latent AutoTune run perfectly smooth.

This software allows real-time editing and has in place formant preservation. The editing tools like Flex Pitch, Mic Mod, Throat Control, Graph etc. are available which allows editing the audio tracks professionally. This is pretty much the best autotunes app for Pc and singers.

Above are the names of few apps, plugins and programs which are among the best autotune apps for singers across various platforms like android, Pc, Mac or iOS users or even Windows users. There are different levels of apps present for different musicians depending on their demands. Some apps and programs are centred towards entertainment and social media while some are perfect for hip hop livers or rappers and some others for professional quality.

All in all different apps satisfy the needs and requirements of musicians of different phases say a novice looking for more popularity and collaboration or a professional aiming for a perfectly pitched musical piece. Some basic things and factors one should keep in mind when choosing the apps are universal namely, the need for realtime or manual functioning, types of edits needed like pitch correction or shift or maybe enhancement of overall music, and the most important the CPU load or memory your device can bear. These factors are essential when looking for a good and perfect autotune app catering all your needs.


Autotuning is well accepted in all platforms but the changes and modifications it gives really don’t improve one’s actual talents and a keen and learned ear can easily detect edited audio. So along with help and assistance from such auto-tuning programs for aspiring musicians and singers what is important is to enrich original vocal capabilities with practice and perseverance.


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