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15 Best Roblox Games to Play in 2020

Every year, Roblox release some new multiplayer games that are both loved by the users as well as appreciated by the critics. Like every other year, Roblox has released some new games this year as well. Following is the list of 15 best Roblox games of 2020:-

Work at a Pizza Place

It is among the best Roblox games and is a job simulation type where players roleplay in 6 different worker types to earn money and then upgrade, decorate or buy gears and even order as customers in a make-believe pizza place doing all the odd jobs of the real world. The game has detailed tutorial and responsibilities specific to each player and depending upon once’s choice they can act as a cashier, cook, manager, delivery guy, pizza boxer or supplier. Overall it is an interactive and engaging time management game which is quite loved by people and has a high popularity.


It is an explorative prison break or escape game popular among all gamers. Jailbreak is a really cool Roblox game which involves roleplaying as either a cop or a criminal. The main role of the cop is to keep the prisoners in the jail and the prisoner’s aim is to escape it and become a criminal doing theft and robberies in jewellery stores, museums etc. All in all, it has many kinds of stuff, locations and features like exclusive vehicles which keeps the game interesting. Jailbreak is a totally free game and is making the best Roblox games of 2020.

Theme park Tycoon 2

It is a tycoon Roblox game which involves the construction of a theme park and allows the addition of sceneries and items to attract visitors. The money is earned through the visitors coming to tour the theme park. In the beginning, an empty piece of land is given to the gamer and he is to develop the park elaborately. The more exquisite construction of the park the more visitors visit and more revenue is earned. The money earned can be used to further develop the theme park.

Due to the challenges and a lot of things to explore in the game with seemingly endless opportunities and possibilities it is very appealing and fun Roblox games.

Booga Booga

It is among the top Roblox games which us similar to Minecraft. In this game, the player’s main is to mine, kill animals, craft weapons and things like this. It is a pretty much survival-based game which has a tribal-like interface. The game allows moving to uncharted territories through maps and creates new tribes and these features create unbounded possibilities to play and is a famous game to check out.

Phantom Forces

It is a first-person shooter type game in Roblox which is among top Roblox games played by people. It jas a smooth gaming interface and thus is quite impressive to play on. The rank of the player can be increased by killing off others. It has very nice weaponry and is probably the best Roblox games with high-quality FPS. It has a high positive response from players.

Roblox High School

It is a high school simulator game which was earning money by playing and interacting with various other characters in the going interface. It has a roleplaying game where one can decide to act as a principal, teacher or a high school student in a small town. One can buy a car, furnish one’s house and get pets or gears to improve the lifestyle of the character played by the gamer. It is an overall immersive game with the possibility of making new friends and going to new locations after school.

It is very famous and is among the top fun Roblox Games which recreates the high school moments.

Vehicle Simulator

It is straight out the best Roblox Games for mobiles. The wonderful game has a smooth user interface which competitive environment of racing and active driving. One can participate in races and can win coins and buy more cars. Winning these races can provide rewards to the player which help in further moving in the game. The game of racing depends on driving skills and performance capability of the car.

The endless possibilities of testing out new cars and racing simulations keep things interesting.

Natural Disaster Survival

It is another one survival-based cool Roblox games which is pretty much similar to PUBG. The user is restricted to an island and the main aim is to survive a particular natural disaster. There are various strategies which need to be adopted by the players to overcome disasters like floods and earthquakes. There is various disaster simulation like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes etc. which keeps the game interesting.

BMX Simulator

It is a bike racing small game and is among the top fun Roblox games. It is a racing game where one can perform stunts and trick while riding on wheels of a bike. It is a pretty casual game and does not have much engaging interface but is quite popular for small-time fun and excitement.

Tower of Hell

It is the top Roblox games which have an obstacle course interface. One has to climb up the towers which are randomly generated and there is a time limit of about 8 minutes to overcome a tower. One jas to reach the top of the tower and the game is pretty challenging after the initial gaming phase as the levels keep increasing. It is good time management and parkour skills improvement.


It is fun and engaging cool Roblox games which allow the players to built cool vehicles and houses of their own. It allows to hang out with other friends. It has a similar interface to GTA games and allows to complete roleplay missions which involve exploring the city. It is a good time killer game and is quite exciting to play and keeps things interesting.

Dungeon Quest

This is one of the best Roblox games of 2020 and is a massive multiplayer dungeon RPG which has a huge gaming community. The population of the game is also high which allows battling and has excellent weaponry with a variety of armours, abilities and many other exciting things. It has endless possibilities to continue playing and an amazing map feature.

Dungeon games with quests and RPG is a favourite genre of the game among players. The huge number of gamers who love this type of interface is many so is the popularity of the game.

Murder Mystery 2

It is a pretty addictive Best Roblox Games where the player has to solve murder mysteries with detective skills and with an increase in levels the difficulty of the secrets also deepens and increases. There is also a chance attack on the player themselves so one has to be careful in keeping themselves alive. The interesting and mystery inducing gaming interface makes it an engaging and good Roblox gaming choice.

The mystery genre of games is quite popular and loved by people die to is time killing and suspense creating the interface. Thus this suspense inducing murder mystery game makes easily to the list of top Roblox Games of 2020.

Floppy Fighter

It is among the list of best and top Roblox games due to a huge fan following of dressing games and WWE. It jas an interface which presents the gamer in a wrestling arena filled with fighters going against each other. It does not have that much violence to be harmful to children. Overall it is a pretty good game to play considering the gamer is wrestling fanatic.

Scuba Diving At Quill lake

This game is truly the best Roblox games allowing the player to dive deep in the Quill lake. The lake is full of secrets and one has to complete quests to further proceed in the game. The interesting and engaging gaming environment is pretty relaxing and the quest like format is popular among Roblox players. The game has cash and other collectable goodies deep in the lake which can be used to upgrade the player avatar.

Above is the list of some famous and best Roblox games to try in 2020. These games have in general pretty engaging and interesting interface which can both act as stimulant or relaxant depending upon what the gamer is looking for. Roblox is a very popular multiplayer platform for young gamers and its game are pretty kid-friendly. The community base of Roblox games is humongous and so is the gaming quality and platforms. Users can access to various Roblox games through PC, Mac OS, Xbox, Android, Amazon devices and even iOs. The versatility of platforms is another reason for the wide success and popularity of Roblox games. The games are entertaining and engaging and after creating a login ID one can easily start playing a myriad of as available on the platform.

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