10 Best Truecaller Alternatives in 2020

Are you irked with that spam calls on your smartphone while playing your favourite game? Why not block it using an app. Though true caller is the most used app to identify a caller, there are other alternatives which are equally good. This article is about 10 of such apps which are the best ones in 2020. If you think true caller is slowing down your android phone or is draining the battery too fast, then this article will let you know about the other apps which function equally well. These are the truecaller alternatives for android which are free.


CALL BLOCK is one of the top-rated apps which is known to block spammers as the name itself indicates. It is an android app which has an extensive database of spam callers. Even if you are not connected to the internet, it will block such spammers once you have blocked a similar caller. Of course, calls can be blocked in an android device itself, but this app adds the caller ID feature to the process of blocking a call. The user interface is very easy to use and is a friendly one too. You can easily use it without much confusion.


CALL APP is also a leading app to detect the caller and manage the contacts. It is now used by 50 million android users. This app comes with call block, call identifier, call recorder, call dialer etc. It has the ability to automatically block spam calls and telemarketing calls. It can also reverse the number look upon your android device. It can be downloaded from google play store easily.


WHOSCALL is one of the best true caller alternatives for android devices. It is downloaded more than 70 million times and a lot of users use this app for its best functionality. Like truecaller, it is also known for identifying incoming calls and SMS. Unlike,  truecaller it can do all this without internet also because it has an extensive database of spammers. The user interface makes it different from truecaller and it automatically blocks telemarketing calls. This can be a good app to have a safe telecommunication environment as it can record calls also. This is also a truecaller alternative for ios.


HIYA, like the true caller, is very simple to use. It has just the basic features instead of a number of complicated features. With such simplicity, it has made to the top alternatives to true caller for both android and apple phones. It is very easy to use as all the options are visible on the home screen itself. This app is unique by the pop up it has whenever an unknown caller calls you. This pop up can also be customized with the UI settings of the HIYA App. It is one of the simplest and user-friendly apps to identify a caller and to manage the calls.


SHOWCALLER, like truecaller is one such app which also programmed to identify calls and SMS. Just like the other caller ID apps, this also shows you the caller name and region. Other than this feature it can block unwanted calls and record important calls for future use. It also has a smart dialer. The most interesting feature of this app is that it needs only 4MB space on your android phone to install it. The UI is very simple to new users and if you are using such an app for the first time, then this can be the best one for your new smartphone. You can use this app to block repeated spammers quickly.


Mr NUMBER is one app which is specialized in blocking calls. It can be called as the call block expert and is one of the truecaller alternatives in 2020. It has some of the advanced features like blocking calls from people and business from hidden numbers with its extensive online and offline database. It is one of the much-used and liked app by many users across the globe. The user interface is simple and the app can also be installed very easily. It also has the ability to block calls from a single person or from an area or region or from an entire country. That is how strong this app is!


TRUE CONTACT – CALLER ID is a smart Caller ID and spam blocker. This truecaller alternative also recognizes calls in realtime. The caller ID screen shows the name of the person, business name, location, business logo or photo of the person calling, status etc. It can also manage contacts and record calls. As the name indicates, it is a straight forward app which has a user-friendly screen. It is very easy to install it also and takes less space on any android phone. It can also be used as a good truecaller alternative for ios in 2020.


NUMLER is also a truecaller alternative for android and ios. It allows you to chat with callers which makes it unique from other apps similar to truecaller. Like that other apps, numler can also identify callers by their name, region and business. It can block calls and SMS. Users can search the phone numbers using this app. It allows the user to chat with callers and maintains call logs. It is a multipurpose app which does more than just call identification.


VIEWCALLER is an app which is the best alternative to truecaller in 2020. It is a new app on google play store which can be downloaded very easily. There are a lot of interesting features in this app which make its one of the favourite alternative to truecaller in 2020. Other than just identifying a caller truly, it also manages calls and contacts, can block spammers and also record calls and call logs for future use. This is a great app if you want something other than truecaller. With a user-friendly UI, this can be a good app on your smartphone.


EYECON is a unique app if you compare to all the other apps mentioned above. It does not depend on a database to search for contacts. It shows the personal details like a picture, business etc. through the social media channels. It is totally dependent on the social media channels for its search. So, it can identify users who are already using EYECON. It is also packed with other features like call recorder, call log, contacts manager etc. It has a user-friendly UI too for both android and apple phone.

With so many applications hitting playstore and ios store every day, truecaller still leads on the top for call identification and spam filtering. However, if you want another app which functions equally well and can be easy to use then, you can choose any one of the above 10 best truecaller apps in 2020 and enjoy spam-free phone usage. All these apps are user-friendly and come with a nice User interface which can be customized based on your requirement. Enjoy a good call environment with these truecaller alternative apps in 2020.

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