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10 Best Fire Emblem Games For Strategy Fans

best fire emblem games

In this post, we will discuss the best Fire Emblem games for Strategy Fans. Fire Emblem is one of the most popular strategic RPG games among the strategy fans. The game is featured with great storylines in each of the games in its series. The series of games by Fire Emblem includes 15 games that either are continued with stories or have a completely unrelated story and characters.

You will love the game for its other features as well that include developing characters on how much you use them. There are even more than one story going on in the game side by side in some of the Fire Emblem games. All the games in fire emblem have grid-based battles.

Some of the games in the series are much harder than the others. Two game modes that are available for you to play are classic and casual and both these are different on the basis of difficulty. Most of the strategy fans love Fire Emblem games. The series of fire emblem is mostly recommended for RPG strategy players. You might still need some direction to which one you should play. We have made a list of best fire emblem games for strategy fans and you should check it out.

10 Best Fire Emblem Games For Strategy Fans

Strategy fans usually run out of games or get bored with them. For this reason, they need games and series to follow. Its not easy to find some good strategy games because the gameplay is very important in them. Fire Emblem is one of the games that satisfy the needs of strategy fans. Here is the list for you to check out best of the Fire Emblem games if you are a strategy fan.

Shadow Dragon (2009)

Shadow Dragon (2009) is an RPG game for the Nintendo DS console. It was the first from the fire emblem series to ever released on Nintendo DS. It actually is kind of remake from an older version of fire emblem. Events from the shadow dragon and the blade of light are reminded in this remake. The gameplay stands very strategic and players have to select characters and develop them to evolve depending on the usage. The battle involves turns for players to attack or defend on the battle grids. It is surely on top of the list of best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

There are chapters players have to go through playing as the protagonist with the army to clear the stages advancing on the storyline. There is voice chat option for multiplayer matches. The player has to play along the teammates to take part in battles. Take part in the battles clear enemy army without losing your army to succeed in the game. It surely is one of the best fire emblem game for strategy fans.

Conquest (2015)

This is one of the parts of the Fire emblem fates that was first of the series featuring games that go along with two stories. It was made to challenge the oldest of the players of fire emblem that have found the games to be easy or have completed them already. Its reviews to be much harder than the previous of the games by fire emblem that is based on strategy. Strategy fans will love it as it has made up to one of the best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

The game is filled with challenges like never before making a whole different level. You will like it better with tougher challenges. You will have to play with the strongest of your character if you really want to keep up with the challenges put to you in the conquest.

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Birthright (2015)

This one is the second of the part of Fire emblem Fates series other than the conquest listed above. It is quite different from the conquest from the Fire Emblem Fate as that was made to challenge the fire Emblem players. Birthright has a completely different storyline and isn’t much challenging as compared to conquest.

It covers the different scenario that is left out in the from the series in Conquest. To get full gaming experience of this series you should complete both conquest and Birthright it might take time but that’s all. Birthright and conquest have made it up to this list so you must try it if you are a die-hard fan of Fire Emblem and looking for strategy games.

The has its own uniqueness and you will love it if you are a strategy fan. Birthright has also made it to this list of best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

Sacred Stones (2005)

Have you liked going on an adventure finding out the truths that haven’t been disclosed to you? Sacred Stones is the game by Fire Emblem that is focused on such gameplay. The gameplay involves adventure you have to go through to find out the plot that is going on in the nation.. You should surely try it next to the blazing blade if you wish to continue with the strategy games by Fire Emblem.

The game might feel the same as the Blazing blade but the difference will be visible on the continent you are going to explore on. It is worth giving a try as one of the best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

Radiant Dawn (2007)

The Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is one of the toughest of the games by Fire emblem. This one also involves the grid-based battles like the other games on this list. The game is much complex and has different problems going on at the same time in the nation that you can choose to play through. You can choose how you want to play in the Radiant Dawn to fight against the enemies.

It is a hardcore strategy games by fire Emblem that the strategy fans must try along with the other games in this list.

Path of Radiance (2005)

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance is another one of the strategy game. It first of the Fire Emblem game that was available for home consoles. The game is completely different if you look at the storyline perspective as it is not related to any of the other games. It also has the same gameplay of grid battles that you go through to defeat enemies.

It revolves around the problems involving a fight between the two races of human error and the beast laguz. You should try it for the first-hand experience of innovative storylines given to players by Fire Emblem. All the feature of this game makes it one of the best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

Blazing Blade (2003)

 It was first released in the US on the Gameboy Advance. There are three characters to play in the game. Characters named Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn that are the protagonist in this game. Two for the characters named Eliwood and Hector are related as a family from the older games by Fire Emblem.

Blazing Blade has two storylines in the game one of which goes around Lyn on the adventure trying to help her old man. The second part covers all the three main characters joining forces to fight against the one enemy named Sorcerer Nergal. You have to choose your character to play the game in the different storylines of Blazing game. It is a good game for players outside Japan and one of the best Fire Emblem games for strategy fans.

Binding Blade (2002)

best fire emblem games

After blazing blade, it was second that released outside Japan. Binding Blade goes on in the later time many years after in the continent of Ebile next to Blazing Blade. You can take it as a succeeding game to Blazing Blade and next choice for players outside Japan. The game goes with the character named Roy. Roy is the son of Eliwood one of the main characters from the Blazing Blade.

Roy needs to fight against invaders in order to restore peace. These invaders have broken the peace and harmony untouched for decades in the continent. There is violence everywhere due to the invaders that tried to bring back the existence of dragons. Fight the invaders and bring peace as Roy in Binding Blade. You will like the game and it is also one of the best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

Awakening (2013)

Fire Emblem Awakening is one of the games.  The casual mode by Fire Emblem was also first introduced in this game to make the game easier to players. In casual mode, players don’t have to deal with hard gameplay where characters actually die in battles. They do not die in battles in casual mode making it less intense of much easier.

For new players, this mode was something they would have always asked for. More things in this game were customizable characters and dual attack option for characters. The story in Awakening goes on with the Story from prince chrom and the kingdom of Yisse. This is also a good game alternative among the other best fire emblem games for strategy fans.

Shadows of Valentia (2017)

This one is last of best Fire Emblem games for strategy fans are Shadows of Valentia. The game was on the fifteenth number of releases by Fire Emblem. It is also a recreation of an old Fire Emblem game related in 1992. It gives the players the mixed experience of the old type of games with turns in battles and the viewing of new games by Fire Emblem.

The casual mode is also present in this game for the new players. Along with the casual mode is a classic game mode like others to set the difficulty level. The classic mode is much harder due to the permanent death of characters in battles. Casual mode giving the chance with knocked out characters. For the strategy fans, Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia is one of the best games they can ask for.


The series of fire emblem games goes for a long list but you will like this list. The above list includes the best fire emblem games for strategy fans, You will like the games on this list to get the best experience of RPG games.

Fire Emblem is one of the best series out there and with this list things must be easier for you to decide. Do appreciate the post if you liked it or it helped you any way possible. Here we end this list of best fire emblem games for strategy fans and thanks for reading.

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